Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MLW PRESS RELEASE: Joyce Grable!!!

We are PROUD to announce for our next tapings, January 23rd and 24th, in a MANAGING ROLE only, Joyce Grable will be available to Manage any MLW Superstar you would like for a very fair price. Joyce as many of you know, was a multi World Tag Champions with Vickie Williams and "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter. Joyce was an international star going to Japan many times and has wrestled the best of the best in ladies wrestling. Judy Martin and herself wrestled 2 males opponents in a tournament match in Atlanta, Georgia in the old Georgia Championship Wrestling Days. There was no tougher lady in wrestling than Joyce Grable. Order early there are only a few slots available.

* *Amy Lee*, The Bruiser Biker Gal from Philly
* *Ann Brookstone*, Tough as Nails from Minneapolis
* *Athena from Texas*, rugged black star who is an excellent wrestler
* *Brittney Love*, the LOVE of Middle Tennessee
* *Diablo*, fiesty, mean, nasty loves to see her opponents hurt andv
* *Faith*, Sexy SuperStar from Georgia
* *Great Cheyanne*, OUtstanding star from Chicago who can be very
dominating in the ring
* *Hailey Rage*, possible candiate for MLW Rookie of the Year 2009
* *Heather Owens*, Hardcore Lady from the Mid West who is a very
capable lady wrestler
* *Rock N Roll Rock C*, 5'11" of pure WOMAN
* *Sassy Stephie*, Shimmer star making her debut to MLW
* *Su Yung*, The current MLW Champion
* *Susan Morton*, Solid and beautiful and VIOLENT
* *Tiffany Roxx*, East Tennessee beauty who isn't afraid to mix it up
* *Tracy Taylor*, Hawaiian Star who could be a model any day of the week
* *Veronica Fairchild*, Blonde Superstar from the deep South,
Gorgeous from head to toe

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