Monday, November 16, 2009

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 11.13.09

Rashard and BJ vs Homer Lee and Ms. Candy Ms. Candy got the pin. This new and upcoming female wrestler really done a great job.

Pimptacular vs Wild Bill and Wild Bill got the win due to interference of Southside

V-Man vs Knockout Kid with V-Man getting the pin

"Natural Born Playa's" [Pimp and Southside Brawler] with that cheating Rashard vs Big Daddy LaFonce and "All American" Frankie Tucker. The Pimp and Southside ran out like a bunch of chickens and of course Rashard followed suit. Frankie has already signed a title match for next week against V-Man so Big Daddy and Frankie will go against Pimp and Southside the following week with no DQs and falls count anywhere match.

The main event was action packed with the "East Coast Bad Boys" [Serpent/C-Money/Spiro] vs Pokerface, Bishop and Sgt. Hudson, the fight was all over the building and the East Coast Bad Boys took the win. It was great seeing Serpent back in the ring.

Credit: Kim Wallace & MCW