Thursday, November 19, 2009

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 11.14.09 - Pokerface New Champion!!

Show starts off with J.B. Hayes coming to the ring to interview about his new tag team, the Alliance of Violence, which is Chelious and Logan Adams (Acid and Logan Furry)...He talks about how they are going to teach any tag team that wants to make a name for themselves a lesson, so they challenge any team to come from the back and two Dogg Pound Trainees come out again...these are two different guys from last week but they wanna fight so the bell rings...

Match 1: The Alliance of Violence vs. Dogg Poung Trainees
-match did not last very long...Even though these two trainees looked pretty good in the ring, it was not enough for the experienced tag team from LA, Chelious and Logan Adams...winner Alliance of Violence

Pokerface comes out to do a interview about the new DCW Champion Rodney Mack..Poker tells the crowd how selfish Rodney Mack is and how he jumped him and took his #1 Contenders spot from him..Rodney's music hits and The DCW World Champion comes out along with his wife, former 2 time WWE Women's Champion Jazz...Poker then starts to bait Rodney into a match later on by talking about him but it does not work until Poker starts to talk about how Rodney must be mad b/c of Rodney's and Jazz's two twin daughters just might be his and Rodney erupts...Poker tells him that lets do this old ECW style and have a falls count anywhere, no DQ, and no holds barred the match is set for the main event!

Match 2: Angelina vs Dangerous Dominique
-pretty dang good match. These two def are great in the ring together and no one is over as a heel like Dominique is as a DCW Diva..This match showcased wrestling's present and bright future..Angelina is one of the best female wrestlers I've ever seen around this area..match ends up with Angelina pinning Dominique for the 1-2-3...winner Angelina but after the match Tejano comes out an really beats up on Angelina and leaves her lifeless in the ring...

Match 3: Blaylock the Blazer vs Jon Allen
-this match probably vies for match of the really showcased the veteran Blaylock against the rising star, in my opinion, Jon Allen..these two had a back and forth match the entire 15 minutes or so...finally Blaylock suplexes Jon Allen off of the top rope but Jon Allen's momentum carries him over and gets the 1-2-3...winner Jon Allen

Match 4: Soul Train Jones vs Ron McClarity (DCW #1 Contender's match)
-another match thatwas for match of the nite..and former DCW Champ and DCW Wrestler JD Kerry bought a ticket to watch the match...these two had a beautiful match! It had everything: great chain-wrestling, great charismatic quality (crowd was def into the match like no other throughout the night) and when you put Ron and Soul in a match together you get a piece of was like watching a pay per view match with TNA or WWE..this match could have been on anyone of their ppv's..match ends up with Soul Train getting the victory and pinning Ron for th 1-2-3..winner Soul Train


Match 5: "Natural Born Playaz" [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] vs. The Gorillaz
-watch was pretty good...match went back and forth, and the Playaz knocked both big guys off their feet for the first time in their matter what Southside or Pimptacular did though, they could not pin the Gorillaz, so they reverted back to what they know best..hitting people with road signs, but this time when they did it their opponents did not go down like usual...they just shook it off like it didn't even phase them, but the Playaz were DQ'd....winner by DQ the Gorillaz

Main Event: Pokerface vs Rodney Mack (DCW World Title Match)
-what can I say...this match had everything! This match could have prob headlined any WWE or TNA ppv with the exception of was amazing! Match went back and forth for at least 30 minutes...DCW play by play announcers Jeff Perryman and Casey Rinaldi had a hard time keeping up with he match b/c it went everywhere...They went in the crowd, by the bathrooms, near the merchandise area, and even Jeff Perryman (DCW's color commentator) decided to go outside and call the match for the fans who didn't follow them...and it was crazy! After Rodney threw Poker into the side of the building..they both returned into the DCW arena where Mack gave Poker a big back-body-drop on the concrete...Poker then fights his way back and busted Rodey Mack open...then Chaos and Havoc (the Gorillaz) come out to help Poker, and they start beating on the Redd Dogg....Soul Train comes out to help but Ron McClarity and Boss come out to take car of him...then Rick Ruby comes out to help but gets busted open bad by Boss and Ron...Chaos and Havoc chokeslam Rodney on a chair..then Jazz comes out to help her husband but gets handcuffed to the ropes...the Playaz come out to help Jazz but get beat on by the Gorillaz and gives Poker the opportunity to pin Rodney for the 1-2-3...winner and new DCW Champion Pokerface!!!!

After he match, they beat Rodney Mack to a pulp! Poker beats on Jazz and makes her watch as they beat on Rodney with a baseball bat and a chair...Mack is bleeding everywhere, Ruby is passed out in a pool of his own blood, Soul Train is bleeding and layed out, and the Playaz are knocked out in a corner of the arena...which leaves Poker standing over the lifeless body of Mack raising his new DCW Title belt over his head...his music hits, then he leaves the arena with the Gorillaz, Boss, and Ron....looks like they have made a statement about who is running things now in DCW....

Crowd was good around 175...

Credit: Jeff Perryman

----I love the angle where Poker claims to be the father of the twins. Poker winning the belt is a good move. I hate it that the title has changed hands like three times though in three weeks...I was told last week's attendance figure was "about half of what was reported". I have not way of confirming either way. I do know I was in Jonesboro around bell time that night and there was tons of cars at the ASU campus.