Thursday, December 03, 2009

RassleResults: DoggCW Jonesboro, AR 11.28.09

Show opens with Ron McClarity coming out. He complains that he has went from being DCW champion and being the main event, to working no bodies in the opening match.

Match 1 Ron McClarity vs Dogg Pound Trainee - Pretty much a squash match
winner by submission - Ron McClarity

Next out Angelina and Lovely Latricia. They are expecting to be in in a tag match. That is until Michael Ward comes out. He starts mouthing off about how woman have no business in wrestling. Angelina then slaps his face. He then tells her that they thought they were scheduled to face ladies tonight, but it was a typo, it should've actually said babies, as in baby gorillas.

Match 2 -The Gorillaz vs Angelina and Lovely Latricia
The Gorillaz pretty much toyed with the women.Latricia even tried to spear one of the big boys a la her trainer Rodney Mack. At one point Angelina managed to give one of them a Dole(ball) shot. That was the only thing that somewhat seem to phase the apes. Later the Gorillaz ende the match with double splashes. Winners by Pinfall The Gorillaz......The ladies got an ovation from the crowd afterwards.

Next up Redd Dogg's music hits. But its DCW champion Pokerface dressed as Rodney Mack. He has the tights on, red bandana, MMA stlyed ankle braces, and a little stuffed dog. By the way, he later staes the stuff dog is Jazz. Redd Dogg - Pokerface begans to apologize for getting his tail whooped by the DCW champ and then he starts committing domestic violence on the stuffed dog(Jazz). Then the #1 contender's music hits. Soultrain Jones. He comes out. Points at Poker, then himself, and motions that the belt his as good as his. He never utters a word. The crowd went crazy. That actually saved what was a dying segment.

Match 4 - Boss vs Dogg Pound Trainee
A short bag and forth match with Boss winning with a Rock- Bottom type maneuver. Then Ron McClarity slides in the ring and lays Boss out with a chair to the head.

Match 5 - Tejano Kid vs John Allen
Pre match Tejano states that if John can pin him, that he will leave. Crowd was hot for this match from bell to bell. The end came when Logan Adams and Mike Anthony jumped John. The Natural Born Playaz ran in to even the scored. Later tonight Mike Anthony and Logan vs The Natural Born Playas with John Allen as guest ref.

Match 6 - Soultrain Jones vs Pokerface DCW Heavyweight Title match
Soul train dominated this match with power and aggression. He military pressed Poker for about six reps during one point in the match. But Poker's experience and cunning came into play, later in the match. The end came when, Poker realizing he was in danger of losing, blatantly kicked the ref in his officials(balls). Winner by DQ Soultrain Jones.

Match 7 -Logan Adams & Mike Anthony vs Natural Born Playaz - John Allen special ref.
Alot of back and forth action and intensity by both teams. The end came when Mike Anthony nails John. And the playaz procede to use their double team finisher on Mike. Southside then motions for John to goto the top rope, where he procedes to deliver a moonsault. Winners by Pinfall - The Natural Born Playaz.

Heard crowd was around the same as last week..around a 110 to 120

Credit: Jeff Perryman