Sunday, November 15, 2009

More News On Wolfie!!

----Wolfie's girlfriend Lizzy posted this Friday morning before he went to rehab. This business sucks sometimes.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you who reached out and prayed for Wolfie during this very painful time. Those who have known him for years and have seen him grow up in this business should realize his secret behind closed doors can no longer be. This man, whom I love, is very young at heart with talent that can surpass any expectations, including his. I ask the fans, his friends, loved ones and all of those in the business to PLEASE respect his time away and to encourage him that life is worth living for again.

Outside of the ring he has a well-paying job, a beautiful daughter and a woman who will stand by him through better or worse (and we're not even married! lol). In the first 8-months of our relationship he never had a single drop of temptation and he was in the greatest shape of his life. Healthy, happy and full of love. On July 3rd, he relapsed and we have been struggling ever since. The unconditional love and support I have for him is no match against anyone elses supposed feelings for him, BUT I refuse to let him hurt himself and his family. For those of you that have doubted me as his new girl, I hope I have made it very clear that I will always be around to protect him, even we he is incapable of doing it himself.

Please know that he is home and very much safe, but also in a lot of pain. I can't be the only one to help him through this. He needs everyone's help. When he's at a show, keep the alcohol and drugs away from him. Do that much for him if you really care. When he's upset, TALK to him instead of giving him a pill or a bottle. Wolfie is a wonderful man who sadly gets torn apart by this demon we know as addiction. Whether you take it lightly or not, I promise that if I hear or know of anyone hurting him or encouraging him to basically kill himself, I will personally make your life impossible to wake up to because no one fucks with my family.