Tuesday, November 03, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 10.31.09

Show begins with me going out plugging the Halloween costume contest...winner got 50 bucks

Tim Edwards vs Shannon Lee (JR Manson comes out after match and confronts Tim) Tim wins - beats up JR

Seth Knight vs Chrisjen Hayme (debut of EWE) Seth wins

Triple Threat for Christian Jacobs' #1 contender spot (Cody Melton, Baron Malkavain, and Tatt2) Cody wins

Tommy Redneck vs Black Jack (Ike Tucker) Redneck loses by DQ

Dk interview for lumberjack match. Brings out 4 lumber jacks
(Stan, w/ his lumberjacks, come out and confronts DK

Christian Jacobs vs Randy - CJ wins

Thanksgiving Throwdown's 3 day extravaganza (Thurs - Neon Moon in Dberg, Friday - DCW, and Sat EWE (announce DK vs Stan at DCW w/ first taping for TV)

Lumberjack Match (DK vs Stan Lee)
DK's Lumberjacks