Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wolfie D Missing??

----I got this in my e-mail today from Wolfie D's Facebook account. As you can see by the texts, Wolfie had a lot of people scared. I thought this was very sad, but it really isn't the first time that something like this has happened. I have had numerous calls & e-mails over the last few years about local guys being missing and such. I hope all turns out for him.

Subject: Wolfie D. is missing?

Warren Wolfe I'd appreciate it if someone knew where Wolf was. He's been missing since 6pm yesterday. Called in before that and didn't show up at work today either. His phone has been turned off for however long and at this point I'm just worried. If you know anything please call me or text;615.480.2048 -Lizzy (3 hours ago)

Warren Wolfe Please if anyone knows how to contact Slacker & Roxanne; those were the last two people Wolf was with. He's been gone since 6pm yesterday and didn't show up at work 2day. His phone has been dead and his daughter and I are worried sick (2 hours ago)

Warren Wolfe Called Slacker & Roxanne, no answer. Left a msg, still no response. Some wrestler msged me their number and their answering machine had their names on it. *sigh* I don't want the cops involved, but at this point he's been missing and hasn't contacted his daughter which is not like him at all. (1 hour ago)
Subject: Wolfie D. Found...

Apparently, he's been found...

Warren Wolfe **UPDATE** Found Wolf and picked him up in God knows where. Anyways, I'd appreciate it if his true friends and family took his addiction seriously. It's not a fucking joke when you see someone destroy themselves and their relationships. Thank God he's at least home and alive. But he's not out of the woods yet.