Tuesday, November 03, 2009

RassleResults: IWA Southaven, MS 10.30.09

IWA Championship Wrestling's Spooktacular extravaganza "Halloween Massacre" began with "The Commentating God" Jason Hall welcoming everyone to the show and informing us that his broadcast colleague, Michael Ward, could not be there tonight. Jason ran down the card that would include three championship matches and a casket match. Then, IWA's Acting Commissioner, Blalok The Blazer interrupted Jason, announcing that he was going to join him in calling all the action at "Halloween Massacre". With that, Jason Hall said we are watching IWA Championship Wrestling "Where Only The Strong Survive! And the survival begins now!" Oh yeah, they've got a new entranceway that looks good.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight walks out, saying that they didn't give him a match because they know nobody can beat him. "The Samoan Savage" Samoan Raja walked out carrying a skull with glowing eyes.

Opening Contest-"Dynamite" Seth Knight vs "The Samoan Savage" Samoan Raja-Referee C'Lo Banks-Raja jumps Seth Knight from the start. Raja scared Referee C'Lo so much, at one point, that he leaped over the top-rope and ran into the crowd. Raja with a running Umaga attack in the corner, followed by a big splash on Knight. Knight would slow down the big man by working over his legs. Raja tried to fight back, but Knight dropkicked his leg and then gave him a chop block. Again, Raja would fight back with some chops, but Knight would catch him with a low blow. Blalok started a "Go, Seth, go" chant. Knight rammed Raja's head into the turnbuckle, but this did no damage whatsoever as Raja started pounding his own head into the turnbuckle to get fired up. Raja would take it too Seth before missing a headbutt attempt. Knight tried his "Sour Face Silencer" finisher, but Raja countered the hold and gave Knight a chokeslam. Knight managed to grab a chair and blasted Raja in the head with it, but once, again, it did nothing but make the big man angry. Raja would get the chair and bash his own head into it, repeatedly. Raja chased off Knight. Your winner, by disqualification, Samoan Raja!

"V.I.P." Tim Styles walked out, wearing his shirt that says, "It Ain't Easy Being Me". V.I.P. said that he takes care of business and is the most important person in the building. Big Red comes out and said that he's there to whoop some ass.

2nd Match-"V.I.P." Tim Styles vs Big Red-Big Red pretty much dominated this one. Red started out stomping a mudhole in V.I.P. in the corner. V.I.P. would try to scoop slam Red, but Red countered and delivered three bodyslams. The crowd rallied behind Big Red and kept chanting, "One more time" after he delivered a move. Red with a clothesline. "One more time!" Another short-arm clothesline by Red. V.I.P. moved out of the corner as Red tried a splash, but Red nailed V.I.P. with a big boot. Red would get the three count after delivering a pumphandle slam. Your winner, Big Red! Following the match, the crowd was telling V.I.P., "You got whooped!" V.I.P. grabbed the mic and said, "I can whoop everybody in the back." Big Red started walking towards V.I.P. and V.I.P. said, "I wasn't talking about you."

3rd Match-"The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Big Ace & Cymba, managed by "The Manager of Champions" Victor Reed vs Dre' Black & Beyond-Dre' started out taking it to Ace, sending him over the top and stopping Cymba's attack, as well. Beyond dove off the top-rope on Ace, Cymba, and Victor Reed on the outside. Beyond in with the running knees in the corner on Ace. Ace caught Beyond with a scissors kick. Cymba in with a powerbomb. Dre' Black in to break the count. Cymba and Ace swap out. Another two count. Ace with a fireman's carry into a back breaker. Cymba in with a sidewalk slam. Cymba caught Beyond with an elbow. Ace back in. Beyond tried to fight out of a headlock, but Ace stopped him and delivered a vicious brainbuster. Hot tag made to Dre' Black. Dre' in with a sky high, followed by a double underhook suplex. Cymba shoots Beyond out to the floor. Dre' attempted his signature "Black Out" maneuver, but Victor Reed jumped in and hit him. Ace would smash Dre' into the mat with a flatliner to get the win. Meanwhile, Cymba suplexed Beyond on the floor and slammed him into the wall. Your winners, Big Ace & Cymba!

4th Match-Ladder Match for the IWA Light Heavyweight Championship-The Crime Challenging The IWA Light Heavyweight Champion, Suicide-Things get off to a quick start as both men started throwing fistacups at each other. Suicide would try to get the ladder from under the ring, but was quickly cutoff by Crime, who attacked him and threw him into the ring steps and the wall. Suicide countered a running attack from Crime with a drop toe hold, sending Crime crashing into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Suicide with a leg drop, jumping heel kick, knee drop and ddt. Suicide went after the ladder on the outside, but was dropkicked by Crime. Suicide would return the favor by dropkicking the ladder into Crime. Suicide attempted a suicide attack through the ropes, but caught a ladder to the head from Crime. Suicide clotheslined Crime in the corner on the ladder. Suicide launched Crime into the ladder in the corner with a t-bone suplex. Let me say this. That was a pretty rough looking ladder. You could definitely tell it's been used a lot. Both men teetering on the ladder, going for the belt. Crime would hit a swinging neckbreaker off the ladder on Suicide. The ladder was then placed in between the ring and guardrail (ECW style). Crime sent Suicide smashing into the ladder with a hot shot. Suicide stopped an oncoming Crime and caught him with a ddt on the ladder. Crime threw a chair, bashing Suicide in the face. Crime started climbing to get the belt, but Suicide would run back in and push the ladder down in time. Suicide with a running kick in the corner. Suicide catapulted himself into the ladder that was conveniently placed in between Crime's legs to do maximum damage to the jewels. Suicide was there at the belt, but Crime bashed Suicide in the back with a steel chair, sending Suicide off the ladder. Superplex attempt by Crime. Suicide tried to fight back. Crime hit Suicide with the "Crime Way" on the ladder. Suicide powerbombed Crime off the ladder as Crime was going for the belt. The IWA Arena in Southaven, Mississippi, was rocking as the crowd got behind Suicide. Suicide spiked Crime on a chair with a ddt. Crime and Suicide flew off the ladder as Crime sent Suicide to the mat with the electric chair. Crime landed on the chair. Both men, again, were at the top of the ladder brawling. Suicide sent Crime flying as he fought off Crime's attempt of the "Crime Way". Crime landed on the chair. Suicide grabbed the belt and won the match. Your winner and still IWA Light Heavyweight Champion, Suicide! Suddenly, in an unprecedented turn of events, current IWA Commissioner Blalok The Blazer ran in with Referee C'Lo Banks, ruining Suicide's celebration. Blalok attacked Suicide and got Referee C'Lo Banks to make the three count, so your NEW IWA Light Heavyweight Champion is Blalok The Blazer! Can you say screwjob? After that transpired and Blalok had left, the fans started chanting for both Crime and Suicide, appreciating the epic battle they had just witnessed as the two warriors stared at each other, as a sign of respect. Gotta give it up to those two guys. They beat the hell out of each other and had a great match. New IWA Light Heavyweight Champion and IWA Acting Commissioner, Blalok The Blazer, rejoined Jason Hall at the announce table, a few minutes later.

5th Match-Casket Match-"The INKcredible" Tatt2 vs The Baron Malkavain-Before the match got underway, Tatt2 was given a big lollipop from a little girl in the crowd. How sweet! Baron walks out, accompanied by Armageddon, who was pushing the casket, and Victor Reed. Blalok mentioned that he was a member of Hell's Army. Blalok referred to Armageddon as, "Satan's Pitbull". When the match got started, one fan yelled, "Let's go Justin Timberlake" directed towards Baron. Another fan would call him, "Powder". Tatt2 started out, rocking Baron with right hands. Baron tried to throw him off, but a dropkick would send Baron flying over the top-rope. Tatt2 with a suicide dive through the ropes, driving Baron's back into the guardrail. Baron sent Tatt2 slamming into the ring step, however, the momentum would shoot Tatt2 into a guy sitting in the front row. Baron with a Michinoku driver on Tatt2. Baron opened the casket. Tatt2 tried to fight back, but is thrown into the ring post. Baron hit Tatt2 with the F-5 and choked him. Leg drop by Baron on Tatt2 while he was on the apron. Baron threw Tatt2 into the casket, but Tatt2 fought back. The two men traded knife edge chops back and forth. Wooooo! Tatt2 decked Baron with a spinning kick. Tatt2 missed a shooting star attempt. Baron leveled Tatt2 with his "Demon's Wings" finisher and went for the cover, but pins don't matter in this match. Gotta put him in the casket. Baron closed the top part of the casket, but Tatt2 kicked out when he tried to close the lower. Tatt2 shooting off the ropes with a springboard dropkick. Tatt2 hit the 901. Tatt2 knocked Baron into the casket, but could not close it. Tatt2 attempted another 901, but Baron ducked out of the way, hitting him with a clothesline. Baron went up and missed a guillotine leg drop. Tatt2 launched off the ropes with "The Flying Chuck". Baron goes into the crowd. Tatt2 flew over the top-rope, into the seats with a suicide dive on Baron. That was AWESOME! Fans started chanting, "Holy s@#$!" While in the crowd, Tatt2 executed the Van Daminator on Baron, by kicking the steel chair into him. Baron would dive over the ropes on Tatt2. Back in the ring, Baron with a big leg drop. Tatt2 with a smooth hurracanrana on Baron. Baron backdropped Tatt2 over the top-rope. Baron would later backdrop Tatt2 into the casket, but Tatt2 still had some fight left in him. Baron can't close the casket. Baron picked up a steel chair and blasted Tatt2 with it to close the casket and win the match. Your winner, The Baron Malkavain! Wow! I've had the chance to see these two battle twice now and let me tell ya when these two tie up, it's truly something special. That was one hell of a match!

6th Match-IWA Tag-Team Championship-Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) challenging The IWA Tag-Team Champions, SnS (Syn & Stunner)-Full Scale Assault jumped SnS from the start, but SnS quickly fought back with dropkicks. Xander grabbed the mic and said this has to be settled one way or another. SnS with some double team moves, that included a double arm twist takedown followed by double dropkicks and a knee lift, dropkick, and shooting star combination. Beautiful flying heel kick by Syn on Jason Steele. Xander went at Stunner with forearm strikes, followed by a spinning vertical suplex. Double clothesline by Full Scale Assault. Fisherman suplex by Steele on Stunner that got a two count. Xander in with a big splash and fall away slam on Stunner. Xander distracted Syn while Steele choked Stunner in the ropes. Xander missed a Vader Bomb in the corner when Stunner moved. Stunner was about to make the tag, but was cutoff by Steele. Steele worked over Stunner's knee with a leg grapevine. Xander ran in with a big leg drop. Stunner with some kicks, but Xander caught his leg and put him down with a vicious slam. This was followed by Full Scale Assault's signature "Assault & Battery" hi-lo combination. Stunner with a nice leapfrog, but is caught by Xander on the second try, who slams him. A chair is brought in. Stunner kicked the chair into Xander. Xander with a big discus punch on Stunner in the corner. Hot tag made to Syn. Full Scale Assault attempted the Tech 9, but Syn breaks it up with the Sliced Bread #2. Miscommunication from Full Scale Assault leads to Syn catching Steele with a hurracanrana to get the three count. Stunner dropkicked Xander into the corner. Your winner, and still IWA Tag-Team Champions, Syn & Stunner! Following the match, Full Scale Assault partners, Xander Raines and Jason Steele, argued and blamed the other for the loss.

7th Match-Falls Count Anywhere-"The Asylum" (Psycho & Pappy) vs Barnone (Sniper & V-Man)-Sniper walked out on crutches. As soon as, The Asylum would turn their heads, Sniper and V-Man attacked Psycho and Pappy with the crutches to get the madness underway. Sniper and Pappy went at it. Psycho hit V-Man with a big railroad crossing sign. Sniper sent Pappy head first into a big speed limit sign in the corner. Rude Awakening neckbreaker by Sniper on Pappy in the ring. Psycho pounded away at V-Man with a glove. Sniper punished Pappy with a steel chair. Psycho was busted open by V-Man. Psycho knocked out V-Man with the kitchen sink. That's right, the kitchen sink. Pappy leaped off the ring steps, hitting Sniper with an elbow on the floor. Psycho blasted V-Man with a chain, followed by "The Fall from Grace". Sniper bashed Pappy's head into the steps. Pappy got hit with the barbwire crutch. Psycho beating on V-Man in the crowd. Sniper beat down Pappy in the ring. Psycho sent V-Man through the wall in the IWA Arena to get the win. Your winners, Psycho & Pappy, "The Asylum"!

Main Event-Triple Threat for The IWA Heavyweight Championship-The Reigning Champion, "The Flamboyant Mauler" Precious vs IWA United States Champion, "Big CA" Carnage Antwane vs Blalok The Blazer's "Instrument of Destruction/The Human Juggernaut" Bishop-Precious got a huge pop. There was even a little girl that was dressed up like him. Precious and CA joined forces and double teamed Bishop at the beginning, landing a double backdrop and double suplex on the big man. Precious and CA also took turns hitting Bishop in the corner. Precious would, eventually, attack CA from behind and send him to the floor. While Precious went at Bishop, CA was taking a break on the floor. Flying headscissor by Precious in the corner on Bishop. However, the second go around, Bishop would catch Precious and deliver a big Alabama slam. Bishop also turned Precious inside out with a devastating clothesline. Bishop chopped CA in the corner. Precious with a flying lariat, followed by a springboard leg drop. Precious missed a big leg drop attempt from the top. CA back in on the attack. Tower of doom out of the corner with Bishop powerbombing CA, who suplexed Precious. CA with a big boot on Bishop. When Referee C'Lo Banks started to make the count, Blalok The Blazer told him that he was "under evaluation", so he did not make the count. Precious with the backstabber on CA, but once again, C'Lo would not make the count. Precious knocked out C'Lo. C'Lo flopped around like a fish out of water. Hilarious! Everybody got a kick out of that. Bishop with a spear. New ref in, but there was a kick out. New ref out. Misconnection between Bishop and Blalok. Blalok with a superkick, but another kick out. Referee C'Lo Banks back up. Bishop put away Precious with "The Hellevator". Your winner, and NEW IWA Heavyweight Champion, "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop! Entertaining match. The wrestling portion of the show ended with the new champs Bishop and Blalok The Blazer celebrating as they held up their new titles. Precious threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the ring. The little kids were telling him not to cry and that it's alright. It's unbelievable how Precious has the people in the palm of his hands.

Now it was time for the Halloween Costume Contest. IWA Superstars Sniper, Malik "The Great", Beyond, and Suicide were judges for the contest. There were twenty-three kids contestants and five adults. They would be scored based on crowd response and scored from one to ten with ten being the highest score. Dre' Black helped each kid into the ring. The kids costumes included: a lion, pink poodle, The Pink Panther, Precious, Witch, Scooby-Doo, Cleopatra Twins, John Cena, Michael Jackson with curls, Butterfly, Devil, Michael Myers with knife, Pirate, and a rabbit. There were a lot of "Awwws!" In the end, Michael Jackson won the kids contest, winning five hundred bucks.

The five contestants for the adults costume contest included: A cheetah, Freddy Krueger, The Cat in the Hat, A Maid, and Madea. Madea done pulled the gun out on Dre' Black. Madea won the adults contest, winning one thousand dollars. What a great night of fun and excitement. Good Call!

You can watch IWA Championship Wrestling at 10:00am on Saturday mornings on WPXX-ION Television. On IWA's Official MySpace (www.myspace.com/iwa-wrestling) it was posted to check out IWA this Saturday morn at 10am and at 12pm 2hr, so it looks like IWA Championship Wrestling will be back on with two shows, this coming Saturday, at 10:00am and Noon.

Wanna attend an IWA TV Taping at the IWA Arena? IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

IWA Championship Wrestling "Where Only The Strong Survive!"

Credit: D-Rock @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com