Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 11.07.09 - Rodney Mack New Champion!!

Show starts off like it does every week with DCW Announcers Jeff Perryman and Casey Rinaldi talking about whats going on tonite in the Dogg Pound and the National Anthem plays....

Mike Ward who is now the manager for the Gorillaz comes out and tells the crowd that they jumped Scott Hall before the show and he is in one of the hospitals in Jonesboro somewhere. He calls these two huge men (Chaos and Havoc) and says that since they cont have a match, they want to give anyone in the back a chance to come out and make a name for themselves...Two young trainees of the Dogg Pound come out and try to make a name for themselves...

Match 1: Gorillaz vs. Dogg Pound Trainees
-the Gorillaz dominated these guys. It wasnt even close, these two men are very quick and very athletic in the ring for their size, they are going to be trouble for anyone who gets into their way...Winner of the match The Gorillaz

After the match J.B. Hayes (who is some really rich guy from Jonesboro) comes out with a new tag team in the DCW Arena..and the faces are very familiar. Chelios Adams and Logan Adams aka Acid and Logan Furry have gotten a new manager and a new look..they come out it suits and J.B. Hayes tells everyone that this is the new tag team in DCW to watch out for, so Mike Ward tells J.B. that if they want a piece of the Gorillaz come on in the ring...Hayes smiles and tells Ward that the money isnt right and they wont fight them unless its a BIG PAY DAY for them....

Angelina comes out to her music to a HUGE pop from the DCW crowd...Since finding the error of her ways and started back training with former WWE Women's Champion Jazz, she has looked even better in the ring if thats possible. She is waiting for ther opponent to come out then Poker Face's music hits....Poker tells Angelina that her opponent had some travel delays and that since he was the #1 Contender for JD Kerry's DCW Title, he can do whatever he wants, and he wants to have a match with Angelina....Angelina accepts and we have our 2nd match of the evening!

Match 2: Angelina vs Poker Face
-now most times a woman versus a man match would be very boring, but these two a very good in the ring, they are two of the top performers and entertainers in this area and maybe in the entire United States...Match was amazing, with both Angelina and Poker showing they can both wrestle with anyone in DCW...Poker gains control of the match and is show-boating to the crowd, saying he is the man and the #1 Contender...Angelina reverses a move from Poker and rolls him up for the 1-2-3...winner Angelina! After the match Poker starts beating on Angelina and then Jazz comes out to help her...Then Poker was going to hit Jazz while she wasn't looking with his #1 Contender's Trophy he won, but Rodney Mack comes in and Poker clears the ring...Rodney tells Poker that if he wants to pick on girls, why don't he climb in the ring with someone a little more his size, but Poker fakes like he is going into the ring and goes to the back....


Match 3: Jon Allen vs New Tag Team of Chelious Adams and Logan Adams
-Jon Allen is becoming a force to be reckon-with in DCW..this kid gets better and better everytime I see him! I would not be surprised if he got a call from one of the Big Two one day..match was pretty good, Allen kept up with these two guys for as long as he could, but eventually the numbers game catches up with him...these two guys start to pick Allen apart and use this crazy move I have never seen to pick up the 1-2-3...winner Chelious and Logan Adams!!

-Ron McClarity comes out to the ring with his big enforcer Boss...He tells the crowd that he wants JD Kerry to come out and tell the crowd what he already knows...Kerry comes out with his DCW Title on his shoulders and it just looks right! This kid is amazing in the ring, he is better than 99% of the talent anywhere in the United States...But when he gets in the ring Ron McClarity drops a BOMBSHELL...JD Kerry's professional wrestling license has been revoke by the Arkansas Athletic Commission and the entire arena goes silent...Ron McClarity tells JD Kerry that he never happened and since he does not exist in the world of professional wrestling, he wants his belt back now! Kerry looks around at the fans and looks at Ron and lays the belt in the ring and leaves, but Ron tells him to go around and hug all of his fans since this is the last time, he will ever wrestle, but he says if he wants to he can go out the back and come in the front and pay to watch him wrestle...After that Rick Ruby is talking to a few of the fans and McClarity is bad mouthing his dad (who is the promoter) about how he is letting bedlam happen in this arena and tells him why should he wrestle with people like this..Ruby snaps and attacks Boss and we have an old fashioned street fight...both men go at it for like 5 minutes until Rodney Mack pulls Rick off of Boss and Poker pulls Boss off of Rick..then Rodney Mack comes into the ring and asks McClarity why is he being so down on JD Kerry..he tells the DCW Arena why Kerry's license got pulled and that its not really anybody's fault, just something that happens...Mack tells him that maybe he should fight him, even though he isn't the #1 Contender but aint nothing between us but air...McClarity hits Mack with the DCW Title and busts him open and we have a match...

Match 4: Ron McClarity vs Rodney Mack
-match was phenomenal..when you put the best heel around these parts in the ring with the best face in these parts, you get an amazing match! I said it last week, not too many people are as good in the ring as Ron, but Rodney is amazing too! Its like having two legends in the ring at the same can these guys go in the ring! These two men went back and forth in the ring for about 20 minutes or so...Ron controlled a lot of the match b/c Mack is bleeding bad! Mack starts to make his come back with a big powerslam but Ron kicks out...then Mack goes to hit McClarity but hits DCW Senior Official Tim Daniels and Boss comes in to help McClarity but Mack hits Boss with a spear then hits McClarity with a spear and gets the 1-2-3...winner and new DCW Champion Rodney Mack! Jon Allen and Ruby come out and hold Mack on their shoulders...

Crowd was around 160...they got an amazing show!!

Credit: Jeff Perryman

----I was told Mack was bleeding bad and real weak after the match...Don't like the idea of stripping Kerry of the belt!! I also hate the idea of Hall no showing and the explanation being he was beat up before the show.