Monday, November 09, 2009

RassleResults: USA Wrestling Selmer, TN 11.07.09

"Naughty By Nature" [Tully/Rude] beat Christian Shane & Matt Boyce after interference by Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was actually Iceman from The Blackbirds. He is doing the Mr. Brown gimmick from Tyler Perry movies - real funny stuff. This set up a match later with Mr. Brown and Matt Boyce,

Destiny beat Su Yung w/ Garry White. Good solid match from the girls.

Patrick Smith defeated Bones.

Matt Boyce defeated Mr. Brown

The New Nature Boy w/ Garry White & Su Yung beat Steve O in a Tennessee Street Match. This match went all over the building. This set up a match on Dec 19th with Kevin White & Steve O. A Chain On A Pole.

125 paid

Credit: USAwrestlingStudd