Monday, November 23, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results Wrapup 10.30 to 11.21.09


Jeremy Moore def. Shannon Lee after a low blow followed by an acecrusher

High Risk Title Tournament

Void def. Biscuit

Weezy def. Tyler Pain

Gaylon def. Kilo by DQ

*** Main Event ***
Mark Justice def. Jason Reed in a first blood match after Jeremy Moore interfered and delivered an acecrusher to Reed on a chair


Void def. Weezy to become High Risk Champion and deemed the belt the "pure" wrestling championship

Jeremy Moore came out to explain to the crowd why he turned his back on Jason Reed. Moore said Reed has stabbed him in the back so much that he was just returning the favor before it happened to him again. Moore said what really set him off was the fact that Reed was nothing but a trashy drunk and he was despicable and the crowd just accepted him with open arms. Reed came out and try to talk to Moore but things quickly turned ugly as Reed said that He and the fans were tired of the ego trip that was Jeremy Moore. Moore spit in Reeds face and Reed backed Moore in the corner only to be attacked by Big Red. Moore said he cleared the match with KoKo Anderson and it was happening now!

Jason Reed def. Big Red by DQ after Moore jumped on Reed and was setting him up for the AceCrusher until Crazy Train came to the rescue. Train said that this wasn't the Jeremy he knew or liked. Moore said Crazy Train just decides to pop in whenever and stick his nose in Moore's business and he would be taught a lesson.

Crazy Train def. Jeremy Moore after the Ref restarted the match due to Moore being caught with a chain and Train rolled Moore up for the 3. After the match Moore and Red beat on Train until Reed saved him.

Kid Nikels def. Motley Cruz

Eric Wayne def. Sarge O'Riley


Mark Justice def. Shannon Lee

Hardcore Yow def. Triple C

Wayne and Nikels came to the ring and said they were going to take the night off because they were unbeatable. Jeremy Moore came out and said they were the future of Tag Team wrestling but that he was here to warn them that management would keep them down and would do anything to get the Tag belts away from them. Moore urged them to join him as the new generation and take NBW by storm. The crowd was chanting the Eric to punch Moore by this point. Eric told Moore that he looked like John Mayers retarded little brother and that while it sounded like a good idea he would pass on it. Moore said Wayne would regret it if he did. Moore told Eric that he was always having to live in his dads shadow and to be his own man and join him. Wayne refused and Moore turned to walk off only for Wayne to punch Moore to a huge pop. Moore said he would find a partner and Challenge Wayne and Nikels for the belts tonight

Tim Davis and Weezy def. KoKo Anderson and Void. If KoKo or Tim lost they were out of NBW

"Sweet Ebony Diamond" Kevin Charles def. Hardcore Yow

Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels def. Jeremy Moore and Mark Justice after Moore hit Wayne with brass knuks and Wayne fell on top of Mark as Nikels ran Moore to the back.


Weezy vs. Crazy Train went to a time limit draw. Moore jumped train after the match until train and Weezy knocked Moore out of the ring. Moore challenged Train to a rematch and said he was a cheater and tonight he would prove who the better man is.

Sarge O'Reilly vs. Kid Nikels turned into a brawl after Mickey Ray and Eric Wayne came out and started fighting leading to a challenge from Wayne and Nickels to the FOP for the main event.

Motley Cruz def. Shannon Lee

Crazy Train def. Jeremy Moore after Moore crotched Train on the top rope and was going for a superplex and Weezy distracted Moore and Train shoved Moore off the ropes and hit a tomahawk chop from the top and a Trail of Tears for the 3. Moore said Weezy made a mistke and next week he would get a partner and take care of Weezy and Train.

Wayne and Nickels def. Sarge and Mickey. Rematch for the Tag Titles next week.

Crowd has been up and down between 60-85 or 90

and for those of you wondering Jeremy Moore has gotten a ton of heat on his heel turn and is possibly the top heel on the show at the moment.

Credit: NBWsumyungguy

----It has been FOREVER since we got results from here as you can tell, but the show seems to be doing good. I like the crew they have assembled. The Moore turn seems to be fun. Clips of the Train vs Moore match from this past week are on the Kayfabe Board. [CLICK HERE] These guys started together and work just a solid old school psychology type of style, which I like...The group continues to draw just as good or better than DCW and EWE. TIWF would be the only group in the area beating them on a regular basis.