Friday, December 04, 2009

Umaga Passes Away!!

----As reported below by, Umaga did pass away around 5:00 PM our time. I received a call around 1:00 PM today saying that he was already dead, but the Observer had just posted he was taken to the hospital. The source was claiming it was a drug overdose, but that has not been reported by any other person in the wrestling media. I did get the privilege of meeting him at a Power Pro New Daisy show in Memphis, TN one night. It was just in passing, but the guy that worked him that night [Jack Diamond aka Jackie Hicks] said he was a nice guy.

Edward "Umaga" Fatu passed away around 6 p.m. Eastern time after suffering a second heart attack while in the hospital. He was 36.

We want to send our condolences to the entire family on their loss.

Photo by: Shawn Garrett