Sunday, November 22, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 11.20.09 - Prelude to Thanksgiving Throwdown

The show starts off with the CEO of EWE coming to the ring to make some announcements. The prior week Dustin Baker made the announcement that as of that night (11.14.09) the current EWE heavyweight champion, Dustin "five" Star will be stripped of the title. Well, Dustin Baker did exactly what he said he was going to do because he brought the EWE heavyweight championship belt to the ring to show the EWE staff and fans that he meant business. He mentioned that the current contender, Christian Jacobs, does have an opponent for the EWE title match at Thanksgiving Throwdown but does not mention who he is at that moment. Dustin Baker then announces that he would like to introduce a new tag team to the roster of EWE. Oz and Blayne are then invited to the ring and before Dustin Baker could announce their welcome Bishop comes to the ring and interrupts Dustin Baker. He claims that he should have been the #1 contender for the EWE title match but as he was talking about the Seth Knight comes to the ring and says that he deserves the shot at the EWE heavyweight. The two the start to argue with each other and Dustin Baker then breaks up the fight and tells Bishop that if he wants a shot of the EWE heavyweight belt then he must prove himself. Dustin then goes on to tell Bishop that he has a triple threat match later in the evening w/ Tatt2 and Stan Lee. If he wins, then he will continue on to face Seth Knight for a shot of the EWE heavyweight title. After Bishop and Seth walk out of the ring Tucker/Randy, the DCW tag team champions come and and claim that they are the best there is in the business. At this point, Dustin Baker has had enough with the interruptions and tells Tucker/Randy that if they claim they are the best then they will have to show they are the best by competing not in one, but two matches. Their first match will be with Oz and Blayne. Then their 2nd match will be the main event against Picture Perfect (CJ and Jon Michael).

Non-title tag team match Tucker/Randy vs Oz/Blayne (Tucker/Randy win)

J.R. Manson vs Seth Knight (Seth Knight wins)
Tim Edwards comes out and distracts J.R. by asking him if he has his answer for the match at Thanksgiving Throwdown.

Tim Edwards vs Ike Tucker (Ike wins)
J.R. Manson comes out to let Tim Edwards know that he accepts his challenge at Thanksgiving Throwdown.

Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs come out and talk about EWE and the Ripley fire dept working together for this years toy drive. Jon Michael announces there will be a commercial aired on TV from now throughout the holidays. As the commercial sample started, it seemed very well done until the interruption of Cody Melton in the video. He makes it clear that he is going to put an end to Jon Michaels' winning streak at Thanksgiving Throwdown. Jon accepts the match and tells the fans of EWE exactly what he is going to do with Cody Melton after he beats him at Throwdown.

Triple Threat match Bishop/Tatt2/Stan Lee
Bishop wins the match to go on to face Seth Knight for the #1 contender for the EWE heavyweight title. After the match was over a video interview with Derrick King comes on the screen. Telling Stan Lee that he is not going to make it through Thanksgiving Throwdown. He has a steel cage match on the 27th at DCW w/ Tatt2 vs Derrick King and Cody Melton. Then he faces Derrick King again at EWE in a "last man standing match"

Main Event (Non-Title match)
CJ and Jon Michael vs DCW tag team champs Dale Tucker/Rockin Randy
before the match started Dustin Baker came out to let CJ know who his opponent will be at Throwdown. Dustin made sure that he did this with the up-most respect for CJ. He tells CJ that he has nothing but respect for him and that because of that he wanted to find the most worthy opponent for him. He also told CJ that he deserves the best so he got him the best. A video comes on the screen and a man starts talking about the EWE heavyweight title and the man ends up being "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony. So, the match was made for the EWE heavy weight title at Thanksgiving Throwdown. Christian Jacobs vs Greg Anthony

Tucker and Randy then come to the ring to begin their 2nd match of the evening. Picture Perfect goes on to win the match as the main event.