Monday, November 09, 2009

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Professional Wrestling, to many people, means: a simplistic athletic exhibition; a low-brow entertainment form; something scripted, phony and fake; and most of all, it means the product spewed forth from the 800 lb gorilla of a company headed by Vincent K. McMahon.

Writer Joe Babinsack does not see it that way. At all.

As a writer for the prestigious web site, Babinsack has reviewed hundreds of professional wrestling DVDs, scores of books on the subject, and has profiled, interviewed and written about a wide variety of wrestlers. The strange thing about Joe Babinsack’s writing is that he seldom needs to reference the mainstream gorilla called the WWE.

While the mainstream panders to McMahon, wrestling’s hard-core fans, internet bloggers and historians look elsewhere: the purest forms of professional wrestling are found in the independent circuits, displays of wrestling talent are found more fascinating in lesser known names, legendary figures and efforts found all over the word, with names not owned by the trademarks of the publically owned company called the World Wrestling Entertainment.

But that’s not to say that the writings of Mr. Babinsack are unknown.

First, his writing gained the attention of professional wrestling’s true Living Legend, Bruno Sammartino. Since then, conversations grew into friendship, and Mr. Babinsack is pursuing opportunities to rework Bruno’s 1990 autobiography. And with greater insight, the columns kept pouring forth.

Former WWE writer Dan Madigan took note, saying “I can’t agree more on your assessment of the greatness of Mr. Sammartino.” Former WCW Executive V.P. Eric Bischoff complained on his blog, “Why did I have to hear it from some guy named Babinsack?” and famed pro wrestling photographer/editor Bill Apter chimes in with thanks for keeping “the legend of Bruno Sammartino alive.”

But pro wrestling is more than just Bruno or the WWE. Pro wrestling is the indy circuit; it has a diverse history; it sports various styles, philosophies and cultures; it exists as women’s wrestling, lucha libre and proresu; and most of all, it’s an artform performed by talented and creative individuals.

Title: Professional Wrestling Intellectual
Author: Joe Babinsack
Publisher: -
Publication Date: 11.10.09
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