Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN Results Wrap Up 12.05 & 12.12.09

Golden Circle with the new EWE Heavyweight Champion "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony
Dustin Baker makes #1 contender match for Seth Knight vs. Christian Jacobs to face EWE Champ the next week. Also, Dustin informs "Golden Boy" of his match later that evening with Bishop. At that point Dustin Baker makes it known that every week that Greg Anthony is EWE champ, he will defend the EWE championship.

Seth Knight vs Christian Jacobs
*Seth Knight wins by DQ. "Golden Boy" comes out and punches Seth Knight in the face to cost CJ his number 1 contendership.

"Golden Boy" Greg Anthony vs Bishop
Greg Anthony wins *Christian comes out with a steel chair and goes to hit Greg Anthony; misses and hits Bishop. Greg makes the escape out of the ring while Bishop and Christian Jacobs lash out in the ring. It took all the EWE superstars from the back to separate these two monstrous athletes. Dustin Baker comes out and makes a match between Bishop and Christian Jacobs for the following week.

Derrick King interview w/Stan Lee and Dustin Baker
Derrick wants a team vs team match at NEW YEAR'S AFTERMATH. If Derrick King wins then he will take complete ownership of EWE. Dustin Baker did not give an answer that night. Derrick wants 3 people on his team and Stan have 3 people on his team.

The stipulations are high if this match takes place. Will Dustin Baker allow this to happen?

If the match takes place will Derrick King become the new owner of Elite Wrestling Entertainment?

Rockin Randy w Dale Tucker vs Stan Lee

Match starts and Derrick King comes ringside. Intense staredown between Stan and Derrick. With a distraction from Derrick gets Stan Lees attention to turn around and walk right into a superkick from Randy for the pin.

Winner: Rockin Randy

The Owner Dustin Baker comes to the ring to get some things off of his chest and calls the Golden Boy Greg Anthony to the ring. Baker calls him out on intentionally having Christian Jacobs disqualified from action and reminds him of facing Seth Knight tonight. Seth then comes to the ring and has a few choice words for the Golden Boy.

4 man over the top battle royal match
Tommy Redneck vs Ike Tucker vs JR Manson vs Tatt2

Ike eliminated first by all three men. Tommy Redneck eliminated second by a dropkick from Manson. Manson eliminated next by Redneck pulling down rope making Manson fall over top rope making Tatt2 your winner of the battle royal.

The High Rollers vs Derrick King and Cody Melton

Jon Michael comes to the ring before the match begins and pulls the Canadian flag out of his tights.

Winner: Derrick King and Cody Melton

Ike Tucker comes to the ring and calls Dustin Baker to the ring. Ike asks that he get a title shot. Baker announces he will get his title shot on December 26th.

Del Tucker w Rockin Randy vs John Michael

Winner:Jon Michael

After the match Cody Melton comes to the ring and hits Jon Michael with a chair and rips the American flag off the wall and throws it on the ground.

Bishop vs Christian Jacobs

Referee disqualifies both men because they pushed him.

Dynamite Seth Knight vs The Golden Boy Greg Anthony

After hitting the referee Golden Boy uses that to his advantage by knocking out Seth with the ring bell then reviving the referee for the pin

Winner: The Golden Boy Greg Anthony

The challenge that Derrick King offered to Stan Lee and Dustin Baker will be answered next week at EWE. Derrick King wants a team vs team match and if he wins he will gain total control and ownership of Elite Wrestling Entertainment.

Crowd - 90