Tuesday, December 08, 2009

RRO's Brian Thompson Starts New Promotion & TV!!

----Earlier in the week, I mentioned a couple of stories we are working on here at RRO including the start of a new promotion along with TV in 2010. RRO's Brian Thompson, who is part of the management team for this project, sent me a few comments earlier today about the promotion. I can not say how excited I am that Thompson will be involved with something like this. Thompson has a great wrestling mind and if he gets the support, then 2010 is going to be a fun year!! Stay tuned here for the exclusive up to the minute news as it becomes available!

----Tell RRO a little about your new project.

I am working on a new wrestling project for 2010. The promotion most likely will be called Ringside Championship Wrestling (RCW), barring any legal issues with that name. Our management team which includes myself, Bobby Eaton and a financial business partner/owner has already purchased a television time slot on KAIT TV-8 in Jonesboro, AR. This is the same station that was the home to Bert Prentice's Ozark Mountain Wrestling/North American All-Star Wrestling in the mid 1990's. Prior to that, Bill Watts' UWF was very successful on the station. Since the end of OMW, several other promotions have had brief stints on there including LAW.

----When will the show air??

Our time slot will be late Saturday nights at 1 a.m., which of course is technically Sunday morning. We will have a 30-minute show each week. On paper, this does not appear to be the best time slot, but the potential to grow is there. I look back at Bert's decent success at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday nights and how ECW for years was on during late hours as a testament that a quality product will attract fans. Plus, we are in the age of DVR so it's not like anyone who wants to watch HAS to stay up late.

----And now, everyone will want to know this one - who is going to be on the roster?

I am in the process of contacting talents to perform and lining up initial dates. There should be a show during the later part of January in Wynne, AR and one possibly in mid-February in Harrisburg, AR. As soon as details are finalized, you will all know. Our TV slot begins Saturday, Feb. 20.