Tuesday, November 03, 2009

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 10.31.09 - JD KERRY - NEW CHAMPION!!


DCW announcers Casey Rinaldi and Jeff Perryman start the show off by talking about the Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership af the DCW Title and about the DCW Title Match with JD Kerry vs Ron McClarity...Then DCW Champ Ron McClarity music hits and the champ comes to the ring with Boss to talk about JD Kerry....Kerry come to the ring and starts to talk to McClarity abou their match tonite, but before he could leave the ring McClarity starts to beat on Kerry and the Boss goes outside and gets a chair..Then he gives it to McClarity and he hits Kerry with it in the head and then Kerry gets sidewalk slam on the chair and is left laying in the ring..Then Rodney Mack comes out to help Kerry get back to the locker-room!

Match 1: Battle Royal (#1 Contendership for the DCW Title)
-Battle Royal had Blalok, Southside, Pimptacular, Poker Face, Mike Anthony, Acid, Logan Furry, John Allen, Soul Train, and Boss! Battle Royal was a really good match and actually had some really good wrestling in it considering there were a lot of people in the ring...Everyone gets eliminated except Poker and Soul Train! They both wrestle around for about 5 or so minutes and then Blalok and Mike Anthony come out to distract DCW Senior Official Tim Daniels while Soul Train eliminates Poker, but the ref did not see him eliminated and Poker comes back into the ring and throws Soul Train over the top-rope to win the match...winner of the Battle Royal Poker Face!!

After the match DCW Diva Angeleena comes out to introduce former WWE Women's Champion Jazz and she is going to give Poker Face his trophy he winning for the Battle Royal...then he starts telling Jazz that he isn't going to say thank you to her or to anyone, he did this himself and that he will slap her if she says anything..then Rodney Mack comes out to confront Poker and ask him whats going on...Poker tells him that Rodney found him a few years ago and asked him to join DCW, and told him he was the future of this business..Poker tells him that Mack was supposed to help him succeed, and Mack tells him that he has kept his end of the bargain, because a few weeks ago Poker Face was on Raw being one of Cederic the Entertainers Entourage...Poker tells him that he is gonna do this on his own and leaves the ring...After that doctors come up to the booth and tell the announcers that JD Kerry is very injured and may not compete in his DCW Title Match later on against Champion Ron McClarity....

Match 2: Jon Allen vs. Mike Anthony
-match was really good..these two are phenomenal in the ring together! Both of these guys are rising stars in DCW and in this business...After a big suplex off of the top rope by Allen, Anthony battles back and gets the victory...winner Mike Anthony!

Match 3: Soul Train vs. Blalok
-match was supposed to be against Bishop, but he comes out and says that he isnt going to fight anyone in DCW except Rodney Mack..So then Blalok comes out to wrestle Soul Train! Pretty dang good match..a match that went back and forth for about 10 minutes or so with Soul Train coming out with the victory with a HUGE POWER SLAM...winner Soul Train!

Match 4: Lord Humoungous 1 & Lord Humoungous 2 vs the Gorillaz
-suppesed to be a match but Logan Furry and Acid come out to attack both Lord Humoungous' and then Rodney Mack comes out to help...both Lord Humoungous' and Rodney Mack clear the ring and Mack drops a bombshell...he tells the Gorillaz that if they wanna make a name for themselves so fast that next week the Gorillaz can wrestle him and his partner "The Outsider" Scott Hall....


Match 5: Johnny Dotson vs. Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique
-match was pretty dang good! I tell you one thing, no one is hated more than the Tejano Kid and Dominique..They are over so much as a heel its ridiculous..amazing start to the match with some good chain-wrestling and psychology by Dotson and Tejano Kid...match goes back and forth for about 10 minutes or so..while Dominique distracts the referee, Tejano Kid hits Dotson with some kind of object and gets the 1-2-3...winner Tejano Kid w/Dangerous Dominique

Match 6: DCW Title Match JD Kerry vs. Ron McClarity
-was the greatest match in DCW History in my opinion...I am new to the company, but it was amazing match! Ron McClarity is the greatest heel and one of the greatest wrestlers Ive seen in the area in a long time...he is a true class act in-and-out of the ring, i mean come on, he is the DCW Champion..Champions are always classy! Match went for about 45 minutes or so...back and fourth, one minute Kerry had the upper and then McClarity had the upper hand! Both men have phenomenal condition to go that long, and believe me i have some amateur wrestling and jiu jitsu back ground and its hard to go that long...match ended up with Kerry missing is frog-splash, and McClarity being able to pin Kerry a few times but pulled him up to continue beating on him but went for a move and Kerry reversed it and rolls up McClarity for the 1-2-3...winner and NEW DCW CHAMPION JD KERRY CHAMPION!

-McClarity after the match hands the title to Kerry, maybe passing the torch to the future of this business, and Ron is a class act, it is an honor for any person to be in the ring with Ron McClarity...Johnny Dotson and Rodney Mack come out to hold up JD Kerry on their shoulders...Kerry with tears in his eyes is ecstatic and with good reason after having an amazing match like that....now DCW Fans and everyone in Northeast Arkansas, the Bootheel of Missouri, and West Tennessee will now get to see two of the most amazing athletes, rising stars and wrestlers in this business vie for the DCW Championship with Poker Face now being the #1 Contender....

Really good crowd tonite around 175 or so...

Credit: Jeff Perryman