Monday, November 16, 2009

(WGN) Nov 15:Dixie signs a new deal, Chavo on Eddie, Jeff Hardy's new look, Hall of Famer booked for Raw at MSG and and more


Sunday November 15, 2009



11/14 Smackdown house show results from Dublin, Ireland: John Morrison over Matt Hardy; Shelton Benjamin over Zack Ryder; Drew McIntyre over Finlay; Mickie James & Katie Lea over Michelle McCool & Beth Phoenix; Ezekiel Jackson over Goldust; Rey Mysterio over Dolph Ziggler; Christian over William Regal; R-Truth over Eric Escobar in literally five seconds; and The Undertaker over CM Punk in a casket match. Show drew around 10,000. Jericho was advertised but didn't appear.


The Iron Sheik is booked for Monday's Raw at Madison Square Garden which is guest hosted by Roddy Piper.

WWE received some negative press in the Middle East this past week after they had promised fans in Israel a live event to help keep to wrestling on television which is currently opposed by religious groups. WWE reps were quoted saying that they would be unable to run any shows due to a travel warning issued by the government. This led to some fans calling for people to boycott WWE in the country until they come over for a show.

The Great Khali has agreed to become the brand ambassador of the Special Olympics. Organisers hope his presence will inspire challenged children and would also add to the attraction of their quadrennial events - held next summer and winter. Khali is currently in India to attend his younger brother's wedding.

Chavo Guerrero wrote a blog in tribute to the four-year passing of Eddie Guerrero on Friday: "Four years ago today I woke to something horrible. I found my uncle, my brother, my friend, dead in a Minneapolis hotel room. My life went into an immediate tailspin. I can't even imagine how his wife and kids felt. The Chavo that woke up that morning, died right along side of Eddie. I was changed forever. Sometimes, I feel it's for the better, sometimes worse, but either way... changed. All of a sudden, I was alone in the wrestling world. A world that can eat you up and spit you out if you let it. The brother that always looked after me and showed me the ropes was gone. I was blessed enough to have boarded my connection flight in Phoenix and saw Eddie sitting there. It put an instant smile on my face. We were able to spend the flight and cab ride after together. We checked into the hotel and made plans to workout in the morning. We kissed and said "I love you" and went to our own rooms. That was the last time I saw my uncle alive. Needless to say, I barely remember the next day. I realize now that the chance run-in was a gift from God. A chance to spend one last night with my brother before he was called home. I miss you Eddie as I'm sure many other people do too. Save a spot in heaven for me. You can show me the ropes there too."

Some injury notes from developmental. Kaval (Low Ki) was back working house shows this weekend following reconstructive knee surgery. Wes Brisco recently broke his arm and is wearing a cast. Justin Angel has a knee injury and is on crutches, and Dylan Klein has a shoulder issue.

The UK Daily Star at has a story on Big Show with this gem: "Tours have changed a lot. In the old days we used to go out and tear it up in bars. Now the younger guys just go to their rooms and play Guitar Hero." Sure they do.

WWE and THQ have just come to terms on a deal where THQ would retain the WWE video game license through 2014.


11/13 house show results from Scranton, PA: Alissa Flash over Sara Del Rey; Suicide over Chris Sabin; Hamada beat Daffney; D'Angelo Dinero over Eric Young in a non-title match; Amazing Red over Homicide; Taylor Wilde & Sarita over The Beautiful People; and AJ Styles over Samoa Joe & Daniels in a three-way. Show drew around 400.


Superstar Billy Graham had said he was planning to attend Turning Point tonight with his daughter after just relocating from Pheonix to West Palm Beach, FL.

Dixie Carter today signed Pope D'Angelo Dinero to a multi-year deal.

Kevin Nash returns tonight at the PPV for the start of a new angle leading to Hulk Hogan's debut. As best we know Hogan isn't in Orlando.

The latest Hermie's Hotseat with Kip James as the guest is online at They spend most of the interview time putting over Kip's WWE run with BG James, who no longer works here.

Tara was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame in her hometown of Rialto, CA on Saturday.

There was a major screw up on Virgin One in the UK over the weekeend as they aired a 4-week old episode of Impact. The channel said this was due to technical difficulties so that usually means there was a fault with the tapes or they didn't receive them.

Stephanie Bellars (Gorgeous George in WCW) was hanging out backstage at the Friday night house show in Wayne, NJ.


E! Online reported that Brooke Hogan on Friday night arrived at the Enclave nightclub in Chicago at 2am, jumped on stage, "and gave an impromptu performance of slurred lyrics and wobbly dance moves."

The Baltimore Sun has a Q&A with former Headbanger Mosh, Chaz Warrington at On whether he is a fan of today's product: "Being a fan of the business – that’s tough to say yes or no. I’m a fan of old-school business. I believe in getting in the ring and performing and actually being able to tell a story in a match and not just going out there and flying around and doing a bunch of meaningless high spots. If I’m flipping through the channels and I see somebody I know or that I still talk to, I’ll watch it. If it’s two guys that I really don’t know or the match just doesn’t make sense to me, I can’t watch it and I turn it off."

Showtime All-Star Wrestling out of Nashville announced Dutch Mantell as their new booker. The group runs in Lewisburg on November 26 with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Superstar Bill Dundee.

Jessie Ventura was a guest on Opie and Anthony this past week espousing his belief that the U.S. government arranged the 9/11 attacks.
Ventura's Conspiracy Theory premieres on TruTV on December 2 at 10pm ET.

Dwayne Johnson is a guest on the syndicated Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday. He is doing a lot of press over the next two weeks promoting Sony’s new animated movie Planet 51 which he voiced with Jessica Biel.

Here is a photo of Jeff Hardy's new haircut sans ponytail.

Before his UFC 105 prelim fight on Saturday night with Nick Osipczak, Matt Riddle came out to Hulk Hogan’s American Made theme song which was well received by the crowd in Manchester, England.

Candice Michelle recently had a meeting with a reality show producer to discuss an interesting opportunity.

Konnan is writing an autobiography.

Today's Diva of the Day is Mickie James at

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