Friday, December 11, 2009

DCW Crew Walks Out!!

----I sent a message about DCW results this past week and got a message back that said, "We quit." I thought it was a rib and just laughed. But...the rib was on me. Apparently the Walkers ask Derrick King to take 3 weeks off and come back as a babyface [even though he is working heel in Ripley] and were going to get someone else to run the show. In other words, they were replacing him as booker. The boys, knowing that DK was not going to be there, ask for their money upfront before the show started and it didn't happen. So most of the crew did not work last Friday and don't expect them to be there tonight. Derrick King, Cody Melton, Christian Jacobs, Jon Michael, Greg Anthony and Stan Lee are the names that I know will not be working tonight.

----This continues a long history that has been well documented on this site with the Walkers. This is not the first time they have pulled the plug on DK as booker this year. The show has been drawing in 40 to 60 range.