Sunday, November 15, 2009

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 11.13.09 - Jerry Lawler Backstage!!

----Jerry "The King" Lawler was in attendance at the event. He did not do an on air or in ring appearance. He stayed in the back during the whole show looking at the production of the show. Rumors flying that this might be something to do with Lawler's plan for Memphis Wrestling.

-Justin "The Juice" Smart beat Kevin Charles

-Justin "The Juice" Smart beat Dan Matthews

-Eric Wayne beat Kolby Stern

-KId Nikels beat Shawn Reed

----46 people in the crowd...Chuck Poe and Downtown Bruno were the refs...They did an angle in the Wayne/Stern bout where Stern was knocked out by repeat blows to the head. Stern carried out by NEW members...Alan Steele tried to get involved in the main event, but run off by both wrestlers.