Monday, November 09, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 11.07.09

Our should would begin with T-Bone Terrence Ward and Commissioner Rickey Rowland coming to the ring for the playing of the national anthem. Before the anthem was played they would ask everyone to please stand for a moment of silence for the victims of Ft. Hood, Texas.

After the anthem was over Commissioner Rowland would call Austin Lane to the ring for a contract signing. Rowland would also call up Betty Butler of Newport, ASWF's Legal Adviser. Austin would sign the contract and be given a rematch for the ASWF Title tonight.

Our first match was Joshua Cross taking on "Mr. Muscle" Morgan Williams. Morgan would start off nice, keeping Cross close to the mat. Morgan would stay consistent and not let Cross back up. Cross would finally get in the game, but the dirty way. Cross would low blow Morgan and begin to choke him right in front of the referee. Cross would then take to the top turnbuckle and plant a Moonsault on Morgan and get the 1, 2, 3.

The next match was for the ASWF Title. Demon X, ASWF Champion, would go toe to toe with Austin Lane. Lane would be at a disadvantage with Johnny Hawk waiting in Demon X's corner. Hawk would use every moment of the referee being distracted to take out his aggression on Lane no matter how much Austin tried to counter. He would then toss the chain to Demon X while Hawk distracted the referee and knock Lane out cold. Demon X would get the win via pinfall.

The Establishment would take to the ring and begin to talk trash to the crowd and complain about Tommy Wayne losing his X-Division Title to Christopher Lee. They would send a message to Lee that this was not over.

The third match of the night would be for the ASWF Tag Team Titles. CM2 (Cody Murdoch/Cason McClain) would take on Mark Wolf and Chuck Fears. These guys would waste no time getting this match started. Mark would take control and not let up, but CM2 would quickly get things back in their favor. Unfortunately the match would take a turn for the worse for Mark and Chuck as Murdoch would use a Tag Team Belt and hit Mark in the head knocking him out. Murdoch would roll him up and get the win. CM2 would begin an assault on Chuck and Mark along with the rest of The Establishment. LSD would finally come to the aid of Mark and Chuck stopping The Establishment dead in their tracks.

Two ASWF Hall of Famer's and Originals would go at it in a singles match. Idol Bane would take on "Hot Rod" John Ellison. Idol would begin this match like a man of his size would do...taking control. But Hot Rod would not let Idol win that easy. Both Hot Rod and Idol would exchange control of the match several times before Idol Bane would plant his finisher and win the match via pin fall.

A #1 Contendership for the ASWF X-Division Title would be next with Tommy Wayne taking on Seth Sabor. Both Wayne and Sabor are former X-Division Champions. Seth would start off on fire early on, but lose his grip. Wayne would bring the match back in his favor, and maintain the control of the match. He would low blow Sabor and hit him with the title, all with the referee being distracted on the outside. He would roll Sabor up and get the pin.

A Triple Threat for the European Title was our Semi-Main Event. X-Kaliber, European Champion, VS Kid Krazzy vs "The Irish Dragon" Scott Fury. Scott Fury is a former European Champion who beat Matt Riviera for the title when it was first introduced in the ASWF. This match would take its tole on all three competitors. X-Kaliber would show sheer dominance in this match, determined to keep his title. In the end X-Kaliber would walk out the Champion with a pin over Scott Fury.

Our Main-Event of the evening was for a $5000 cash prize for the winner of the Battle Royal. When it was all said and done all three members of LSD would be left. After asking the crowd what they should do they decided with the crowd and split the cash amongst themselves. But when told to open the envelope they would find a piece of paper saying "your screwed". The Establishment would come out of the back laughing and showing the money they took before the Commissioner took it to the announcers table.

Remember to check out the ASWF at www.aswfwrestling.comand check out interviews after the show from X-Kaliber on his title defense, Austin Lane on his return, Idol Bane on the ASWF Title, and Commissioner Rowland's response to Idol Bane, at

Credit: Terrance Ward