Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 12.26.09

Show Opens With Ricky Rowland Doing National Anthem
First segment Austin lane comes out to confront Demon X saying he got title shot Austin says yes but has to be no holds barred

First match
Cody Murdoch Vs Lee Micheals
As The Porkchop chants start,there is a wonder in everyone mind how is Lee Micheals going to pin this 330 pound man Lee starts out with dropkicks and forearms until Murdoch totally takes his head off with clothesline then spinning suplex with out reason Micheals kicks out after 2, even Athena got to beat on Lee with a body slam on out side when all went to settle Murdoch went outside ring to find weapon and Cody Only comes to say your not doing that as Murdoch gets in ring Lee hit a school boy for the 1.2.3

2nd Match
Vinnie Ramano comes out to tell Christopher Lee he took the X Division belt fair and square. Also telling Christopher Lee if he wants a match with Vinnie Ramano he has to beat this guy. Enforcer comes to the ring jumps Christopher Lee from behind as the beating starts on Christopher Lee as Enforcer uses monkey flips, and Negative tactics Christopher Lee finally pulls through with a Splash, Bulldog, and a roll up pin. After Christopher Lee's victory, Vinnie slides in and beats Christopher Lee down with his Italian Flag.

3rd Match
Hot Rod John Ellison vs. Cody Only
Cody Only starts out with all the momentum showing his dominate strength until he makes one critical mistake and rams his own shoulder into the ring post. Hot Rod seized the opportunity and works on Cody Only's left shoulder. At one point Cody Only does hit the LTO. Unsuccessfully he didn't have the strength to cover Hot Rod. Hot Rod counters and puts Only into a submission to tap out Cody Only

4th Match
Mark Wolf and Idol Bane Vs Seth Sabor And Tommy Wayne

Match started well for Seth and Tommy with double team moves to keep Mark Wolfe down even double ploncha over top rope and had it going until Idol took a cheap shot to Seth Sabor, they both put very powerful moves on Seth but this kid wont quit he heard that crowd and finally made the tag Tommy comes in house of fire and drop kicks idol then Mark came back up Tommy side steps him he hits Idol Tommy rolls up mark for Seth and Tommy to be victories
As Idol throwing fit crowd chants Austin

5th match
the final grudge match between Joshua Cross and Wild Bill
Starts with Wild Bill using Joshua's tactics to pay him back like it should be until Joshua seems a opening and takes bills head off using flying dropkicks moonsaults and chocks to keep bill down thought he had match one went to top rope for leg drop and missed it wild bill followed up with 3 DDTs and pined cross

ASWF Heavyweight Championship
Demon X Vs Austin Lane

What a no holds barred match we had here with Demon X using it all suplex on concrete, slams on guardrails, even a corkscrew cross body off second rope where did demon x get these moves he calls for it to be over and delivers a power bomb to Austin Lane luckily he gets hand on rope before three Demon X comes up looking for Johnny Hawk and he isn't there he turns around into a spear 1.2.3

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----I was told 500 people to this free show. Anybody confirm this??