Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Food For Thought "Back In The Saddle" by Jamie Jay

Sid Vicious at "Honest" John Benefit show looking for "Shady" Jamie Jay!!

Hello everyone.

I've finally made it back to the ring. I wrestled for Don Bass in West Memphis, AR this past Wed. night. Then I wrestled Sat. night in Newport, AR for SWA. Its great to be back in the ring.

I wrestled Derrick King & Cody Melton. Johnny Morton was my partner. It was a good match. Considering the fact that it was my first in awhile and I also have a bad knee. I had lots of fun though.

What was so funny about Wed. night though was that Sid was there! Everybody was wondering what was gonna go down? lol. Ron Rage went up to Sid and introduced me as SHADY Jamie Jay! Sid said, so this is the infamous Jamie Jay? lol.

I sit down beside him and we talked, and laughed about the situation. I apologized about writing the stuff I did. I do feel bad about airing out personal issues on the internet. We had a great time though. We even did a spot in the ring, where DK said I was shady and I told him, I would powerbomb him! lol. Sid was sitting in the crowd laughing. It was great.

When I was at SWA, I wrestled Johnny Morton. I think we had the best match on the card, but it wasn't great, with my knee still a little weak. We had fun there too. In the back, I really had alot of fun messing with Gunnar (Sid's boy), and Stumpy. It was great to be able to get back in that atmosphere.

This Fri. and Sat. I will be back in Newport for SWA. I will be wrestling the Rowdy Rebel! Damn, who did I piss off? lol!

BTW, Seth Knight SUCKS!!! Chew on that!

Photo by Cheryl Conder