Friday, November 20, 2009

RassleResults: IWA TV Tapings 11.14.09

----Here is a huge report about IWA TV from D-Rock @ Word I am getting from various sources is that TV is up in the air right now for IWA. I have heard this a few times and reported it - but I am being told again that Corey Maclin had some kind of exclusive wrestling clause. I have contacted a few times for a statement about Memphis Wrestling, but nothing has been returned. I also want to mentioned IWA has a big show TONIGHT!! Listed below!!

IWA's next big event entitled, "Gratify" will take place tonight!!, November 20, in Southaven, Mississippi at the IWA Arena. Tickets are absolutely FREE with a 7:00pm bell time. This show will feature the Special 5-on-5 war with Reno Diamond's Team (Carnage Antwane, Sniper, Tatt2, Precious & Samoan Raja) battling Blalok The Blazer's Regime, Hell's Army (Bishop, Seth Knight, The Baron Malkavain, Big Red & Armageddon) in which the winner gets total control of the IWA.

Dark Match: Cymba & Samoan Raja vs Malik "The Great" & Beyond-Malik dropkicked the legs of the mastodon Raja. Beyond off the top with a splash. Raja and Cymba worked over Malik. Crowd chanted, "Go, Malik, go", but Cymba would silence them after landing a big sidewalk slam on Malik. Clothesline by Raja. Malik moved from a diving headbutt from Cymba. Malik made the hot tag to Beyond. Beyond came in, punching away at Raja....Punching away and punching away, but did no damage. Raja decked Beyond with a lethal chop. Malik flew over the top-rope on to Cymba. Raja caught Beyond with the Rikishi Driver to get the win. Your winners, Cymba & The Samoan Raja!

TV Taping Began:

Announcers, Jason Hall and Michael Ward, told us what's coming up and that we would be seeing a Return U.S. Championship Match and the Main Event would Feature Psycho and Pappy, "The Asylum" taking on Big Red and Armageddon. They invited everyone to come join them for their FREE IWA TV Tapings every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. .

Referee C'Lo Banks out to get the action underway. "Every Man's Dream & Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious made his way to the ring and got a big pop. Precious asked the audience, "Where's all the men at with those gold teethes?" Johnny Dotson walked out. Michael Ward decided to try and get a few words from Dotson. Johnny Dotson said that he's, "Here for one reason and that's to wear IWA gold and that he's the best wrestler, pound for pound, ounce for ounce in the business."

"The Flamboyant Mauler" Precious vs Johnny Dotson-Dotson started by telling the fans, "You are about the ugliest bunch of people that I've ever seen in my life!" Johnny jumped Precious from behind. Precious reversed an Irish whip and served up some clotheslines and dropkicks. Apparently, one fan got under Precious's skin because I heard him tell them, "If I suck, you swallow!" Precious shot out of the corner with a flying crossbody on Dotson. A few moments later, Precious would go to the corner, again, executing a flying headscissor takedown. Dotson would slow down Precious after catching him with a knee to the junk as Precious was jumping from the top-rope. Dotson rolled out to heckle the fans. Back inside, Dotson would land a series of lefts and a big right. Fans were chanting for Precious. Dotson and Precious traded punches. Precious with a sunset flip, but Dotson would come back with a flying heel kick. Nice suplex by Dotson. Crowd, again, got behind Precious. Johnny turned Precious inside out with a clothesline. Johnny got in a fan's face, at ringside, telling them to not talk about his mama. Precious with a big ddt. Precious fighting back with a fury. Big powerslam by Precious. Two count. Dotson rolled out to take a breather and decided not to get back in. Your winner, by countout, Precious! Precious said he's going to get his belt back.

They announced that IWA's next big event entitled, "Gratify" will take place this Friday night, November 20, in Southaven, Mississippi at the IWA Arena. Tickets are absolutely FREE with a 7:00pm bell time. This show will feature the Special 5-on-5 war with Reno Diamond's Team (Carnage Antwane, Sniper, Tatt2, Precious & Samoan Raja) battling Blalok The Blazer's Regime, Hell's Army (Bishop, Seth Knight, The Baron Malkavain, Big Red & Armageddon) in which the winner gets total control of the IWA.

Four Corners Match-"The Punisher" Dre' Black vs The Baron Malkavain vs The Crime vs "The INKcredible" Tatt2-Tatt2 and Baron kick things off quickly. Tatt2 popped Baron with a kick and followed with a springboard body press off the ropes. Crime and Dre' tagged in. Crime went to work on Dre'. Dre' launched Crime in the air with a back body drop. Dre' with a clothesline. Crime rolled out of the ring and said he's sorry. Back inside, Dre' caught him with an elbow. Crime rolled back out. Tatt2 and Baron both tagged back in. Tatt2 delivered a tilt-a-whirl face plant. Tatt2 with a clothesline in the corner, followed by a springboard dropkick. Suplex by Baron on Tatt2. Tatt2 fought back, ducking clotheslines, but got tossed by a suplex by Baron. Crime in with a beautiful dropkick. Tatt2 tried to chop, but Crime backed him up in the corner, stomping a mudhole in him. Clothesline by Crime. Sleeperhold applied by the Crime. Crowd chanted, "Tatt2!" Tatt2 got his hand up before three and escaped with a jawbreaker out of it. Head on collision by the two. Baron and Dre' in. Dre' with a sky high on The Crime. Dre' Black chased The Crime to the back. Tatt2 delivered the 901 to Baron and leaped off the top with a seated senton to get the win. Your winner, Tatt2! Johnny Dotson jumped Tatt2 on his way to the back and delivered a brainbuster back in the ring. Dotson went into the crowd and grabbed a chair, bashing Tatt2 in the head with it. Then, Dotson placed the chair over Tatt2's head and climbed to the top-rope. Luckily, Malik "The Great", Referee C'Lo Banks and others ran out to stop Dotson's evil intentions and to help Tatt2 to the back. Some of the fans really got tore up over this as I noticed a little girl and an older woman crying, so that means it was a success. Should be the start of a great rivalry between those two.

Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) came out. Michael Ward interviewed them. Xander said that, last week, he went to get checked out and found out that he had a slight concussion that he suffered against SnS (Syn & Stunner) at "Fall Out". Regarding rumors of the team breaking up, they said that's not going to happen because they have known each other since they were kids and they are like brothers.

Full Scale Assault (Xander Raines & Jason Steele) vs One half of the IWA Tag-Team Champions, DJ Stunner & "The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Ace-Ace took it to Jason. Jason sent flying with a back body drop. Crowd chanted, "DJ sucks!" Ace told one fan, "Don't make me call your parole officer. Double team by FSA on DJ, consisting of a snapmare, leg drop, and senton splash. Ace ran in to break the count with a kick, claiming that he had a bug on his head. Clothesline/spear combo by FSA. DJ managed to move out of the way of a big Banzai drop from Xander. DJ with a shining wizard. Ace tagged in. Ace chopblocked Xander. Ace and DJ swap out. DJ with a hot shot under the bottom rope. Leglock by DJ with Ace coming off the top with a boot. Fans continued to chant, "DJ sucks" to the point that DJ went up to the top-rope teasing them that he was about to jump off into the group of little kids. Double elbow by DJ and Ace. DJ worked over the big man's leg. Xander hit a big clothesline. Nice leapfrog by DJ, but Xander caught him on his second attempt, slamming him to the mat. Jason Steele made the tag, but the ref didn't see it. Xander caught DJ with a spinebuster. DJ tagged Ace. Xander tagged in Jason. Jason on fire. DJ took a tumble to the floor. Ace and Jason fought on the floor. DJ with an enzuguri inside the ring on Xander. Jason ran Ace into the ringpost. DJ grabbed a chair, but Jason stopped him before he could use it. Xander started to feel the "madness", once again, as he went after DJ. Ace put away Jason with an impressive cradle shock. Your winners, Ace and DJ Stunner! Following the match, Xander grabbed the mic, doing his best Macho Man impersonation and challenged his partner, Jason Steele, to a one-on-one match, next week.

IWA United States Championship Rematch-Champion "Dynamite" Seth Knight vs "Big CA" Carnage Antwane-Referee C'Lo Banks-Carnage told C'Lo that if he cheats, today, he's gonna slap him. Seth had on some new gear and t-shirt. Quick rollup by CA on Seth for a two count, followed by a small package for another quick nearfall. Bodyslam by CA. Seth tried to escape, but CA suplexed him back in. While Seth Knight is on dream street he tried to fight back, but was quickly stopped by a big CA clothesline. CA choked Seth in the ropes. Seth ran around the ring, with CA chasing him back in. CA faked Seth out when tried to catch him coming back in with an elbow, but CA stayed outside so the elbow missed it's mark. Seth drove CA to the mat with a knee to the back of the head. Seth with a running MVP big boot in the corner. The fans rallied behind Carnage with a, "Go, CA, go" chant. CA ducked two clotheslines and hit a sunset flip on Seth. Seth would stop CA's offense with a dropkick. Seth rolled out of the ring to jaw with some of the fans at ringside. CA launched Seth back in the ring off the apron. CA with a slam for a two count. CA upended Seth with a clothesline. The two traded chops. CA unloaded on Seth with a series of punches in the corner. CA caught a running Seth Knight with a big sidewalk slam. CA said, "It's time for the big boot, Baby!" CA hit the big boot and attempted the pin. Blalok The Blazer's music started, distracting CA. As CA went to leave the ring, Seth Knight kicked the ropes into CA's jewels and defeated him with his "Sour Face Silencer". Your winner and STILL IWA United States Champion, "Dynamite" Seth Knight! Following the match, Samoan Raja ran down. Seth Knight raked his eyes and pushed CA into him, so Raja ended up slamming CA, while his vision was impaired. Raja also delivered a Vader Bomb out of the corner on Carnage. Beyond and others checked on CA.

Main Event-"The Asylum" (Psycho & Pappy) vs Armageddon & Cymba, accompanied by the IWA Heavyweight Champion, Bishop-Psycho gave Michael Ward his precious, Kayte, to watch over. Michael started petting Kayte, which was funny. In the ring, Psycho patted Referee C'Lo Banks on the head. Bishop was wearing his word life chain and Total Body Gym shirt that read, "Bench like an Animal, Squat like a freak" on the back. Psycho started things off, going at Cymba in the corner. A double team would follow with Pappy smashing into Cymba with a running hip attack, followed by Psycho's running knee and Pappy back again with the kick. The Asylum continued their onslaught with a double single arm ddt with each man holding an arm, driving Cymba to the mat. Cymba fought back and tagged in Armageddon. Some of the fans started chanting, "Armageddon sucks!" What brave souls they are. Pappy thrown on the outside. Bishop and Cymba worked over Pappy out on the floor. Bishop sent Pappy into the ringpost and threw him back in the ring. Cymba off the top with a double axehandle while the ref's back was turned. Armageddon, Cymba and Bishop beat up on Pappy in the corner, as Referee C'Lo Banks was tied up trying to contain Psycho. Psycho tagged in. Armageddon sent out to the floor. Psycho and Pappy hit their "Fall from Grace" finisher on Cymba to get the victory. After the bell, Psycho and Pappy doubleteamed Armageddon, sending him out of the ring. Your winners, Psycho and Pappy, The Asylum!

You can watch IWA Championship Wrestling at 10:00am on Saturday mornings on WPXX-ION Television.

Wanna attend an IWA TV Taping at the IWA Arena? IWA TV Tapings are held every Saturday at 2:00pm at the IWA Arena, located at 1225 State Line Road in Southaven, Mississippi. The building is located right beside Sonic and across the street from Dale's. FREE Admission!

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