Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Food For Thought "Dustin Starr and His Diet Journal" by Jamie Jay

Jamie Jay

Hello Everyone!

Ok, first off I'm not on here knocking Dustin's blog! [CLICK HERE] I've read it & it got me to thinking about the whole workout thing? My take on this is Dustin is doing a good thing by trying to help people out & give them insight on what he's doing to get in shape or stay in shape! I've always tried to stay in pretty good shape & take care of my body, but the past year I have really put some weight on. I've always been big on working out my abs! (Which I've let get away a little!) The abs have always been the thing that has stood me out on indy wrestling shows though.

I like what he says about cardio then weights! Thats very true! To build muscle, you've got to sweat, so get the cardio (sweat) going. Then hit the weights! Seth Knight asked me about a month ago what my workout was? I told him "Eating"! That's right, you've got to take in the carbs & protein to give you the energy & supplements for building muscle! It really just depends on what that person is looking for, losing weight, gaining weight, getting ripped? There's lots of things to take in consideration! But, it all comes back to eating! You've got to eat & eat plenty! You don't however have to eat what Dustin Starr in putting in his diet journal! If you want to put on muscle & get ripped at the same time, you don't want to do what Dustin is doing! Dustin is losing weight & getting ripped!

I've think I've figured out the key thing to getting in shape or staying in shape! Keeping active! You can't workout for 30 minutes & then eat like a pig & lay back on the couch for the rest of the night! You've got to get you're scheduling down pat! You've got to stick with it & stay true to yourself! Never cheat yourself! Its you're body, so don't cheat, keep it in you're sights, the goal that you're pushing for!

Here's three of my tips, if you want to gain weight - EAT, WORKOUT, you wanna lose wieght - EAT HEALTHIER, CARDIO, WORKOUT, you wanna get ripped - EAT REAL HEALTHY, CARDIO, CARDIO, WORKOUT!!!

That last tip, get off the couch & do something productive, go for a walk, run, something! Just get you're body moving! Now you can chew on that! Then run! lol!

----Jamie Jay provides a bi-weekly column about the local focusing on his career and thoughts on the area. Jay is the driving force behind PWA, which promotes shows in the area Jay is currently sidelined with a knee injury.