Monday, November 30, 2009

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 11.21.09

----These were sent in a little late from DoggCW correspondent Jeff Perryman. As you can tell the crowds here have went down a little bit also.

Show opened with the new DCW Champion - Naughty by Nature's Pokerface. He comes out to Redd Dogg Rodney Macks music. He talks about the match they had last week, about how hard they fought. Then he starts running down Rodney and goes as far as to put newspapers down in the ring and call Rodney out, but Rick Ruby comes out instead and talks how about Rodney is injured and that he didn't appreciated Poker's remarks. Then Poker starts running down Rick Ruby, He even made references that he may have slept with Rick's wife while Rick was in the ER from getting busted open last week. Rick then tackles and starts pummeling Poker. Then Poker gives him a low blow, and gets the baseball bat he had used the week before on Rodney. Rick's wife tries to shield him. Poker then grabs her. Rick then gets the bat, but Poker uses his wife as a human shield and exits the ring.

Match 1- Dominique vs Lovely Latricia - Latricia wins after interference by the Tejano Kid. John Allen runs to the rescue of Latricia.

Match 2 -
Tejano Kid vs John Allen John Allen wins with a roll up.

Match 3 - Gorillaz vs Dogg Pound Trainees
Mike Ward offers the trainees the money that Pokerface had given him and the Gorillaz the week before to just lay down and get pinned to save themselves embarassment. They take the money and lay down, but the Gorrillaz want to fight so they beat them up anyway and get the money back. The Gorrillaz win by double pinfall.

Match 4 - Mr. Pimptacular vs Chellios Adams
Alot of back and forth action. End of the match comes when Logan Adams gives the outside assist The Southside brawler runs in to even the odds and makes a tag match for the main event.. Winner by pinfall- Chellios Adams

Ron McClarity comes out to an interview and calls out Boss and states how Boss has been costing him matches. Ron even exchanged words with J.D. Kerry.(who by the way is doing commentary since you don't have to be a particular age to be an announcer) Ron and Boss have a match later.

Match 5 - Ron McClarity vs Boss Winner by pinfall, Boss.

Match 6 - DCW Heavyweight Title Match
Pokerface vs Dogg Pound Trainee. Poker goes on about how he's been on the phone and internet trying to find the best of the best to challenge him [BT note: He was in Ripley that night..LOL] for the title. He calls out the"best" and its the trainee. Boy fakes the whole match. He tosses himself on the mat, hip tosses himself whilee the trainee stands there in confusion, but when the ref turns his back, Poker punts the trainee in the nether region and scores the pin fall.

Match 7- Logan and Chellios Adams vs The Natural Born Playaz (in a Street Fight)
The action went all over the building. Signs were used used. Later in the match Mike Anthony and Blalock the Blazer interfere in the match. John Allen hits the ring and assist the Playaz.

About 120 people there..