Monday, November 09, 2009

RassleResults: All Pro Productions Philadelphia, MS 11.07.09 - Big Crowd!!

T-Byrd was the announcer for the night. Candy Man worked security and handed out balloons.

1st Match: "Snakeman" Mitch Toretta defeated Dusty Wolfe, managed by Sheik Mohammed

2nd Match: Dennis Upton, managed by Mo' Money pulled out the upset over Monte Warbucks. During the match, Warbucks got the crowd to chant "KFC" at Upton.

Interview: "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock brought out his Hollywood Clique, which featured Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor, Cameron Valentine and "Hollywood's" newest protege, Ant. "Hollywood" said he's taken Ant under his wing and he hates midgets. Jimmy added that he just got back from the casino and the Indians stole his money while he was there, so he wanted a restitution. Bull Buchanan ran out and cleared the ring. Bull said that he's facing Neil, later, and wants the rest of the Clique to be banned from ringside.

3rd Match: Anton LeVeigh defeated "So Fine" Frankie Valentine

4th Match: Brickhouse Brown defeated Ant, accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock. "Hollywood" Jimmy said he needed to run outside and check on the rims on his car since Brickhouse was there.

T-Byrd announced that on February 20th, All-Pro Wrestling will be returning to the Neshoba County Coliseum in Philadelphia, Mississippi, with more WWE Superstars scheduled to appear.

5th Match: Johnny Morton vs Danny B. Good ended in a time limit draw. Best match of the night. It was mentioned that Danny jumped out of Cedric "The Entertainer's" limo on WWE Monday Night Raw.

6th Match: Anton LeVeigh defeated Mr. Wrestling, accompanied by Sheik Mohammed

It was announced that there will be upcoming shows in:
Mobile, Alabama
Shreveport, Louisiana
Jackson, Mississippi

7th Match: No Disqualification Texas Bull-Rope Match-"The Outlaw" JD McKay, accompanied by Ghost Rider battled Giant Hillbilly. Hillbilly said that if JD loses, he'll have to get his "chin whiskers" cut off. JD said that if Hillbilly loses, he can never wrestle in Mississippi again. Action spilled over into the crowd. Hillbilly got slammed in the dirt and mud. JD bashed Hillbilly with a shovel. In the end, The Giant Hillbilly got the win back in the ring and JD had to say goodbye to his whiskers.

8th Match: Cameron Valentine, accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs Chief Coyota, with full Indian headdress. Only problem was...he was white. Before match started, "Hollywood" Jimmy got in Coyota's face and said, "You Indians didn't do nothing, but rip me off at the casino! Ya'll give me back my five thousand dollars, right now!" Cameron Valentine won, via submission, with the Figure-four leglock. After the match, "Hollywood" Jimmy whooped Coyota with his cane.

9th Match: Doink The Clown made his way out to the ring. Then, Sheik Mohammed and Mo' Money came out, saying they've got all this money and if Doink takes out CJ Cash, and made sure that he left on a stretcher the money would be his, but he has to be taken out on a stretcher. If Doink loses, he will have to change his name to Doink "The Evil" Clown. CJ Cash out. CJ Cash made quick work of Doink, kicking him in the stomach and rolling him up for the win in record time. After the bell, Doink popped up and stole Mohammed and Mo' Money's money and ran. No word if Doink will ever be known as Doink "The Evil" Clown.

Main Event: Bull Buchanan defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor

Estimated Attendance: Around 600-650

"Hollywood" Jimmy was the highlight of the night

Sid Vicious, Brian Christopher and Jake "The Snake" Roberts no-showed

Wrestling News Center's Tia Blaylock was in the house, taking pictures, so be on the lookout for those

Special THANKS to Elite 17 for sending in the results


----This was one of the bigger shows of the year as far as attendance. I was told that Sid also no showed this past Saturday night at DoggCW and may be done there.