Friday, November 20, 2009

From The Desk of Brian Tramel

----I would like to first thank everyone for helping us reach the 2.8 million mark here at RRO. We will easily pass the 3 million mark before the 4th year is over and this is from an idea that I originally thought we would get 100 hits a day and we are close to 2000 every day. Thank you for visiting - it is really funny how many people I have met this year that just say “thank you” for doing the site. It sometimes makes me wonder how this area did without a site like this, but at times the workload [labor of love] makes me wonder what would happen if I just gave it all up? Don’t fret – I have no plans of doing that and if I did, then my life would be really boring. LOL

----In a week where the Sexiest Man Alive is announced, “New Moon” debuts and Oprah is talking about canceling her show, I am stuck inside working on TWO books. I usually spend time writing Coach’s Corner, but it has turned into a very busy time at the RRO offices. The Dutch Mantell book along with Yearbook 2009 is two projects that Brian Thompson and I are busy working on. I think a lot of old school fans will enjoy the Mantell book and even some of the young guys – he has some great stories with some good lessons.

----Speaking of Yearbook 2009 and RRO Awards, Jimmy Blaylock always starts early with his awards and gets everyone asking me about the RRO Awards. I will start on 12.09.09 spanning three weeks with an feature titled “Road to the RRO”, which will review all the categories of the infamous RRO Awards, including a new very special award!! On 12.31.09, I hope to have a special edition of the radio show “Shooting the Shiznit” announcing all the nominees and then from January 1 to January 10, 2010 you will have “10 to Vote” for the RRO Awards 2009!!

----Thanks again and keep telling your friends about!!