Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From the Desk of Brian Tramel

----RRO offices will be slow this week with columnists having the week off to finish up the year. Next week we will be back with a new schedule of sorts with The Straight Flush with Pokerface on Tuesday, Food for Thought with Jamie Jay on Wednesday and Coach's Corner on Thursday. The following week we will have The Golden Circle by Greg Anthony, Mama Says with Downtown Bruno on Wednesday and Wayne's World on Thursday with Eric Wayne. All columns will be followed every Friday by The Dynamite Blast by Seth Knight and we will continue to be visited once a month by Maxx Corbin. I also expect Brian Thompson [Markives has been a hit!!]and Gene Jackson to drop by at different times also.

----Please send in your nominations today!! Right now!! You have until Wednesday at 12:00 Midnight!! Nominations will be announced on Thursday 12.31.09 with a full analysis and voting starts 1.01.10 for 10 days!!

----I am looking for full time reporters for DCW in Dyersburg, NBW in Newbern and EWE in Ripley. Please contact me - you will be kayfabed if you don't want your name on the site.