Sunday, November 15, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 11.14.09

Start off with DK interview. He comes out with security doing his normal routine. He talks about what he is going to do to Stan at Thanksgiving Throwdown. He makes an announcement saying that Cody Melton w/ DK and Stan Lee w/ Tatt2 will be in a steel cage match at DCW's Thanksgiving Throwdown night (11.27.09). Stan comes out and accepts everything and DK and Stan talk more smack to each other.

Tim Edwards w/ JR vs Ike Tucker w/ Brian Steele Ike gets the win

JR manson vs. Bishop - Seth comes out and attacks Bishop while ref is down. JR Manson wins

Tommy Redneck vs. Seth Knight (Bishop comes out and attacks Seth Knight) Redneck wins

DK vs Tatt2 DK wins

Dustin Baker came out to the ring and announced that, as of then, Dustin Starr had been stripped of the EWE championship. He has been a no show for over a month and since the title has not been defended within that time frame Baker stripped the title. The EWE championship will be up for grabs at Thanksgiving Throwdown in Ripley, TN. TT has added a double main event. Stan Lee vs DK in a "last man standing" match and the EWE heavy weight championship will be up for grabs. Christian Jacobs (being the #1 contender) w/ a mystery opponent at this time.

Cody Melton, Randy, Tucker vs Jon Michael, CJ, and Stan Lee
DK interferes in match while CJ/Jon and Tucker/Randy fight to the back
DK and Stan go at it in the ring; Cody comes back and helps DK attack Stan. Tatt2 comes back to the ring to help Stan. Cody/DK exit the ring while Stan/Tatt2 issue challenge to fight right then. Cody/DK exit but not without making Stan/Tatt2 along with the fans very angry. Stan tries to fight through security to get to DK. Stan lays a right fist in the face of one of the Refs and chases DK and Cody to the back.

EWE is still accepting Toys for the Toy Drive until December 19th
Thanksgiving Throwdown will be 8$ at the door at DCW and EWE or $15 for a special ticket that will get you in both shows along with all the special activities.

Credit: EWEMediaMogul