Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 11.07.09

Opening match JR Manson w/ Tim Edwards vs Ike Tucker w/ Brian Steele Tim interferes and starts to cost JR his match. Tim also does his finish on JR at the end of the match. Ike comes back to the ring and tries to break it up and then Tim hits Ike with his finish. Out of nowhere Tatt2 comes running to the ring and nails Tim until Tim leaves the ring. Tatt2 later has his match with Tim Edwards.

Tommy Redneck vs Seth Knight (Seth comes out with a surprise update from Mr. Baker saying that this match will be a no D.Q.) Bishop interferes with the match and costs Seth knight his win. Bishop hits Seth with a steel chair and walks out then gets on the mic and tells Seth that he was just an obstacle and has now been taken out. Redneck takes advantage of a broken Seth Knight and goes for the win.

Interview w/ Mr. Baker and Stan Lee (Baker comes out and calls Stan to the ring rehashing over his unfortunate encounters over the past few weeks. He then tells him that he has more bad news and that Derrick King has more words to say) - cut to video interview w/ DK. Baker asked Stan if he has ever thought that Derrick is right and that Stan should just give up. Stan then takes the mic and says that it is true that he lost his chance for the DCW championship, he has lost his grandmother, he was in a wreck and totaled his car, but the one thing that he hasn't lost is "will power." Stan then asks for a favor. He asks for one of the most brutal matches in wrestling history. Stan asks for a Last Man Standing match. Baker grants his wish.

Tatt2 vs Tim Edwards Tatt2 wins

DCW tagteam champs (Dale Tucker/Randy) come out and plug they are the best and they will prove it at Thanksgiving Throwdown. Thanksgiving Throwdown will be a 3 day event 26th, 27th, and 28th.

26th - Neon Moon in Dyersburg, TN
27th - DCW
28th - EWE

The last match is quite confusing let me get back with you on the end results, because it starts out with just Dale Tucker and Jon Michael then goes into CJ's match with Cody Melton, and then ends with me making a 6 man tag team match next week. Cody, Tucker, and Randy vs. CJ, Jon Michael, and Stan Lee.

Credit: Ewwweeeeeareporter