Sunday, November 22, 2009

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 11.20.09

Dell Tucker over Blaine Devine
Greg Anthony over Oz
Stan Lee over Tim Edwards/Tommy Redneck in a Handicap Match
CJ over Rockin' Randy by DQ when Tucker interfered.
Derrick King/Cody Melton over Gaylon Ray/Stan Lee
"Trendsetter" Jon Michael over Cody Melton by DQ in a DCW Title Match.

They had a birthday party in ring for Rockin' Randy. That included hats, party favors, presents and everyone dancing to the new Miley Cyrus song...The DK/Melton tag match for originally set up to face Gaylon and Jon Roberts but Jon's mom said he couldn't wrestle which left Gaylon is a handicap match until Stan ran out late in the match and got the tag to get his hands on DK...When Tucker interfered in Randy's match Jon Michael came to make the save. After PP had cleared the ring, Cody snuck out there and clipped Jon Michael's leg...The night ended with a huge brawl that cleared the lockeroom. Thanksgiving Throwdown is next week. DK/Cody vs Stan/Tatt2 is announced along with Tucker and Randy defending their tag titles against Picture Perfect.