Friday, December 11, 2009

The Dynamite Blast with "Dynamite" Seth Knight Week 7

----I would like to let everyone know that Knight has his own brand of humor that seems to be getting over. I have not heard one bad thing about this column, since the start of it. Well Shady J said something..but he does not count. LOL Keep reading and I know Seth loves it that everyone likes his column.

Welcome to the “Dynamite Blast” For the week of Dec. 11th. I’m typing this as I sit at my shoot job, watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network….Never mind I just changed it CMT…Police Academy is on, Awesome!

This week a few more women…and by a few I mean 9, Have come out and admitted and shown proof of affairs with Tiger Woods. Now all I want to know is why it was fine and kept secret until one person got caught? Then all the other women are like “Wow, Now I can be famous too, just for being a slut” So they all go admitting to what they have done…With a married man. Wow and they are looked at like they are innocent. Like they are so brave for coming out about it, when in reality they are doing it because they want to use Tigers notoriety to make themselves known and get on a reality show! Pitiful…

Last week I promised a “Tweet of the week” I’m going to do a top three since I had some great ones this week.

Number 3 – @austinlane1 tweets “Finally over Razorbacks missed field goal. Need Eric Wayne kicking for them!”

Number 2 - @stevejamesmedia tweets “9 women have come forward in Tiger-Tale. I say at least 9 more. Tiger always plays a full 18.”

Number 1 - @danecook tweets “I’m a very sexual person. I just typed this with my penis”

LOFL Dane Cook is a funny mother.

Some people say I suck, those people are simple minded, childish, and can’t come up with a better go off than “You Suck”. Luckily, I will not lower myself to a cheap shot or mean comment like that….

I really enjoyed the first column by Pokerface this week. This is a guy who has all the talent in the world, but is a down to earth guy who respects everyone and treats everyone equally…If you don’t get on his bad side that is. He will quickly tell you exactly where to go if you really ask for it. Awesome guy and an awesome start to a real, truthful column where he holds nothing back and don’t worry about if anyone likes what he’s typing. I for one agree with his opinions of the wrestling situation in this area. No one cares, no one wants to put up fliers, and no one wants to help build a show. They just want the workers to show up and work for whatever they want to give…..But if you don’t advertise how are you gonna pay us!? We keep giving bookers chances because truth be told there isn’t many places to work that have all the pieces a show needs to work. Booking, Talent, and Advertising. If you can get those three things together then you can have a show that draws and makes money. But the problem is there are so many guys who can’t work, out there in the ring that people don’t believe in wrestling anymore… they sit in the crowd saying things like “Why are we here, This sucks” but they come back the next week. Don’t come if it sucks, they might be forced to book some actually talented guys on the show next week. I don’t know if it’s going to get better or just keep getting worse, but I love wrestling and nothing will ever change that. I just wish it was respected like it used to be.

This week column by Jamie Jay was basically just about what he did at the shows he works this weekend. Very interesting read….Ok so this is where I'm supposed to comment of the points and interesting things he said….Ummmm….Well lets look at some quotes from his column..

Jamie is quoted as saying
“When I was at SWA, I wrestled Johnny Morton. I think we had the best match on the card, but it wasn't great, with my knee still a little weak”

Sooo….. it was the best match on the card, But it wasn’t great?...How bad are you saying the other matches were? Maybe it would have been better if you would let your knee HEAL before you start jumping around in a ring. Just an idea…..

Another quote from Jamie is
“This Fri. and Sat. I will be back in Newport for SWA. I will be wrestling the Rowdy Rebel! Damn, who did I piss off? lol!”

You must be saying this guy sucks really bad, that’s why you must have pissed someone off to have to work him. Hope he doesn’t read your column….

Eric Wayne wrote another great column this week. There are a few things I must pick on though because I don’t quite agree with one part of this column. But, I will get to that at the end. First the good parts. There are many wrestlers that are only known because of things like You Tube and other video sharing sites. There are true legendary wrestlers who wrestle on the independents and will never make it to the WWE. But who says the WWE or TNA is where everyone wants to go? I, for one, love performing for a crowd. If every talented wrestler went to the “Big Show” it would leave nothing for these small town wrestling fans to go see. Showing them a good time and making them love or hate me is just as important to me as if it was millions of people. Maybe even more so but I’m sure there are others who feel the same. I love performing and giving the fans, No matter how few there are, a hell of a show…every time. Now….The part I don’t agree on. Eric says this after naming off Alan Steele, Greg Anthony, Derrick King, Motley Cruz, Pokerface, and Austin Lane…

“ But even in Memphis, not many people know the names I just mentioned. But if you ask any wrestler they know those names, or they should. Why is it that we know them but no one else? What is it that makes them so respected and yet no real recognition?”

I have never been with Derrick for five minutes without someone knowing him. EVERYONE in Memphis knows who Derrick King is. I guarantee you if Derrick and you went walking down Beale St. People left and right would recognize him, I’ve seen it. I’m not trying to put Derrick over I just don’t get how you can name off people like tgb, Alan , Poker, and Derrick, and say no one knows them. I know the point you were trying to make, and it’s a good point. I agree with most of it. but I feel like you are saying these guys have worked in this area for over ten years each and not enough people know who they are to even count for anything.

The RRO Awards Race 2009 has now begun. Hopefully this year will be my year to win my first award. *Fingers crossed*

See you next week guys and gals,

3rd most handsome wrestler of ‘09
“Dynamite” Seth Knight