Friday, November 27, 2009

The Dynamite Blast with "Dynamite" Seth Knight Week 5

So much to read this week here on RRO News! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you ate too much. I wonder what Dustin Starr eats at Thanksgiving. Definitely not the Dutch apple pie or the pumpkin pie…or the Dressing…But the turkey should be ok. Or maybe he splurges this time of year and eats an ounce of fat…who knows? One thing is for sure, I don’t have the willpower so I do eat one big meal on thanksgiving, Plus dessert ha-ha. I’ve been thinking all week about all these columns, Very good columns all around this week. Eric Wayne didn’t talk about himself and the best wrestling show poster I have ever seen was posted on the website. Such a great week, Lets get started breaking it down

First this week Brian posted the best wrestling show poster ever! By best I mean the most ridiculous excuse for a pathetic wrestling show I have myself ever seen. WHAT THE F*%$ WERE YOU THINKING! The shot caller should have called a better shot on this poster. Who decided it would be a good idea to have a 9 year old child to write this thing? Was it the “Shot coler” or the “General Manager and Ref Ree” Sam Whiskers or maybe the Promoter? This poster is everything that’s wrong with the wrestling business today put onto a piece of paper. Would you go see a dentist if his sign was made of cardboard on his garage door? No…. Would you go to a fair if all the rides had handwritten paper signs saying “This ride has been rated safe to ride by billy bob”? No….. And you wouldn’t go to a wrestling show if the people don’t have enough sense to at least type the F&%$ing poster and spell the “Workers” names correctly. This company’s poster is a disgrace to everything we as wrestlers have worked towards to make people believe wrestling is more than a joke. You just knocked us back ten years on that goal. Thanks….

Sam Whiskers the Ref Ree wasn’t available for comment…

….Seriously WHAT THE F*#@!!!

OK….I feel better now. Next up Jamie Jay wrote about anxiety. Hes been battling with an emotional disorder and has finally decided to talk about it with all of us. Kudos to him for the bravery. I like Jamie. Hes a good guy. But I don’t know what he was hoping to accomplish by telling everyone that he has such a problem with anxiety. If he has a hard time wrestling once a week, or wrestling in the same area with the same talent for an extended period of time how could he ever work for a company the size of the WWE? He has a hard time working in front of a large crowd of 100 people…What would you do in front of millions? He is basically telling everyone he will probably never get a grip on this problem and move up in the ranks to the next level. I don’t think I would tell everyone about a problem so serious when it affects my career such as this problem affects his. I hope he is able to work thru it but the way he typed his column he seems to be coming to grips that he may next make that next step, because he isn’t capable of working through his disease. If he can, then great job to him and good luck on doing so. But you didn’t leave me with much hope after reading such a depressing article. If he remembers the date that this started it was probably brought on by a big life altering event that happened in his life around this time. My advice would be to get some counseling about the underlying problem so you can push this anxiety out of your life and move forward.
No, I’m not a doctor…But I play one on tv…..Moving on.

Maxx Corbin’s article is always different and is never underwritten. He puts a lot of explanation on his article. He goes into detail. Maxx wrote about how he found out wrestling was scripted and how it made him feel. I myself still don’t consider it a work when I watch it. I try to sit there as a fan and watch it as if it is a shoot. I like being able to hold onto that part of myself. I never want to stop watching and enjoying wrestling and if you are one of those workers who don’t watch wrestling, you must not have it in your blood enough and you should consider retirement. When I was young and watched wrestling I loved Hulk Hogan. I watched for years and then I got into baseball and somehow wrestling slipped away. I didn’t watch it for years so when I go back into it I remember I bought the WM PPV with Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels. I watched the buildup before the match and wow it hooked me all over again. Like a soap opera it was like I never missed an episode. The next night I watched RAW and I never stopped watching it since. But I missed lots of big moments in wrestling history prior to 1998. Such as Hogan vs Warrior. I was never a Ultimate Warrior fan. I thought he was an idiot. So, in 2003 when I was at a friends house, they popped in WM with Hogan and Warrior with both titles on the line. I knew there was no way Warrior ever beat Hogan at all. Much less at Wrestlemania….So, I watched…Oh I watched and I got pissed off worse than you could imagine. I’m sitting there in a good mood next thing I know Warrior kicks out of the leg drop….Hogan ends up getting the splash…and…he….loses….I couldn’t speak for an hour. I was so mad I thought I was gonna throw up….Why do I tell you this story?....Because that’s how REAL….Wrestling really is…

Next, Eric Wayne offers up a nugget of goodness with his “Wayne’s World” column.
A quote from Eric

I HATE with a passion the responses I get sometimes when i tell people I wrestle. It usually goes like this, "Oh you wrestle? Cool. Is it real wrestling, like UFC, or that fake stuff?"

I literally want to punch people when they ask me this question. Eric is right about this for sure. Its always the only thing they want to ask. Occasionally they will follow up with “Well it still takes talent and ability to do the things you do in the ring” But, They still think its fake. No matter how many concussions or broken orbital bones a wrestler gets people still want to call it fake. I can’t stand those people. UFC, Baseball, Football, freakin’ Tennis…It’s ALL A WORK! Vince is just the only one to come out and SAY it. Working out in the ring is essential to ever making it anywhere in this business. Get your lazy ass in the damn ring and try this stuff. Don’t go to the ring in front of a crowd and try a new corkscrew moonsault plancha off the cage through a table. MAKE SURE YOU CAN DO IT FIRST!! Everyone wants to be a wrestler but no one wants to bump or practice. Everyone wants to be in shape but they don’t want to WORK OUT! Wrestling is the same as anything else, If you want to be good at it you have to practice. Do baseball players practice? All the time. Football? Yep. In some sports the people train years just to get to the point they can play. But wrestlers want to train a few months, hop in the ring, and think that’s it. They know everything already…Hell no you don’t know shit until you work on it over and over like Eric Wayne, Greg Anthony, Kid Nichols, Alan Steele, those are some people I know work out in the ring and enjoy it. They enjoy learning new things because with the exception of Eric (Kidding) they all know they still have stuff to learn. I learn new things all the time. Eric Wayne hit the nail on the head with this column.

Wrestlers, Get off your ass and get in the ring!

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks for reading and I hope it was interesting. Vote for me on and if you can find a category I fall into. I was thinking “Best Butt.”

This has been the Dynamite Blast.

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