Monday, November 09, 2009

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 11.07.09

At the beginning of the show, Bonecrusher came out of the back and announced that he would NOT be putting the EPW title on the line against Chris Lexxus because he was not given the required seven day notice by EPW. Lexxus had won a battle royal the previous week to become #1 contender for the title. Bonecrusher said that Lexxus would have to defeat Justin Rhodes first to earn a shot at the belt. EPW Commissioner Kross reluctantly agreed, because he was not able to notify Bonecrusher in time, and made the match between Rhodes & Lexxus for later in the show.

Chazz Stone defeated JR Mauler by DQ when Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) interfered in the match and beat JR down. Brody said JR "should mind his own business."

Chris Lexxus defeated Justin Rhodes to earn a shot at the EPW Championship.

Pure Destruction came to the ring to run their mouths and said that they had the night off because there was no competition in the building for them. JR Mauler came out of the back and said he had found a partner and that there would indeed be a tag team match, and brought out Cassanova Kid. So it was PD vs. JR Mauler & Cassanova Kid. Mauler & Kid defeated PD and were given the Tag Team belts by Referee KC, but PD said they had never agreed to put the belts on the line. EPW Commissioner Kross gave the belts back to Cody & Brody, but said they would put them on the line the following week against JR & Kid. Cody & Brody said no way, because they have 30 days to defend the belts. Kross told them they would put the belts up next week - or he would fire them.

Next was Buzz Harley vs. "Pimpin" Antoin Smooth - 3 rounds of boxing - special referee was Kross - Buzz defeated Smooth by KO in the third round.

"Big Daddy" Neno defeated Rajah in a fan's lumberjack strap body bag match. This was, simply, a fun and very entertaining match. Neno was hardly touched by a belt when he was thrown out of the ring, but Rajah got the crap beat out of him, lol.

Final event on the card was ladies mud wrestling. This was an elimination mud match, with the winner to be crowned Miss EPW. It was wild, wet, & muddy, and the match ended in controversy. Melissa and Brittany were the last two in the match, and both went to the floor at the same time. Referee KC was not able to determine which one touched first and called Kross to the ring. Kross said 5 more minutes, so the girls went at it again - and eventually went to the floor together - again. KC declared Brittany the winner, but Melissa disputed the results, saying that Brittany's feet touched the floor first so Brittany should be eliminated. Kross was again called to the ring and declared Brittany the winner, and was slapped by Melissa.

It was a wild and fun night at EPW. I counted 121 in the crowd, and they were all treated to a great show.

The card at EPW this Saturday night, 11-14, includes:

The ceremony to crown Brittany Miss EPW.

Bonecrusher defends the EPW Championship against Chris Lexxus.

Pure Destruction defends the Tag Team belts against JR Mauler & Cassanova Kid.

Ladies wrestling returns to Booneville as BB takes on Queen Destiny.

It all happens at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145 in Booneville this Saturday night. Bell time is 8:00 p.m. It will be another wild night, so don't you miss it! Remember, you never know what will happen at EPW, so you need to be there!