Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shows for the Weekend 11.27 to 11.28.09

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. The big shows are the "Thanksgiving Throwdown" shows with an ad running to the right on this blog. Below the ad is a fantastic interview from "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony. If you are doing TV in this area, this is the kind of guy you want doing promos!! Below are some of the big matches for the shows.

Thanksgiving Throwdown - DCW [Dyersburg, TN] and EWE [Ripley, TN]

Steel cage match with DK/Cody vs Tatt2/Stan (27th)

Christian Jacobs vs Golden Boy (28th for the EWE title)

DK vs Stan Lee (28th "last man standing")

Seth Knight vs Bishop (#1 contender 28th)

Tim Edwards vs. J.R. Manson (brother vs brother 28)

Jon Micheal vs. Cody Melton (28th)

Picture Perfect vs Tucker/Randy (27th for DCW tag belts)