Friday, November 20, 2009

The Dynamite Blast with "Dynamite" Seth Knight

Its Friday again which can mean only one thing….Its time for me to write out my thoughts on the RRO happenings of the week. Not a lot of columns this week but two of the most positive you will see on this website. Plus a cool picture of the week!

Here at RRO we like to keep everything straight forward and not joke around too much, just report the news. That being said I think we are all going to enjoy this week's “Dynamite Blast” Lets get started.

I always enjoy reading Bruno’s writing; He keeps it short and simple and adds a lot of knowledge to this website. Plus he’s a pretty damn cool guy. This week he writes about three very different but very talented guys. Those guys being Alan Steele, Justin Smart, and Scott Fury!

I can't say I know a lot about Scott myself but I always hear good things. Hard worker, great attitude. I would be happy to work with him sometime if he is half the guy everyone says he is. Justin Smart, Or “The Juice” as he is called, is a great guy as well. He works hard in the ring and is easy to get along with outside of it. I recently worked him at N.E.W. and enjoyed it. Light on his feet, fast paced, makes you work to keep up. Alan Steele, I’ve known Alan my entire wrestling career. Ten years. He doesn’t play much when he’s in the ring but he’s a funny guy when he’s not in the ring. He takes wrestling very serious and puts a lot into it. Just because he or these other guys aren’t working dark matches or Raw doesn’t mean they couldn’t be, It just means they aren’t right now. They have what it takes, simple as that.

Greg Anthony's article this week is about the “St. Jude Cup” that took place last week. I heard it went well and they raised some money for the cause and that’s great to hear. Tgb started his article by saying….

“Some of you may have noticed my intentional stab at having a positive article. Not the normal gripe fest or heat magnet that some people try to have”

He is correct. His column is always positive. It’s a good thing to have in such a negative reinforced world.

Losing a child to cancer or to anything else would be a earth-shattering, life altering event that I could probably never make it through. I love my kids and would never want anyone to have to experience anything like that. Those guys really did a great thing being in that show and thanks should go out to all of us with kids, to Jon Michael for going out of his way to make that show happen. So from me to JM I want to say great job, and I am glad I have you as a friend.

Albino Rhino…..Myles, I just want you to know I lost my dad two months ago and it was the hardest thing I’ve had to go through. But I did make it through, and I know you will too. I’m very sorry to hear about your dads passing. Prayers go out to you brother.

I love these pictures of the week. I’m just waiting to take a pic cool enough to get on here. Last time I got a pic on here I had to lose an ear. Hopefully next time I won't have to go down like that to get on the site lol.

I found a cool fanny pack for a former wrestler he could have used while working for WWF.

And for guys who get too much heat like Derrick King we have this fanny pack.

Lane and Bane aren’t the only guys who like fanny packs. Eric Wayne and I think they are cool too.

I had a blast this week, I may make the stupid pictures and every week thing. Let me know what you think on the kayfabe board. Im out!