Friday, November 20, 2009

RassleResults: XOW Hernando, MS 11.14.09

----D-Rock posted a xxx large report on from last Saturday's XOW show. The show seem to be fun with Leslie Jones making a surprise appearance. I always liked the Jones character on IWF TV. The stuff with the Mississippi Athletic Commission as an attempt as a shoot just seem like some bad Vince Russo TV. [CLICK HERE] and take a look at my Coach's Corner "Worrying About The Jones" - Tony Watts needs to worry about his promotion instead of trying to take lame shots at IWA and Memphis Wrestling.

Al Hall kicked off the night by welcoming everyone to XOW in Hernando. Al announced that XOW will be returning to The Inferno in Memphis on December 4th.

Al Hall was ready to get things underway, when, suddenly, Joey Lynn came out and grabbed the mic. Joey Lynn said that he works for the Mississippi Athletic Commission and called out XOW Promoter Tony Watts. He told Tony that he was suppose to have his paperwork turned in by November 1st in order to run the show, but he did not receive it. Tony said that it was mailed. Joey Lynn added that there's also been accusations, regarding wrongdoings in XOW, concerning wrestling without licenses. Tony told Joey that he interrupted his show. Joey said that he's got the authority to do that. Tony said Joey was just like the idiots on the messageboards that think he is nothing more than a stupid mark. Tony told Joey that he hates his guts and introduced someone else that hates him just as much as he does. Chris Styles ran in and attacked Joey Lynn. Afterwards, Tony Watts said, "I am legit. I run a legit organization. And tell everybody in the Mississippi Athletic Commission to leave me alone." Joey told Tony that he will see him after the show.

Following the shoot, Neil "The Real" Deal" Taylor, Mickey Ray, Max Steele and Trey came down to the ring, announcing that today is "Hollywood" Jimmy's birthday. They introduced the birthday boy. "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock came out, informing everyone that he's now twenty-two years old. "Hollywood" asked where Danny B. was and demanded that he joined them in the ring. Danny B. came out to join the festivities. Then, it was time for "Hollywood" to receive his gifts that the members of The Hollywood Clique had brought him. The first gift was a coffee mug with bottom's down written on it. I believe it was shaped like a butt, as well. "Hollywood" lashed out, screaming at everyone because they thought he was old. He grabbed the coffee mug and threw it out of the ring, breaking it into bits on the concrete floor at ringside. The next gift was a prepaid cell phone. However, "Hollywood" thought this was a slap in the face because it made him feel like he was poor. "Hollywood" yelled, "I'm not poor! Who's idea was this?" "Hollywood" tossed the phone out of the ring, as well, smashing it. Next, Max Steele said that he had to put this next gift on his Dillard's credit card. It was deodorant. Once, again, "Hollywood" flew off the handle, thinking they thought he stunk. "Hollywood" yelled, "I don't stink" and threw the deodorant out of the ring. The best part about this was that Mickey Ray, immediately, ran outside the ring and picked up the deodorant, taking it to the back. Everybody got a kick out of that. Al Hall got "Hollywood" a membership to the HQ Gym. Uh oh! "Hollywood" asked Al, "Are you saying I'm fat? I don't appreciate that!" "Hollywood" would go on to ask Danny B. where his gift was. Danny told "Hollywood" that his present is on the way and he's going to love it. "Hollywood" told the fans, "You people shut up and sing Happy Birthday to me!" Neil Taylor demanded everyone to stand up and give Jimmy a round of applause because it's Jimmy's birthday. "And the Wrestling News Center people don't count!"

The Wrecking Crew (Colton Anderson & Dwayne Red) made their way to the ring and called out The Hollywood Clique. Neil Taylor and "Hollywood" Jimmy came back out and introduced the newest member of The Hollywood Clique, ANT (Amazing Natural Talent).

Opening Match-The Wrecking Crew (Colton Anderson & Dwayne Red) vs Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor & ANT (Amazing Natural Talent), managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Referee Chris P. Fries-"Hollywood" told a young fan at ringside, "You got greasy hair! You need to wash it, little girl!" Awww snap! When the action in the ring got underway, Colton slapped the taste out of Neil's mouth. Neil told the crowd to hush. After, "hush" didn't work he said, "fine then". Neil would trip and fall on the gymnastics mat around ringside. Al Hall noted that Referee Chris P. Fries was in a bad mood, saying, "Somebody must have ate his Corn Flakes or something." Big back drop by Colton on ANT. Red in with a snap suplex. Double hiptoss by the Wrecking Crew on ANT. ANT swapped out with Neil. Neil in, choking Red. Red fought back, but Neil stopped him by raking the eyes. ANT all over Red in the ropes while Referee Chris P. Fries held Colton back. "Hollywood" Jimmy was charging fans five dollars for taking a picture of him. Red with a sunset flip on Neil for a two count. Neil fired back with a clothesline. ANT caught Red in the business. ANT went up to the top-rope, flying off with an "Amazing" corkscrew moonsault, but he missed his target as Red got out of the way. Neil back in. Neil and Red punch back and forth. Big clothesline by Red on Neil. Again, Red made the tag to Colton, but Referee Chris P. Fries didn't see it. ANT connected with a big spinning heel kick. Colton ran in to break up the count. ANT and Neil swapped out. "Hollywood" Jimmy joined Al Hall at the announce table. Meanwhile, in the ring, the crowd got behind Red. A double clothesline sent both men down. Red, finally, managed to make the hot tag to Colton. While Red and ANT went at it outside the ring, Colton rolled up Neil with a schoolboy to get the win in the squared circle. Your winners, Colton Anderson and Dwayne Red, The Wrecking Crew!

Following the match, "Hollywood" Jimmy and Neil Taylor accused them of pulling the tights and wanted five more minutes. Neil went on the record stating, "I give them five minutes. If they beat me, I'll leave Hernando, forever!" The Wrecking Crew accepted, so the match restarted. The Wrecking Crew defeated Neil Taylor and ANT, instantly, with double sunset flips. Your winners, Colton Anderson and Dwayne Red, The Wrecking Crew! Neil stuck to his word, saying, "I will leave Hernando forever and not come back."

Al Hall thanked our brave military and veterans for ensuring our freedom that we are so blessed and fortunate to have. He also mentioned how the families of the Fort Hood victims are in our sincere thoughts and prayers at this time.

2nd Match-Max Steele, accompanied by "Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock vs Drew Donovan-Referee Chris P. Fries pushed Max Steele down prior to the match beginning. Drew took it to Steele. Drew flew off the top to the outside on Max. Drew would also smash Max into the Al's announce table almost spilling his Route 44 Cherry Limeade. Fist drop by Drew. Max caught Drew with a big powerslam. Max would follow this up with a gorilla press slam on Drew. "Hollywood" choked Drew in the ropes. Al Hall said he wanted to get an interview with the little girl in the front row, before the show was over because she wasn't backing down from nobody. "Hollywood" Jimmy attacked Drew Donovan on the floor. Max delivered a "Big Poppa Pump" elbow on Drew. Max attempted another gorilla press slam, but this time Drew slipped out with a sunset flip. A few moments later, Drew reversed a suplex. Both men down. Elbow by Drew, but wouldn't be enough as Max Steele would catch Drew with a spear to get the win. Your winner, Max Steele! After the match, "Hollywood" Jimmy said, "Max Steele just told him that if they don't show him respect, he's not coming back!"

Al Hall informed everyone that his broadcast partner, "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow left him high and dry for the night to go see some country singer, singing about a tractor. Al Hall interviewed the little girl in the crowd. She said that Al was her favorite announcer and Chris Styles was her favorite wrestler.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor came back out, saying, "Everybody shut up and listen to me!" Neil said that earlier they introduced ANT as the newest member of The Hollywood Clique and "That big goof cost me to lose so I can't come back here!" Neil challenged ANT to a match. ANT accepted and told Neil, "You can run your mouth, but the whole reason why we lost is because you're fat. Because you were on the apron winded and suffering from a lack of oxygen deprivation!"

3rd Match-Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor vs ANT (Amazing Natural Talent)-Joey Lynn was referee for this match-Before things got started, Neil told the people, "I'm gonna give you people one more chance to cheer for me. Don't screw it up!" Neil Taylor jumped up on the turnbuckle to a symphony of boos. As ANT was getting ready to climb up on one of the other turnbuckles, Neil jumped him from behind. Oh yeah! ANT was representing us, rocking the Wrestling News Center t-shirt. Good Call! Neil Taylor was wearing his Neil Taylor is TOUGHER than CHUCK NORRIS t-shirt. ANT bashed Neil's head into the turnbuckle. Big right hand by ANT. Al noted that "Hollywood" Jimmy wasn't at ringside, saying, "Jimmy was probley at some China Buffet, eating some octopus." Neil choked ANT with his wrist tape. ANT with a big clothesline. Neil choked ANT in the corner. Neil missed a splash in the corner, when ANT dodged out of the way, catching Neil with a schoolboy to get the win. Your winner, ANT! If you're keeping count, Neil Taylor has lost three matches so far. Al Hall warned Neil, "Do not go to the casino." Neil kicked the wall, hurting his foot on his way to the back. Not a good night for Neil.

Tony Watts said that "Hollywood" Jimmy is probley at the Krispy Kreme in Southaven." "Hollywood" Jimmy walked out, saying, "First of all!" He turned around and walked back because he wasn't pleased with the response he got. "Hollywood" told Tony, "Nobody is talking to you, Banana Nose!" "Hollywood" went on to tell one fan, "You scare the hell out of me with that face, woman!"

"Hollywood" ordered Danny B. to come out so he could get his birthday present. Danny B. came to the ring. Danny and "Hollywood" actually danced in the ring to Danny's "Do you want a Revolution? Woop! Woop!" What a sight that was. Danny introduced "Hollywood's" gift. It was none other, than "Mr. Sensational" Leslie Jones. "Mr. Sensational" introduced himself, stating that he's a professional Elvis Tribute Artist and that you can see him every Friday at 7 at the Pig on Beale. Leslie stopped Jimmy saying, "I know where you're going with that, but by the looks of that belly, that belly has seen a lot of cake." Jones informed everyone that he used to run a wrestling promotion in Tupelo, Mississippi a few years ago, by the name of IWF and that "Hollywood" Jimmy begged him to be a part of that show. Leslie Jones asked "Hollywood" Jimmy to let Danny wrestle any member of The Hollywood Clique. "Hollywood" responded, by saying, "He is the ugliest Elvis I've ever seen in my life! First of all, it's not happening, Danny!" Leslie said, "It sounds like Hollywood is chicken." Danny assured Jimmy, "If I lose, I'll resign for one more year, but if I beat you, the next time he will have to wear a chicken suit." Chicken chants started, directed at "Hollywood". XOW Heavyweight Champion, Mickey Ray, came out. The deal was made.

4th Match-Danny B. Good with "Mr. Sensational" Leslie Jones in his corner vs Mickey Ray, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-The match stipulations were if Danny B. loses, he has to resign his contract with "Hollywood" Jimmy, but if Danny wins, he gets out of his contract with "Hollywood" and "Hollywood" Jimmy has to wear a chicken suit at the next show. Danny B. with a Curt Hennig neck twist out of the corner. Mickey Ray kicked Danny in the kidneys. Al gave us the lowdown, "If you kids don't know where the kidneys are located, that's where he is kicking him. Anatomy 101 by Al Hall." Mickey locked Danny up like a pretzel. Mickey threw Danny out of the ring. "Mr. Sensational" hit "Hollywood" in the back. "Hollywood" yelled, "You, son of a bitch!" Danny B. fought back. Mickey choked Danny with a chain, while Referee Chris P. Fries was tied up with "Hollywood". Danny B. jumped out on Mickey. While on the outside, Danny hit Mickey with a glove that he pulled out from under the ring. Danny landed some leg drops. Lowblow by Mickey Ray, slowed Danny down. Mickey Ray locked in a sleeperhold on Danny. Danny broke loose, but caught a knee to the mid-section. Danny with a clothesline. Mickey hit Danny when he jumped off. "Hollywood" started singing, "At the carwash" because he said that Danny was going to wash his car after Danny loses the match. Another sleeper was applied by Mickey. Chinbreaker by Danny. Mickey and "Hollywood" collided with Danny rolling up Mickey to get the win. Your winner, Danny B.! So Danny got out of his contract with "Hollywood" and "Hollywood" Jimmy now has to wear a chicken suit at the next show. Following the match, Mickey Ray told Jimmy that he's glad he lost because Jimmy will now have to be a chicken. Danny B. said, "You just been hit by The Revolution!" A livid "Hollywood" Jimmy threw a trash can at "Mr. Sensational".

Al announced that on January 9th, XOW will be returning to Hernando, Mississippi at the ConXion Gymnastics Center.

December 4th, XOW returns to The Inferno in Memphis, TN-Located at 4069 Hwy 78

Al also did a great job of plugging us here at the Wrestling News Center.

"The Future" Chris Styles and Tony Watts came out. Chris said the place looked like a "gay gym". Tony Watts stated, "I can't help it that some of the idiots are jealous of XOW. Joey Lynn, Sammy Hall, Memphis Wrestling, IWA, they are all jealous." Joey Lynn introduced DJ Stunner as the opponent for Chris Styles. Chris told the little girl, Emily, that she was his favorite wrestler. A few moments later, Chris screamed at one little boy to sit down as he was walking to his seat. Chris also got on to some of the kids sitting in the front row.

Main Event-"The Future" Chris Styles with Tony Watts vs DJ Stunner-Special Referee Joey Lynn-Chris and DJ locked up with DJ backing Chris into the corner. Chris said that DJ was in his mohawk. Chris wanted a test of strength. When DJ went to lock up, Chris poked him in the eyes. Chris hit DJ, as Al said, "Just south of the border". Chris put DJ in a headlock, telling Joey Lynn that he was giving him CPR. Chris missed a leg drop. While DJ was on the outside, Tony Watts took a screwdriver to him. Chris applied a camel clutch to try and make DJ humble. DJ would fire back with a swift kick. DJ faked Chris out and then leaped outside the ring on him. Chris springboarded inside the ring, nailing DJ with a clothesline. Styles dropped Stunner's neck over the top-rope as he flew to the floor. Styles would also powerbomb Stunner on the gymnastics mat. Chris speared DJ on the concrete floor and threw into Al's chair. Chris hit DJ with the ring bell and picked up the table, smashing him with it. Back in the ring, DJ would come back with a clothesline and rollup, but Tony Watts pulled at Referee Joey Lynn's foot to break the count. DJ Stunner with a split leg moonsault off the top-rope, but Chris got his knees up. Chris attempted a GTS, but DJ countered with a rollup. Chris missed a swanton. DJ went to the top, but Chris shoved Referee Joey Lynn into the ropes, knocking DJ down. Superplex by Chris on DJ. DJ ducked a superkick from Chris with Chris nailing Referee Joey Lynn. Then, Tony Watts attacked Joey Lynn. Chris hit the Canadian Destroyer on DJ. Referee Chris P. Fries ran in to make the three count. Your winner, Chris Styles!

Following the match, Tony Watts told Joey Lynn, "You can send this message to Memphis Wrestling, IWA and Sammy Hall and tell them to kiss my butt!" Chris Styles said this is what's going to happen on December 4th. Chris and Tony took Joey Lynn outside and then, Chris brought Joey back in the ring, executing an F-5 on the steel chair. Tony Watts confirmed that XOW specializes in Mayhem and Madness. Everything we do is legit. Gonna do what I want, when I want." A beaten down Joey Lynn was able to challenge Tony Watts to a Falls Count Anywhere/Bar Room Brawl match for December 4th at The Inferno. Chris Styles to Al Hall: "Tell all the fat women, they can come." Al Hall replied, "I'll take them fat or small. It don't matter to me." DJ Stunner was made special referee for the upcoming battle. So, on December 4th, at The Inferno (Old Cactus Jack building) in Memphis, it's going to be Tony Watts versus Joey Lynn with DJ Stunner as the Special Referee.

Al Hall wrapped up the show, by thanking everyone for coming out. Good crowd. They had to bring in a few of the church pews because they ran out of chairs.

Don't forget, on January 9th, XOW will be returning to Hernando, Mississippi at the ConXion Gymnastics Center.

December 4th, XOW returns to The Inferno in Memphis, TN-Located at 4069 Hwy 78

Don't miss any of the Xtreme Outlaw Wrestling action because you never know what's going to happen and who's gonna show up at XOW because XOW Specializes in Mayhem and Madness!!!

Be on the lookout for all of Tia's great pictures from this show!