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RassleResults: IWA TV Tapings 11.21.09

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Jason Hall kicked things off by announcing that, unfortunately, his broadcast colleague, Michael Ward was not there. Jason introduced none other than "Big CA" Carnage Antwante, announcing that he would be joining him to do commentary.

Opening Match-"The Punisher" Dre Black vs "The Ladies Man" Beyond-Beyond out the chute with a series of dropkicks that sent Dre out. Dre fought back by landing a big back elbow and followed with a suplex. Beyond hit the "Elijah Express" running knees on Dre in the corner. Beyond connected with a frog splash to get a near fall. Dre caught Beyond with the "Sky High" and defeated Beyond after delivering his signature "Blackout" finisher. Your winner, Dre Black!

2nd Match-The Crime & "The Sharpest Card in the Deck" Ace vs Malik "The Great" & Suicide, sporting new tights-Referee C'Lo Banks, who a lady in the crowd referred to as "Cheat-Lo". The Crime and Malik started the contest. Armbar by Crime, where Malik executed a nice bridge. Malik kicked Crime, forcing Crime to abort the ring and ask for a timeout or Team Tia. Crime decided that it was time to bury the hatchet and shake hands, but ended up poking him in the eyes. Crime with a spinebuster on Malik, but Suicide ran in to break the count. Meanwhile, Crime and Ace swapped out. Malik flipped off the ropes and tagged in Suicide. Suicide came in, executing a ddt on Ace. Suicide and Malik worked as a cohesive unit, dishing out a series of double clotheslines on Ace in the corner. Ace would come back with a low blow on Malik, followed by a scissors kick. Again, Suicide ran in to break the count. Ace and Crime swapped out while Referee C'Lo Banks had his back turned. Crime locked in a sleeper. Malik fought out, but, immediately, caught a clothesline. Ace missed a frog splash. Suicide made the tag and came in with a head of steam. Malik nailed Ace with the rotation kick, sending Ace rolling out to the floor. T-bone suplex by Suicide. Suicide was going for a piledriver when a mysterious, unidentified guy walked towards the ring. This distracted Suicide, enabling Crime to catch him with a low blow and roll him up to get the win. Your winners, The Crime & Ace! Afterwards, The Crime was paying off Referee C'Lo Banks.

3rd Match-Mike Anthony vs Sniper-Anthony synched in a headlock on Sniper. Anthony with a shoulderblock. Sniper caught him with an elbow off the ropes. Mike Anthony attempted a dropkick, but "The IWA Original" Sniper put on the brakes. Sniper hit Anthony with a clothesline, following it up with consecutive fist drops. Sniper dropped Anthony's neck over the ropes from a fireman's carry. Sniper defeated Anthony with a nice spike piledriver. Jason Hall chimed in saying, "Give me your lunch money, Mike Anthony!" Anthony reminded me a lot of Low-Ki/Senshi. Anthony didn't want any help from the ref and walked out on his own.

TV Taping Began-Jason Hall and "Big CA" Carnage Antwane said they would be sharing clips from "Gratified". They have a jam-packed card that will include a triple threat including the NEW IWA Tag Champions, Psycho and Pappy "The Asylum", and the IWA Heavyweight Champion Bishop will also be defending his title against Precious. Jason added, "This is IWA Championship Wrestling. Where only the strong survive. And that survival begins right now!"

4th Match-Full Scale Assault Partners Collide-Jason Steele vs "Fat Machismo" (AKA Xander Raines)-Xander slapped Jason. Xander caught Jason with a clothesline, but missed a running elbow attack in the corner. Big splash by Jason in the corner, followed by a schoolboy for a near fall. "Fat Machismo" back with a big suplex. The two traded chops. "Fat Machismo" with a knee to Jason's back, sending him out. Machismo would connect with a double axehandle off the apron. "Fat Machismo" threw Jason into the ringsteps. Xander hung up Steele on the guardrail. One of the fans, told "Fat Machismo", "Right here" so he draped Jason over the rail and jumped off the apron. "Fat Machismo" went for the "WMD", but Jason caught him with a ddt. Jason Steele hit Xander with the "Tech 9". A frustrated Jason Steele said, "What I gotta do!" after that didn't get the job done. The two Full Scale Assault partners had a staredown. "Fat Machismo" Xander Raines delivered the "WMD" and followed it up with a elbow drop from the top to get the win over his partner. Your winner, "Fat Machismo" Xander Raines! After the bell, Dre Black attacked "Fat Machismo" Xander Raines and gave him the "Blackout". Dre got a chair, but Jason Steele jumped in to stop him from using it on his partner. Then, the Full Scale Assault partners shook hands and embraced.

Jason Hall interviewed Johnny Dotson, who said, "Before it's all said and done, I will be a Grand Slam Champion in the IWA." Dotson also told a lady at ringside, "Shut up, Lady! Before I pull that wig off your head!" Tatt2 ran out and attacked Dotson. This led to an impromptu match.

5th Match-Johnny Dotson vs "The INKcredible" Tatt2-Springboard body press by Tatt2. Tatt2 with a rolling thunder into a lionsault, but Johnny managed to get his knees up. Johnny with a jumping heel kick, following with a double underhook suplex. Consecutive leg drops by Dotson. Johnny administered some vicious chops on Tatt2 out on the floor. Back inside, Johnny covered Tatt2, putting his feet on the ropes. When confronted by Referee C'Lo Banks, Johnny insisted that he was stretching. Dotson told everyone that he's great, following a clothesline that almost beheaded Tatt2. Brainbuster by Dotson on Tatt2. Michinoku driver by Dotson, but Tatt2 kicked out. An outraged Johnny Dotson blew up at C'Lo, claiming it was a slow count. Dotson hit Tatt2 with a ddt. Tatt2 kicked out, again. An irate Dotson screamed, "Stay down!" Tatt2 fought back with some forearms and an enzuguri. Tatt2 connected with the 901, but when he went for his springboard attack, his momentum sent him flying over Dotson. Johnny Dotson managed to rollup Tatt2 and get the win, thanks to some extra added assistance provided by the ring ropes. Your winner, Johnny Dotson! Following the match, Referee C'Lo Banks had to physically push Johnny Dotson to the back because he was about to jump in the crowd on a group of fans.

Jason Hall introduced the IWA United States Champion, "Dynamite" Seth Knight. Knight said, "I'm the champ for a reason. That's because I'm the best and nobody can beat me." Seth Knight issued an open challenge to anybody to come out and wrestle him in a non-title match. Knight added, "If they can beat me, maybe they can get a title shot." The Baron Malkavain took him up on his offer. Seth Knight tried to convince The Baron that he didn't want that belt and he shouldn't fight him. Seth extended his hand. The Baron Malkavain shook Seth Knight's hand, but then punched the champ. And with that this match got underway.

6th Match-Non-Title "Dynamite" Challenge-IWA United States Champion "Dynamite" Seth Knight vs The Baron Malkavain-The Baron Malkavain sent Knight flying with a big back body drop, followed by a jumping heel kick. These two members of Hell's Army went at it with Seth Knight rolling out of the ring as The Baron followed him. The Baron Malkavain connected with a flying bodypress off the top-rope. Seth Knight would fire back, landing a knee to the back of The Baron's head. The Baron caught Seth Knight with a release German suplex. The Baron landed a flying kick out of the corner. The Baron Malkavain went for his signature maneuver "The Demon's Wings", but Seth Knight managed to counter and connected with his "Sour Face Silencer" finisher. The Baron Malkavain kicked out. Seth Knight tried for another "Sour Face Silencer", but The Baron Malkavain caught him with "The Demon's Wings" and got the win, possibly earning a future title shot. Your winner, The Baron Malkavain! Following the match, the fans chanted, "Get yo belt!" and The Baron Malkavain picked up the IWA United States Championship.

SnS (Syn & Stunner) walked out accompanied by Jason "The Brain", who was making his IWA debut. Jason "The Brain" interrupted announcer Jason Hall, stating that SnS was "The greatest tag-team in IWA history and now they've brought in the best manager in the South!" Syn added that they've got a rematch for their belts, but it's going to happen on their watch and when they are ready. The NEW IWA Tag-Team Champions, Psycho and Pappy, "The Asylum" made their way out. Psycho put Carnage Antwane's cap on Jason Hall's head. Next, Armageddon and Cymba made their way out for this next match as Jason "The Brain" jumped over the rail and hid in the crowd.

7th Match-Triple Threat Tag Action-IWA Tag-Team Champions, "The Asylum" (Psycho & Pappy) vs SnS (Syn & Stunner), managed by Jason "The Brain" vs "Satan's Pitbull" Armageddon & Cymba-Syn and Psycho started things. Psycho threw Syn across the ring. Syn and Jason "The Brain" accused Psycho of pulling his hair. Syn got Stunner to pump up his arm. Psycho tagged in Pappy. The Asylum in with a double single-arm ddt. Pappy locked in a camel clutch on Syn. Pappy also delivered a "World's Strongest Slam". Stunner tagged in Armageddon. SnS with a lightning fast series of high-flying offense, consisting of Syn hitting a shooting star and making the tag to Stunner, who shot in off the apron with a slingshot somersault senton, followed by a shooting star of his own. Pappy caught Stunner with a big spinning neckbreaker. Psycho and Syn both tagged in with Syn getting ran over with a clothesline. In the end, Armageddon and Cymba double chokeslammed Psycho, with Syn taking advantage of the opportunity, pinning Psycho to get the win. Your winners, Syn and Stunner!

"The Flamboyant Mauler" Precious made his way out. IWA Commissioner Reno Diamond came out, informing Precious that he was suppose to get a title shot, but it's not going to happen, today. Reno announced that Precious would wrestle Bishop, but it would be in a Handicap Match. Reno introduced Bishop's partner, "The Samoan Savage" Samoan Raja. IWA Heavyweight Champion Bishop and the IWA Light Heavyweight Champion Blalok The Blazer made their way out to the ring. Meanwhile, Precious crawled under the ring.

Main Event-Handicap Match-"Every Man's Dream & Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious vs IWA Heavyweight Champion Bishop & Samoan Raja-Precious crawled under the ring. Reno, Blalok and Bishop started looking for Precious. Precious snuck back in, dropkicking Bishop from behind, which resulted in Bishop bumping into Raja and knocking him out of the ring. Precious went to work on Bishop. Bishop caught Precious in the corner, throwing him down with a vengeance with an Alabama slam. Bishop with a big spinebuster. Wishbone by Raja and Bishop. Bishop upended Precious with his "Hammer of Thor" clothesline. Precious fought back. Bishop got tangled up in the ropes. Precious kicked Raja in his junk and then breast fed Bishop, who was still trapped in the ropes. Precious with a big Tennessee jam from the top. Raja ended up splashing Bishop. Precious hit "The Backstabber", but Reno Diamond pulled the referee out. Precious dodged a spear from Bishop and successfully delivered a baseball slide kick on Reno. When Precious turned around, Bishop nailed him with a spear to get the win. Afterward, The Samoan Raja continued with an onslaught that included him delivering his Kishi Driver on Precious. Eventually, "Big CA" Carnage Antwane had seen enough while sitting at the announce table and jumped in with a big boot. After clearing the ring, Precious and CA danced as the show came to a close.

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