Tuesday, December 01, 2009

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 11.27.09

Friday night started and ended in a bang. Wrestling action was intense the whole night.

First match was Homer Lee vs V-man, great wrestling talent by both opponents. The match timed out and was a draw.

Johnny Morton and Bishop vs Hambones 1&2 After an intense fight, Bishop walked out of the ring and left Johnny Morton standing alone and the Hambones got the win.

Knock Out Kidd and Wild Bill vs Officer Hudson and Ray V-Man runs in and interferes causing Officer Hudson to get disqualified.

East Coast Bad Boyz vs Kilo and Pokerface this match ended in a DQ due to outside interference of Officer Hudson and V-Man leaving C-Money knocked out in the middle of the ring. East Coast took the win.

Main Event was very intense from the beginning, it was All American Frankie Tucker and Big Daddy vs Pimp and Southside. This was an awesome street fight. The fight took place all over the building, action everywhere. The ring filled up with all wrestlers, fighting was intense and the match ended up as NO CONTEST.

Credit: Kim Wallace & MCW

----I talked with someone this week that said crowds have picked up here and the crowd is rowdy...Would have love to have seen the ECBB vs Kilo/PKO. Main event was probably wild also.