Tuesday, December 08, 2009

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 12.04.09

MCW opened the show with Newcomers Jeremy Spiker and Youngblood vs Hambones 1&2. The younsters were too inexperienced to overcome and the Hambones took the win.
Wild Bill & Homer Lee vs Bishop and Snuffy. Bishop and Snuffy had things ging their way when out of nowhre Wild Bill hits Snuffy with the Stunner! Wild Bill and Homer Lee took the win.

East Coast Bad Boy C-Money and Chris Day vs V-Man and Officer Hudson. Chris Day leaves C-Money high and dry for the beatdown, what's that all about. The youngsters run in to help and got beat down, Wild Bill runs in and gets powdered in the eyes by Rashard! Big Daddy runs out and helps then Pokerface decides to make his way to the ring but he was brutally stopped by Frankie Tucker! This was a wild and crazy match. C-Money wins by DQ

Big Daddy LaFonce and Miss Candy vs Ray & Nay Nay This was a very entertaining match! Winners were Big Daddy and Miss Candy

Main Event: All American Frankie Tucker vs Pokerface. This was the match of the year with 2 of the best wrestlers in this area! You had wrestling, chopping (and everyone knows Frankie is the best at that!), flopping and everything! Crowd was really into thie match. Frankie sneaks in the All American Flatliner for the win! Then Rashard come in to jump Frankie. Frankie grabs Rashard then here comes the cavalry to beatdown on Tucker! Out comes Big Daddy and C-Money for the save.

The gang at MCW as always would like to thank the fans for their support. The crowd growing every week at MCW.\

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW