Monday, December 28, 2009

Jason Reed Injury : The Story

This photo was taken after the accident

This photo was taken this weekend - you can see how much the teeth have dropped, but coming in sideways.

----This is a story that I have been working on a few days after the incident happened. I had got a call from a worker that was on the show telling me about the accident that happened and wondering why I had not posted anything yet. And to be honest, I had not heard anything about it at this point and wanted to confirm it with Jason Reed.

----This story is a perfect example of what I have to do with the web site to show proof of a story and also be able to tell it at a viewpoint that is correct. Whether it is a good thing or bad thing, this site has morphed into more of legit news site for this area rather than just rumors. I have made it a habit of fact checking stories two or three times with different sources before putting the story out – even if it takes me almost a month to get the story.

----The site has also brought about kayfabe to a stronger degree than it even was when I started the site. If someone wants something not put on the site, then more than often it is not told to me. It took me months to get the real Flash Flanagan story a few months back, because no one wanted to talk about it.

----As I said, it might seem to hurt the site at times, but I hope when I do get the story – then the story is as legit as it can be with a wrestling dirt sheet. So..that brings us to the Jason Reed story.

----On 11.28.09 – Syn and Reed are having a match. Reed stated he was happy with the match. They were wrestling to get in the tournament for the NBW Title. They had started a tournament that night that ends at a big show in Febuary. The spot was to have Syn hit a running shooting star press. Reed set up for it. But as he was lying there, Syn did to do the spot as soon as Reed expected. The combination of Reed turning his head and Syn hitting the spot at a different time ends with Reed having his teeth shoved into his jaw.

“I was bleeding tons out of my mouth. I thought I had lost my teeth and I was looking around the ring for them. My teeth were shoved into my gums!” said Reed.

----Reed went to the emergency room and later to the dentist. The work that has been done to his mouth is extensive including going to the dentist every 3 days. He is scheduled for a major evaluation of the situation again on January 7, 2010 and he believes they will try to cut his gums to get his teeth out.

----Reed was just about to start a new job on the Monday following this accident. He also was going through a divorce and asked me to hold off on writing the story. I had a few people contact me thinking I was trying to hide something, but I was waiting to get the ok – understanding that a real job and his divorce were more important than putting this story out.

----Reed has come out of this with probably a better attitude than I would have had. He does not feel it was really Syn’s fault and not his fault.

“When I got into wrestling, I knew shit happens. If you don’t sign up to get hurt, then you should not be in it.”

----My take on the whole thing goes in many different directions. Was Syn properly trained?? Would it have made a difference?? Reed is not mad at Syn for his actions and Reed is a professional that trusted working Syn. If he didn’t feel safe, then he wouldn’t/shouldn’t work him.

----Is this any different than the Eric Wayne accident earlier this year when Wayne kicked Greg King Jr?? I think it is in that Wayne was aiming for face and made a mistake. It is probably a worse injury than what King suffered. Wayne is a well trained wrestler and he made mistakes, so the argument of Syn not being trained injuring someone does not fly with me on this one. Do I think Syn needs proper training?? Yes. But, it is not only his fault that he is not fully trained – but that goes back to the promoters and wrestlers that work with him.

----As Reed said, “shit happens” and as I have said before, this is not checkers, it is professional wrestling. If you get two people in the ring that trust one another – an accident can still happen. Whether it is Wayne, who is properly training, kicking someone in the face or Syn, who many say does not need to be in the ring, hitting a shooting star press – shit happens!