Thursday, December 31, 2009

RRO AWARDS RACE 2009: Nominees Announced and Notes!!!

----Below are all the nominees for 2009. Thanks to everyone for sending in your nominations and helping out. CLICK HERE for the official ballot. There will be no polls posted - voting sent to the e-mail address as indicated. I will accept only 3 e-mails from each IP address!! I am giving everyone an extra few hours and you can start voting RIGHT NOW in our 10 to Vote. Copy and paste ballot!! E-mail to Please put a 3,2 or 1 along with each name. 1 being your top vote - the winner will be the nominee with the least votes - get it?? If you only vote for one nominee, then that nominee will receive 3 points. For example, I want to vote Dustin as top wrestler - I would put a 1 beside his name along with a 2 beside DK and then a 3 on Mack's name. You have until 1.10.10 at midnight to send in votes!!!

-Derrick King
-Dustin Starr
-Rodney Mack

----Derrick King goes 4 years in a row being nominated for this category. Can he win it this year?? This is Dustin’s second time to be nominated here [2007]…This is one of three first time nominations for Rodney Mack.

-MVP Performer

-Austin Lane
-Stan Lee

----Lane, 2006 winner and nominated 3 out of 4 years in this category, will battle it out with Stan Lee again this year, but they have Pokerface to contend with. This is Poker’s first singles nomination. Lee has won this year the last two years in a row.

Tag Team

-Midnight Gold
-Picture Perfect

----The trio of Chris O’Neal, Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs return as RRO 2006 Tag Team winner – “Picture Perfect”. First time award nominee Bobby Eaton gets two nominees this year along with Greg Anthony. Asylum return with 2cnd nomination in this category.

MVP Team

-East Coast Bad Boys
-Midnight Gold
-Picture Perfect

----This is a first for all three teams being nominated in this category. It is also the first tag team nomination of the team of ECBB. 187 has received two nominations in this category as “Cruzin 4 Pain”.


-Blaine Devine
-Chris Lexxus
-JD Kerry

----If this goes by nominations, this could be a landslide with Kerry.

Moondog Brawler

-Motley Cruz
-Tony Myers

----I was happy to see these three nominated for the new award. This is Myers’ first ever nomination.


-Austin Lane
-Christian Jacobs
-Matt Riveria

----Dustin Starr, who has won this award two times and nominated all three years, does not get a nod this year. As I have said, probably because everyone feels he should have a job already. All three guys get their first nomination in this category. This Jacobs’ first singles nomination.



----TIWF is the only promotion to return for this award. The two other promotions getting their first nods.

-NEW committee
-Rodney Mack
-EWE committee

----NEW and Rodney Mack getting their first nominations in this category. Greg Anthony, last year’s winner has to be considered in the NEW committee with Ken Wayne and Allan Steele. EWE returns in this incarnation after winning the award in 2006 and 2007, but not getting nominated last year.


-John Steele
-Michael Ward
-Terrance Ward

----This is NEW announcing team of Steele and Ward first nominations. Michael Ward returns after a 2 year absence winning the award in 2007.


-Baron Malkavain
-Ike Tucker

----The Baron won the award in a landslide last year and it will probably be no different this year. Ike and Precious get their first nominations.


-Brian Thompson
-Hollywood Jimmy
-Rashard Devon

----Devon and Blaylock have battled it out in this category for 4 years straight. This year they have a new dance partner with his first manager nomination for Brian Thompson.


-Downtown Bruno
-Chuck Poe
-Kellan James

-2008 winner Downtown Bruno returns with two first time nominees with James and Poe.

Most Improved

-Jeremy Moore
-Shawn Reed

----This is Moore’s second nomination in this category placing second in 2007. The other two nominees receive their first nominations.

Most Underrated

-Allan Steele
-Justin Smart
-Shawn Reed

----All three guys get their first nominations in this category.

Arena Match

-Dustin Starr vs Stan Lee
-Austin Lane vs Derrick King
-Austin Lane vs Eric Wayne

----Stan Lee and Derrick King have been nominated all three years in this category. [started in 2007] Wayne was a winner in this category last year and returns. This is Lane’s second and third nominations in this category. This was Starr’s first nomination in this category.

TV Match

-Dustin Starr vs Kevin White
-Tommy Rich/Doug Gilbert vs Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher
-Johnny Dotson vs Derrick King

----This is both Starr vs White and Dotson vs King second nominations in this category.


-The Starr Treatment

----Starr and Blaylock have battle all four years for this award. WNC was the winner last year.


-Dustin Starr
-Eric Wayne
-Greg Anthony

----This is Starr’s second nomination in this category. The two other nominees are their first nominations.


-Su Yung

----2008 winner returns to go against Jazz and Angel-Lena this year. Those ladies have their first nominations.

Other facts

-The roster with the most nominations – NEW – 18 nominations!!

-Starr leads the pack this year with 5 nominations!!

-Lane second with 4 nominations.

-Derrick King is the only guy that could win an award 4 years in a row.

-No wrestler is nominated for both MVP and Wrestler this year with all six guys battling for the #1 wrestler in the TOP 10.

-There are only four teams battling it out for two awards.