Tuesday, December 08, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 12.05.09

Our show began as patriotically as it has for over 10 years, Rickey Rowland would take to the ring for the playing of the National Anthem. Before the National Anthem would play Announcer Terrence Ward would ask the crowd to bow their heads for a moment of silence for the passing of former WWE Superstar Umanga.

The first match of the night was The Enforcer taking on Lee Michaels. The Enforcer would stay in control for most of the match, but during the match ASWF Owner David Walls and Commissioner Rickey Rowland would make their way down the aisle to watch the match. Walls would then begin to distract The Enforcer and Michaels would get the roll up pin after a push from Walls.

Our second match is one that we thought would never happen. Former tag team partners Kalaiki and Mark Wolf would go head to head. These two would start off before the ring announcer could even finish Kalaiki's introduction. Mark would dominate his match against his former partner, but Kalaiki would get back in the match and get the pin over Mark Wolf.

Tonight's third match would be the debut of another addition to the ASWF Roster. Idol Bane would take on 3G Eric Wayne. Both would exchange control, showing incredible strength. Idol would take over and would deliver his finisher to Wayne and get the win via pinfall.

Our fourth match was scheduled as a Tag Team Match. X-Kaliber and Tommy Wayne would take on Dan Matthews and Kevin Charles. X-Kaliber and Tommy Wayne would wait with Athena Eclipse in the entrance way. Athena would blast them with an aerosol spray blinding them. They would not have a strong foot hold in the match because of what had happened. X-Kaliber would get the pin after a low blow from Tommy Wayne. Commissioner Rowland would interrupt their celebration to tell them that since they like to blind people, they too would see what it was like. They would take on Kevin and Dan in a Blindfold Match next week.

Tonight's Feature Match was for the ASWF Title. The reigning champion Austin Lane would defend his title against former ASWF X-Division Champion Joshua Cross. Austin and Cross would fight for control over their opponent, but Cross would lose after a spear from Austin and a pin. Idol Bane would come out after the match and attack Austin and state that he is the "True" champion with the old title in hand.

Our Semi-Main Event was the upcoming tag team, Seth Sabor and Morgan Williams taking on Demon X and Johnny Hawk. Although Morgan and Seth were quicker than their opponents, you can never win fairly against Demon X and Johnny Hawk. Demon X would pin Seth Sabor after a brutal match.

Our Main-Event was for the Tag Team Titles. LSD (Cody Only and Deadly Dale) would take on CM2 (Cody Murdoch and Cason McClain). Before the match even began to get hot Only would plant the LTO on McClain but CM2 would be quick to recover and get a foot in the door, figuratively speaking. However Deadly Dale would pin McClain and win the titles from CM2. After the match Commissioner Rowland would again come to the ring and announce that after watching video footage in the back both shoulders were pinned and that this match was technically a draw. He would announce that CM2 was still the champions.

Credit: Terrance Ward @ www.wrestlingnewscenter.com