Friday, December 04, 2009

The Dynamite Blast with "Dynamite" Seth Knight Week 6

Hey RRO. Here we are again. I’m very excited this week to introduce a new thing coming next week to the Dynamite Blast, and that is the “Tweet of the week”. I will be giving out a tweet that someone wrote that week that I feel was the greatest tweet of the week.

This week we have some great columns, and what I believe is the best column I have seen out of my fellow worker, Maxx Corbin! But first is Greg Anthony’s Golden Circle.

This week tgb talks about how wrestling can be a drug to most wrestlers and that’s what keeps us into it and why we cant get away even if we try. I feel the same way. Something about the roar of the crowd, the lights, the camera ( If the show has one which all of them should), All the fun of a show type environment. Any show, Ball game, Event, Concert…It’s all a bigger deal when you’re right there. The way the crowd makes me feel is what makes it all worth it. If it wasn’t for them I would never be able to do that to myself every week. I leave a part of myself in the ring every time I work, but I love every minute of it. It’s exactly like a drug addiction. Then you go home…Lay in bed…When you wake up, you try to get out of bed, Takes a few tries. You take a hot shower or bath and try to get over the wrestling hangover you have incurred from the night before. But in the long run, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Maxx Corbin’s MAXXED OUT column was great this week. First off, last week I was saying that people who don’t even WATCH wrestling have no business working in the ring. I believe it was Jim Ross on Tough Enough who told a guy who just said he didn’t know what a “Spinaroonie” was, that if he didn’t watch the product why would they hire him. That’s basically what I was saying. Nothing about you Maxx. I know you watch wrestling haha. Now the column.

Any one who sits and tries to defend Tiger Woods for what he’s done is a moron. The girl at your work….Moron! How can you justify cheating several times on your wife? Transgressions? That must be another word for I just got caught cheating. Why can’t he just say “OK, OK, I had sex with a few other girls, I’m sorry. Ill try not to be an idiot anymore” Instead he says that he “…has let his family down.” A guy is a guy and it has nothing to do with the fact he has money or is famous. He cheated because he’s not a faithful guy. It doesn’t make him evil or a bad person. It makes him human. The best president we ever had was a womanizer. He cheated….So. Still a great president…Tiger cheated…so, still a great golfer. He’s never in trouble for breaking the law, he just apparently likes getting nude pics of girls (Who doesn’t?) and likes a few girls on the side. Hell, If my wife made what Tiger makes I would never ask what she was doing. Just leave me the Debit Card.
He prolly hit that tree getting road head from one of those girls. Then he said “I need to ask you a favor, please run out of the car so no one knows I’m letting my family down.” The fact of the matter is that the woman who was at Maxx’s work defending Tiger Woods was doing so because she has a crush on him. Now she thinks there’s a chance she can get in his pants since she knows he’s not perfect…Women love a bad boy. Good points Maxx.

A big thank you goes out to Bruno for the props he gave me in his column. Thanks so much for your encouraging words and for recognizing me. I hope to live up to all the great things you said about me.

Brian Tramel let out a big column off his heart yesterday. The deep emotion and heartfelt things he expressed in his column was felt by me and I’m sure you all felt it too. When he said “What has wrestling done for me, lately?” I was like…..”Damn, That’s deep” I couldn’t believe some of the things his column put across to me and all the parts of me it touched. But I want you to know, Brian that you not writing anything is the best thing you have ever done for the readers of your site. We thank you. Lol.

Im out of here for now. Next week we will have a Weekly tweet and much much more to lighten the mood here at RRO. Don’t forget to go to and vote for all your favorite awards nominees and maybe even vote for Seth Knight if you want…You don’t HAVE to..But you do if you read this column…It’s the rule. Sorry I didn’t tell you before you started reading….

See you next week…