Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Straight Flush "Life Support" by Pokerface

----I am happy about welcoming this next columnist to the staff of RRO!! He is a front runner this year in the MVP Performer category and has always been a top notch tag team wrestler. Pokerface will be appearing every other Monday right here on RRO with his column.

First a very brief introduction. My name is Pokerface. I've been wrestling for about 13 "calendar" years. (I will explain that later)I have wrestled at one time or another for every "major" company in Memphis. I have also wrestled in the midwest, southwest, south, and also have had the opportunity to be on nationwide TV. The reason I emphasized calendar earlier is because if you added up all of matches and compared them in number to guys back in the day it would only probably add up to about 6 or 7 years. ow to the the meat and potatoes.

I think wrestling in the Memphis area is seriously on life support for the most part. When I say area, I'm referring to a 3 hour radius. I feel our standards as fans, workers, and management are at the bottom of the barrel. I feel the number one culprit is the owners/promoters. The promoters of today aren't like the ones of old. There are probably no promoters, who only promote for a living. If they did, I feel we would see a better product. Most promoters handle wrestling as a hobby, and there is no heart nor soul in what they do. They just want good enough talent(maybe) - for the cheapest price - just to say that they put on a show. When a company draws 100 fans, that's considered to be a good crowd. From a financial aspect, NNNOOOOOO!!!!!. That is unless you got a ton of sponsors, don't pay rent and the wrestlers are working for nothing. I've personally seen a promoter throw together a show for TV, ten minutes before taping. HMMM! Sounds like a winning formula.

Second, the wrestlers. I feel that there are very few that have the total package. By that I mean a look, can talk, have charisma and can tell a story. Plus we have a tendency to believe our own hype. Now there is nothing wrong with thinking you're good, because personally I don't feel that there is anybody around here that can touch me. But if we all were as good as we thought, we would be drawing more than 1000 fans. And I've seen wrestlers who think they know it all. They will not get extra training, They will not seek the advice of accomplished veterans. I can pride myself on always asking questions. There have been many days where I've been in the gym with Sid Vicious and Tommy Rogers and picked their brains. Before I worked with the WWE this past September, I sought the advice of more experienced guys, namely Sid, Rodney Mack, Rude (my tag partner) and Scott Hall. I've pulled up a chair many times a listen to the words of Don Bass, Brickhouse Brown, Ken Wayne, Tracy Smothers, Kid Kash and even on occasions Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. How many of you jackasses reading this can say that? And where is the the respect and humility. I've been at Memphis Wrestling and Dundee walks in the dressing area, and there were no more chairs. How many of the boys you think offered him their seat? One. Guess who that was? But that's how I was trained. But some of that has to do with the trainer as well as the wrestler. Some of us can't separate our ring persona from what we are reality. Some guys' heads are so big, they feel that since they are "bad asses" in the ring, that they are in reality. If you feel that way, PLEASE call me or text me. I would love to humble you vaginas. Because I can see it in your eyes. As we say in Ebonics, "don't get it twisted." Sure Pokerface is an extension of Que Williams, but I do know where to draw the line.

Lastly the fans. Now before I go on, I am a fan too. I enjoy a good match as much as the next guy. I referring to the paying fans. Why do you pay to see lackluster performances? You pay to see guys who order their outfits off of ebay or whatever. You will never get your money's worth or see a quality show, if you keep supporting GARBAGE. And the promoters will not give you any better either. The only language a promoter understands is -cha ching- You follow me.

In closing, The purpose of this column isn't to be controversial for the sake of being controversial. I'm just being truthful. I've seen guys in the past and in the present writing columns on this site who don't need to be or need to concentrate on getting more bookings. To the best of my ability I will try not to mention names, at least in a derogatory way. If you find any offense to what I've said please don't flame me on a message board or on your column. Hit me up on Myspace or Facebook. Because if you handle it like a vagina, when I do see you again, I will really have a newsworthy story to report. You feel me. Have a good day and keep your pimp hand strong.