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RassleResults: SAW Millersville, TN 1.09.09

Attendance: 200

1. TJ Harley beat Hammerjack.
2. Bad Boy Dixon beat Lightning Bolt Kid.
3. Boogie Woogie Boy beat Frank Malone.
4. Rick Santel beat Harold Knight.
5. Drew Haskins beat Tatsu.
6. JT Stahr beat Chris Hall.
7. Chase Stevens & Arrick Andrews beat Chris Michaels & Hammerjack.

Credit: fullforcepro

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 1.09.09

Attendance 73

Travis Starr b Dominator

Michael Jablonski b Zombie

Lee Cross b Jason Xavier to win the USWO Jr. Championship

Steven Green b Trakan Mathias in a tables match

Shane Eden & Derrick Neal b USWO Tag Team Champions Saint & Tim Renesto by countout when the champs just walked away

USWO Champion Mitch Ryder b Shawn Cook in a non-title match

Damien Payne b LT Falk and Josh Crowe and JD Fluffy in a 4-way elimination hardcore match
No Saturday night USWO/ATL show due to Titans playoff game.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 1.10.09

----Ok, so Corey Maclin is celebrating 20 years in the wrestling business. The things that keep going thru my mind. Why!! Why!! Lance Russell!! Why did you get this guy in the business!! I am going to try to be nice and do a quick report here.

----Maclin opens the show talking to Lance Russell on the phone. Lance must be a super nice guy to put up with Maclin after all these years.

----Maclin comes back with one of his sponsors. I wonder if those guys know the REAL numbers on the ratings?? Next shown is Brian Christopher vs TD Steel!! Steel was one of my favorite jobbers. Kevin Lawler was the ref. Brian was a heel and Southern Champion. Maclin interviews Brian. Good interview and I agreed with everything Brian said. Something about people wished they never heard of Maclin. LOL His opponent was going to be Ron Oakes. Oakes comes out and Brian is surprised, because Oates is so big. Mark James or somebody help me with the dates on this stuff??

----Dave Brown sends in a video congratulating Maclin for being a mark for 20 years…I mean being part of the wrestling business. Class act that Dave Brown.

----“Opening the Vault” with Lance on the phone again. Clip of the Funk angle with coffin is shown. That is was Corey’s ONLY good moment. He just never knew when to stop pushing himself.

----King Cobra interview live in the studio with Corey Maclin. This is horrible. Can someone please just shoot me!!! Cobra and Maclin talk about BASKETBALL!!! Good god!! Cobra talks about “Mo Money Cash” – must be his business.

----Maclin brings out somebody that helped him in radio. What does this have to do with wrestling?? Maclin then shows his first match he ever did commentary on that aired on TV. Eddie Gilbert vs Tony Falk with Frank Morrell as referee. WOW!! I always liked all three of these guys. Typical Memphis comedy match to start out, the Gilbert gets the heat. Gilbert finishes him off with a figure four leglock.

----Referee Jerry Calhoun talks about Corey in a video interview.

----Jerry Lawler sends in a video talking about Corey also. Damn, I wished he would have gone into total heel mode. OH god..Lawler wishes him another 20 years..Lawler says if it wasn’t for Maclin, then Memphis Wrestling would not be on TV now. What is the purpose of it now?? Lawler continues and talks about the old time Memphis Wrestling. No one gets it; do they?? Maclin is just collecting a check and killing the TV show. This show was doing an average of 70,000 viewers in 2007 and now they are lucky to get 10,000 viewers. That says it all.

----Lawler vs the Intern. Mike Samples and Bert Prentice do commentary.

----Jimmy Hart sent in a video. It was funny.


----Hopefully my “partner in crime” will be back next week. This is like torture to me. Thompson is young and can take the pressure better than me!! LOL…At this time next week I hope to take a cheese grader and scrape the back of my legs with it. Then, I plan to jump into a bathtub of alcohol. It might be more soothing than watching this HORSESHIT!

RassleResults: N.E.W. West Memphis, AR 1.09.09

New Experience Wrestling (NEW) returned to West Memphis, AR last night with another set of TV tapings for future distribution at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling.

- Greg King def. Shawn Reed
- "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony def. Justin Smart
- "3G" Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels def. Matt Justyce & Greg King

RassleNotes: Around 40 in the crowd this week...Downtown Bruno sat in on commentary for the first five minutes of the opening match...The Mayor of Walls, MS was in attendance and introduced...The NEW nominees for RasslinRiot awards were plugged at the end of the night...Tag match was originally scheduled to feature Matt Justyce teaming with Derrick King, but Derrick was not able to appear so Greg King stepped up to team with Matt...Promotion returns with another round of tapings next Friday in West Memphis with an 8 p.m. bell time.

Friday, January 09, 2009

A Piece of my Mind Jan 9th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I have been watching the angle play out between Shawn Michaels and JBL. I am not sure where they are going with it so I won’t comment on it. I do want to talk about what came to me as I was watching Shawn give one of his speeches during this angle. I realized that about twenty years ago I came up with the same basic angle for Nikita Koloff.

I think that this happened around nineteen eighty nine. Ric Flair was the booker for WCW. At the time he was looking for Nikita to come back to work. It was not really something that Nikita wanted to do. I was aggressively pushing him to go back to work. This was sometime after Nikita’s wife Mandy had passed away from cancer. Her struggle was well known throughout the wrestling industry and the Carolinas.

As I remember, Gary Hart was managing in the territory at the time and getting a pretty good push. I thought about it and went to Nikita with this idea. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy sell because he really wasn’t ready to go back to work anyway. I suggested that he propose this angle to Flair.

He had just gone through an experience that no one should have to go through. His wife Mandy was a beautiful girl that was taken from him by Hodgkin’s disease. It was fairly well known that the medical bills were enormous. I suggested that Gary Hart hire him as a bodyguard with the understanding that he sees to it that no one is allowed to get their hands on Gary Hart. He would have taken the job because he was so overwhelmed with bills he had no choice.

The angle would play out week after week with Gary Hart berating guys during interviews. The babyface talent would want to nail Gary Hart but Nikita would intervene. He wouldn’t get involved physically but he would talk the talent into leaving Gary alone because Nikita really needed this money. It would have involved physical altercations that Nikita would eventually settle down. He wouldn’t attack the babyfaces. He was always to be the voice of reason. When Gary Hart would complain that Nikita refused to get physically involved, Nikita would point out that he was fulfilling his obligation.

In time, Gary Hart would start interrupting Sting interviews and berating him. As each week went by it would get to Sting a little bit more. The segment would always end with Sting taking his friends problem into consideration and walking away from the situation. At some point Gary would be confronting Sting and actually slap him. At that point Sting goes in for the attack. After a slight hesitation Nikita would attack Sting from behind and lay him out. It would be a brutal attack that would leave Sting a bloody and beaten victim to “The Russian Sickle”.

When the following week comes around, Gary Hart announces that Nikita failed to perform since Sting put his hands on him and was being released from his contract. When Nikita responds he tells Gary Hart that he made a serious mistake. He trusted people like Sting to have compassion for his problem. He now realizes he was wrong and that if given another opportunity he will be “The Russian Nightmare” that everyone remembers. He reminds Gary Hart of all of his success including things like his best of seven series against Magnum TA. He promises complete and total allegiance to Gary Hart since he is the only one that attempted to help him out of his problems.

Of course, at that point, the buildup would be to an eventual match with Sting as Nikita terrorized the territory. I was reminded of this because of the Shawn Michaels angle. I guess I was way ahead of my time but it never took place. As I said, Nikita didn’t want to go back to work and asked for way more than Flair was able to pay him. I think the angle would have been hot at the time since the real facts could have caused the situation that was playing out. I guess I can sit back and watch an angle somewhat similar and see how it plays out. It was an interesting trip down memory lane for me.

The photo with this article is from WrestleReunion 1 in Tampa Fl. The Funks Dory and Terry were just about to face Americas Most Wanted(James Storm and Chris Harris) for the NWA Tag Team Championship. It would be the last time the Funk Bros would challenge for the Tag Team Titles.

This has been a piece of my mind

Shows for The Weekend 1.09 and 1.10.09

----CLICK HERE to see the regular schedule shows. And yes it is update!! Below is a Press Release that SEW sent, so I am passing it along.

The stars of SEW Wrestling will be in action in Memphis as Southern Extreme Wrestling Promotions presents "Redemption" on Friday, January

Belltime is 7:30pm and the action takes place at the Greater Hope Gym located on 2660 Spottswood Ave, just 5 minutes from the legendary Mid-South Coliseum. General admisson is $6, kids 5 and under get in free.

SEW General Manager G.Q. Jones has announced that this event will feature a special "Fans Bring the Weapons" match, as a way of thanking our fans and showing why we are extreme wrestling. We are asking all our fans to come out, bring a friend, bring any household item to be used as a weapon, and enjoy the show!

SEW Wrestling can also be seen every Saturday morning at 10:00am on Memphis Comcast Channel 17. For more information, please visit our MySpace page at

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My 2 cents on 'The Wrestler' by Gene Jackson

I've been reading a lot of reviews for the Mickey Rourke movie 'the Wrestler'. Some are good, some are bad. Take this one for instance, that was posted on Trent Van Drisse's Mid Southern Message Board by someone named "Magnum" Shane Smalls.

"I watched the first 5-10 minutes of this piece of sh*t and refused to watch. Anyone who didn't already watch every f***ing documentary that exposes the business, will find out every f***ing detail we were still able to f***ing hide. F*** this Sh*t!!!"

Now let me preface this by saying I have no clue who the hell Shane Smalls is, wouldn't know him if he walked in the room right now so this isn't a personal attack just going by his post here. How can you give an opinion on a movie or show that you only watched 5-10 minutes of??? I can't believe we are still hearing people bitch about exposing "the business" in 2009!?! I understand why Vince McMahon wouldn't like it because the fact is it DOES expose the business. I'm not talking about kayfabe crap like blades in the wrist tape or seeing matches laid out, or seeing that Necro Butcher is actually just a normal guy. No, I mean the sad, sad aftermath for so many of the wrestling superstars that guys like me grew up watching. Watching this movie I couldn't help but think about all the guys I've encountered over the years or heard about that have ended up like Randy 'the Ram'. Guys like Jake Roberts, Ricky Morton, Tracy Smothers, Lex Luger, 'Dream Machine' Troy Graham (I know he didn't achieve the level of fame as the others but a very sad story), and the list goes on and on.

Not to say that no one was aware of that aspect of wrestling but it really shines a light on how tragic these stories are. Think about it, how does a person cope with going from performing in front of thousands of people every night, making big money, being a star and now that's all in the past and you have to try to go out and get a regular job and try to be "normal." I also think it's interesting how the movie shows the parallel between Randy and Marissa Tomei's stripper character how you have to accept when your getting older and it's time to move on to a new stage in life.

I'm also impressed with how accurately indy shows are represented in the movie, I'm sure it's nothing impressive to "workers" but I'm sure fans or 'marks' will find it interesting. There's nothing glamorous about it, just guys who will never make it to the big leagues and guys who were there that don't know any other way to make a living so they have to go wrestle in front of tiny crowds for small payoffs and try to squeeze every extra dime they can out of polaroids and whatever else they can drag along to sell.

In closing I really enjoyed the movie despite the fact I've never liked Mickey Rourke in anything before he was quite convincing as a used up wrestler from the 80's. The acting was good and the story was well told, I know a lot of people didn't like the ending and I didn't care for it when I first watched it but I think it was appropriate cause these stories usually don't have a happy ending and your not slapped in the face with a real heavy ending that leaves you totally down.

I would to hear others opinion on the movie who have seen it, good or bad. Everyone has the right to their opinion just give a little reasoning for it and maybe it can open up some interesting discussion on the Kayfabe Board.



Wrestler of The Year
Derrick King
Austin Lane
Kevin White

MVP Performer
Stan Lee
Greg Anthony
Austin Lane

Tag Team of The Year
BLS [Void/Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley]
Missouri Bad Boys [Mark Southern/Missouri Renegade]
Sons of the South [Chris Styles/Josh Mathews]

MVP Tag Team
“Hot Topic” [Stan Lee/Derrick King]
BLS [Void/Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley]
“Naughty By Nature” [Rude/Pokerface]

Cody Melton
Greg King Jr
Robbie Douglas


Greg Anthony
TIWF Committee
ASWF Committee

Brian Thompson
Richard Marx
Rodney Howard

“The Baron” Malkavain
The Asylum
The Posse

Ravishing Randy
Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock
Rashard Devon
Bill Rush
Myles Murphy
Downtown Bruno

Horizon Award
Byron Willcott
Eric Wayne
Dustin Starr

Most Improved
Idol Bane
Cody Metlon
Slim Pickens

Most Underrated
AJ Bradley
Izzy Rotten
Rik Burton

Site of The Year
Dustin Starr’s World of Wrestling
Mid-Southern Message Board

Dustin Starr
Brian Thompson
Sal Corrente

Female Performer
Tasha Simone
Lil Bit
Su Yung

TV Match
Much Dinero vs Pokerface with Rashard Devon
Derrick King/Johnny Dotson vs “Los Loco” Ramon/Rudy Switchblade
Koko Ware/Eugene vs Kid Kash/Kevin White with Garry White/Su Yung

Arena Report Match
Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne [****1/4] West Memphis, AR 2.10.08
TLCW Tag Team Title Match: “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas] with Jimmy Tidwell vs “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] with Randy Hales. [****] Ripley, TN 4.06.08
Barbwire Match: “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee]/Dustin Starr beat “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas]/Tatt2 [***3/4] Ripley, TN

Coach's Corner: "Dustin Starr and Cheaters"

----You know sometimes Dustin Starr and I agree. I get a laugh out of his blog sometimes out of the stuff he says about others. Others times he comes off as an immature little prick. He goes for a “shoot shock” and comes off blabbing about things he sometimes has no clue about. He will then post a blog that is so “on the money” that it is scary. All in all, he presents one of the most thought provoking interesting sites in this area. There is not one person that posts more original material on their blog in this area, besides this site, than Starr, so you have to give him the nod in that department. I said, there are times when character when trying to shock is just way off base.

----Let me first tell everyone a little secret about Dustin Starr. probably is not a secret, but let me tell you anyway. He likes only one person in wrestling – Dustin Starr. He might on occasion put over Derrick King or Don Bass or someone else that trained or helped him, but overall Starr likes no one. You don’t know how many conversations I have had with Starr that all he does from “dude” when he answers the phone until he hangs up and says, “Bye fag” where he criticizes EVERYONE. He overall is a very negative person that will only give praise to…huh… Dustin Starr. Anybody that I might praise on this site – well they are not good enough to him or “not as good as you say”. From Greg Anthony to Stan Lee to Eric Wayne – he can go on and on and on. If you are a regular reader of his blog he spent one week hating Lee, liking Lee and then hating Lee again. This is all because it was not going HIS way. And then shows up to work again in TLCW. It all just amazes me.

----Now as I spend an hour writing up this article and “Axeman” Randall Lewis spent a good time writing his last column about Starr, I am really doing only one thing – putting Starr over. Yes, unfortunately that is how it is. Wonder why some people could care less whether you are typing bad things or good things about them?? Because those people believe – no matter what you are talking about them – putting them over. And it is true; Dustin Starr is one of the most talented guys in this area. He runs a web site, works for the Riverkings, has his own line of clothes and is still featured on one or two shows a weekend. As a fan, a promoter, a mark, a kayfabe sheet guy or whatever you want to call me, I enjoy Dustin Starr the wrestler. As I stated in that last Arena Report, Starr had more heat than the whole dressing room – probably in front of the crowd and backstage. LOL Does he draw you extra fans?? Nah, probably not in wrestling today. As we have discussed on this site in depth, it is the storyline that sells unless your name is Austin Lane. [Did I get heat with that one?? LOL] TLCW had a crowd of around 200 this week. Was it because of Starr?? Nah, it was because they got out and told people there still were wrestling in the town.

----Ok, now with all that said and done. I have told you the bad things and the good things about Starr. Let me voice my opinion on his recent post. He was really RIGHT with part of it and YOU HAVE NO CLUE on another part. CLICK HERE to read his latest blog post.

----Starr’s thoughts Brian Thompson were way off base. And believe me; Brian let everyone know how he felt about what Starr said. I don’t have to come on here and go to bat for him. Brian is the most honest and sincere guy I have ever met in this business. He eats and breaths it. I have many times told Brian, “I got to get off here [talking about either the computer or phone] to do something besides wrestling.” He could talk for hours and come up with new idea after new idea. You are wrong about him not paying dues or him being a “gopher”. You have no clue. Kelly Warner may have wanted the world to think he was the “mastermind” of LAW, but it was a three man team. Jeff O’Dell was the money, Brian was the brains and Warner was a hell of a talker. Final thought on this is from Starr’s mention of Brian Christopher ?? Why even mention that sort of thing when for the longest time Starr was referred to as Christopher’s “gopher” ? Starr doesn’t hang out with Christopher anymore; wonder why?? Christopher stiffed him on a payoff and I believe threatened to kill him once. Starr was only featured on one of the top shows of the year?? Wonder why?? Because of things he has said on his blog!!! So, yes, Starr can be way off.

----On the subject that Starr and I agree 100% on and have talked about on the phone about is the assumed cheating that is going on during the awards voting. There really isn’t 100% way to determine who is voting for what. We would have to be sitting at their computer with them. But, along with talking to a few other wrestlers in this area, it seems we have more of popularity contest going on with some of the awards, instead of the actual voting – one time per computer. I mean just take a look at the numbers of votes. Aside from “Wrestler of the Year” that usually gets more votes than any other award, the number of votes are really a bit off from other awards. For example, the “Most Improved” category that I had to beg for people to nominate in, well it has almost as many votes at the “Wrestler”. I have repeated votes coming from Jackson, TN, Cordova, TN and Newport, AR. I have heard this guy is doing this and all kinds of stuff, so I have had to decide to do something different. Voting on the site was declared over for the “popular vote” at 5:06 AM this morning. We will be adding the “popular vote” along with the nominees that each candidate received from our 50+ committee. Third, the post above is the new “E-mail Ballot”. You are to copy and paste the ballot and e-mail it to the below e-mail address. Do not send it to my REGULAR e-mail – send it to that one. I will be able to monitor IP addresses and I will accept 3 Ballots from 3 different e-mail addresses from one IP. That gives you three votes per household. After you copy & paste it and put it in your e-mail software, then just go out to the right of each category and type a 3, 2 or 1. What you are doing is awarding each candidate points per your opinion of them. 3 points to the highest, 2 point to the second best and 1 point for 3rd place.

E-mail to

For example
MVP Performer
Stan Lee 3
Greg Anthony 2
Austin Lane 1

----So you are saying, you want Lee to win, Anthony is second and Lane is third. Some of these categories are real close, so this vote will be very important to put the real winner over. It does not matter whether you have voted in the nominating committee or the “popular vote”, you are encouraged to vote in this special “E-mail Ballot”. If you do not put them a number beside them – 3, 2 or 1 – the candidate you vote for will only receive one vote. So why not give the person you want to win 3 points?? Finally, if you are involved in any way with an award, then that award you are voting in, you will receive 1 vote automatically; just give the 3 and 2 to respective candidates. Award winners will be announced on 1.18.09.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR .01.03.09

Battle Royal: Gary Diamond, Lethal, PP3, Lucky, Mike Anthony, Pokeface, Nebo Bryan, The Loose Cannon, Mike Anthony and Nebo Bryan Winners.

2. Athena VS Pokerface. Winner Athena

3. Mike Anthony VS Nebo"The Real Deal" Bryan. Winner Mike Anthony

4. J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan VS The Natural Born Playaz. Winner J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan

5. RWA Heavyweight Champion Rodney Mack VS Ron Rage. Winner Rodney Mack.

6. The Tejano Kid VS Austin Lane. Referee Stopped the Match.

The Battle Royal was set up for the last two in the ring to move on and face each other to break into the RWA top 10. Nebo Bryan is from Austin Texas and a great athlete. Nebo stand 6'4" and weighs in at 250 lbs. Demonstrated really good skills and has a very promising future.

Athena The Angel of Sin's wife came out running her mouth about how bad she was and that she could beat any woman in wrestling today. That's when Jazz's music hit and Jazz made her way to the ring. The pop that Jazz received was incredible. Jazz told Athena that the RWA was her house and she was not going to listen to her run her mouth anymore. The two squared off and Frank Martin and referee Tim Daniels hit the ring to separate the two. Martin reminded Jazz that she had not been released from the Doctor and she could not wrestle until she was. Athena then told Jazz since she could not wrestle she would take on anyone that the RWA had male or female. Jazz promised the crowd that as soon as she was released from the Doctors care she would come back and kick Athena's ass!!! Then Jazz asked Athena if she was sure that she wanted to wrestle anyone. Athena said she would take on anyone. Then Jazz asked for Pokerface to come out. This is what set up the match between Athena and Pokerface.

Pokerface and Athena had a very good match however Pokerface would not use his fists to hit Athena and tried to wrestle her without kicking or punching her. It wasn't until the Playaz [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] came out to distracted Poker Face that Athena had any advantage at all. When Pokerface turned his attention to the Playaz Athena rolled him up for the 3 count.

Pokerface and Mike Anthony returned the favor to the Playaz and distracted them to give J.D. and Mike Titan the pin fall victory over the Playaz. That is 2 weeks in a row that this young team has defeated the Playaz.

Rodney Mack came to the ring wearing the RWA Title Belt but after Ron Rage's music played 2 times Frank Martin came out and told the referee to start a 10 count and count Ron Rage out. Rodney Mack was not happy about winning that way and has he left the ring, the Midnight Cowboy and Silas and Buzz Kill jumped him from behind. They busted open Rodney and beat him down with his chain and chair. Ricky Porter who was instrumental in the victory for Mack last week tried to help and they beat him down with the chair also.

The Tejano Kid came before the break and did a real good mic spill and was with his valet Dominique. Austin Lane came out to confront him because Tejano said he was the new kid in town and the people should get use to it because he was better than everyone the RWA had. He told the crowd that he would beat everyone and take the title from Mack in a matter of weeks. As Austin and Tejano squared off the referee tried to separate them and Martin had to tell the two that they did not have a match and he wanted to have time to advertise a match between the two. Austin did not like that and asked the crowd if they wanted to see him fight Tejano tonight. The crowd was very vocal about what they wanted so Martin made the match for the main event.

Austin and Tejano tied up in the ring and were putting on a great match when Austin got the advantage Dominique jumped on Austin's back. Austin pulled her over and Tejano gained the advantage. That's when Nikki Lane Austin's wife who had been sitting at the gimmick table all night hit the ring and attacked Dominique. The cat fight was on between these two. The guys tried to pull them apart and keep them apart but they could not. Soon all four were fighting in the ring. The locker room emptied and all the RWA workers tried to separate the 4 of them. They could not keep them apart, as Tejano would break free he would attack Austin and the same went for Austin. The crowd was going crazy and yelling " Let them fight" Has they finally got them apart Austin told Tejano that he would see him next week and to leave his "skank at home and fight him man to man.” Tejano told Austin that he would be back next week and told him to leave his tramp at home. Things got personal real quick and the guys had a hard time keeping them apart at the end. This feud is going to be great.

Tejano is new to the area but is one of the best heels this reporter has seen in a while. The one thing that I have noticed here in the RWA is that these guys are making contact in the ring. They are laying in their punches and kicks and working very snug with each other. Chair shots are stiff and the crowd is really getting into it…There was over 150+ in the arena a lot of new faces thanks to Austin Lane…Martin promised the crowd that there would new workers next week, one worker that is coming in is The Sheik Hussian, this guy has been all over the world and worked North Carolina back in the day with a lot of the greats including Ric Flair.

Credit: RWAreporter

----Austin Lane = 50 extra fans. Wow!! I look for the crowds to even get bigger, after more people realize the that Lane is here...It also makes you wonder what other ASWF guys might want to jump??...This promotion can only get better as the talent will get fresher as they weed out people that have been here too long - Loose Cannon, PP3, Lethal and Lucky.

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 1.03.09 - NEW TIWF Tag Team Champions!!

Tag Team Tournament RD#1
Wildside & PK Ripper def. Sgt. Swat & Johnny Superstar

Dazzlin’ Dixie & Lawman Williams def. Bloodbath & Royale Executioner

Devon Day & Dre’ Black def. Kamala Jr. & Oz

Way Cool & Chico Mendoza def. AC Styles & Hardknocks Hooligan

Dazzlin’ Dixie & Lawman Williams def. Wildside & PK Ripper

Devon Day & Dre’ Black def. Way Cool & Chico Mendoza

Devon Day & Dre’ Black def. Dazzlin’ Dixie & Lawman Williams to become the new tag team champions

Frankie Tucker def. Chris Lexxus

Attendance: 166

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results Wrapup 12.27.08 and 1.03.09


Show Opens w/ the returning Rob Thompson coming to the ring with the NBW Championship. Rob said he was glad to be back but what was important was the business at hand. Rob said the NBW Championship had to be held up due to the former champion [Chris Rocker] not defending and that tonight there would be a battle royal to determine a brand new champion!

Tommy Redneck def. Suicide in a hardcore match. Highlight of the match was Redneck lighting firecrackers on Suicides back, it sounded like a gun went off!

Phoenix X. def. Mike Sydal after a swanton

Sarge O’Reilly and Neil Taylor def. Brandon Espinosa and Brandon Erins after reverse decision when Sarge planted a chain on one of the Brandons.

Crazy Train won the Battle Royal as a surprise entrant to capture his 2nd NBW Championship. Everyone was in the ring and Deranged came out then out of nowhere Crazy Train’s music hit and the place exploded. Match came down to Train, Jeremy Moore and Taylor, Sarge pulled Moore out of the ring and Crazy won the match.

Syn and DJ Stunner were declared the winners of the ladder match after special ref Weezy was knocked out from a vicious ladder shot and Gaylon and Biscuit had the belts but Syn and Stunner knocked them out of the ring and took the belts for the win. Match of the night and maybe the year for NBW. Just plain awesome! Stipulation made before the match was loser leave NBW.

Crowd was probably 75 to 80 and were hot all night. Great Show


Show opens up with Sarge and XOW coming to the ring. Sarge said that it was time for him to finally take the NBW High Risk title off Moore once and for all, cue "Superman" Jason Reed. Reed said that Sarge didn't deserve anything and if anyone should get a shot then it should be him. This brought Moore out. Moore said that he was a fighting champion and tonight he would be glad to defend against both in a 3-way!

Tank def. Deranged after a cradle pile driver

Big Red def. Pappy after a chokeslam

Jeremy Moore was ruled the winner by DQ over Sarge and Jason Reed after there was some confusion over who used a chain in the match.

Phoenix X vs. the Kid was ruled a no contest after Phoenix refused to pin Kid after Suicide got involved to try and help Phoenix

XOW was gloating in the ring talking about being the best tag team around when Redneck came out and said last week they cheated but this week he had a "new" team that wanted a shot and if XOW weren't scared then they would face them. XOW agreed and Redneck introduced a masked team called Biscuits and Gravy... At this point XOW was livid but they had agreed to a 6 man tag and if Biscuits and Gravy won then they get a tag title shot. Redneck, Biscuits and Gravy def. Syn, Suicide and Stunner in a 6 man tag.

Crazy Train def. Neil Taylor with a roll up to retain the NBW Championship

Crowd was up some this week with maybe 85+

Credit: NBWnewsguy

----Not clear, but Syn and DJ Stunner won the tag belts in the ladder match; right??...So is Crazy Train working twice or do they have someone else doing the Deranged gimmick??...It did surprise me to see Train win the belt again…”Biscuits & Gravy” – that is corny as hell, but funny…Why do the heels have to be XOW??...Group is still drawing solid numbers – about 4 times the amount that Simon Reed was drawing in the same building. BTW..where is “The Posse”??...Tommy Redneck might be already gone from the group as he was drinking during the show last week. NBW has a strict policy about no alcohol during the show or on the premises. Another reason you will never see DK work NBW. LOL…Good to see Rob Thompson-Justice back with the group doing announcing.

RassleResults: WWCW Kennett, MO 1.03.09

1st Match - 5-way elimination

J. Dragon vs. Jason "The Fury" Vaughn vs.
BIGG DOGG vs. Bilal Nauden vs. BLADE

Winner - BLADE

2nd Match

Bigg Dogg vs. J. Dragon

Winner - J. Dragon

3rd. Match

Arnez of The Asylum
Jason "The Fury" Vaughn

Winner - Arnez

4th Match

Blade vs. Bilal Nauden

Winner - BLADE

5th Match - Main Event

“The Asylum” [Arnez/Psycho] vs. Justin "The Juice" Smart and Motley Cruz

Winners - No Contest

152 in the crowd...Psycho turned on Arnez hitting him with a chair…Motley Cruz and Asylum's Psycho has formed an Unholy Alliance.

Credit: JmOLD

----The angle with Psycho turning is just stupid for Kennett. Psycho lives and works there – so does Arnez. Why would you want to turn one of your top babyfaces and the guy that sells the tickets for you?? I talked with someone in the company about this and they actually said, “Well..he still will be cheered..” WTF?? Does anybody know what a heel is anymore?? I can hear Thompson saying, “Let me tell you what is wrong with this business…”…They are still drawing good in the 150 range…I think Bob Orton Sr was there doing a “Meet & Greet”.

Monday, January 05, 2009


----If you want your photo to appear in Yearbook 2008, please send me the photo that you would like to be in it!! Send them today! Now!! Do it!!

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 1.03.09

50 attended

Logan Shane b Toby Farley (w/Nick White)

Chris Norte b Psycho Medic and Steven Green in a 3-way when Norte pinned Medic

Trakan Mathias & Mexican Dragon b Saint & Convict Clown when Dragon pinned Clown

Anthony Wayne b Johnny Demento (w/Kalita)

Otis Bass & Tony Falk (w/Gordon) b Kevin Dunn & Dominator (w/Ronnie Vegas) when Bass pinned Dunn

LT Falk & Michael Jablonski b Chris Michaels & Toby Farley (w/Nick White) when Jablonski pinned Farley

Derrick Neal b "King of the Stadium Inn" Damien Payne by DQ when Payne kicked ref Boogie in the groin

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Thompson Perspective by Brian Thompson 1.04.09

Welcome to my first column for 2009 here at RasslinRiotOnline!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the new year.

This week, I want to touch on a number of topics. Most of my discussion comes as a result of points brought up during the recent series of dialogue between Dustin "Five" Starr and "3G" Eric Wayne.

Paying Your Dues
Let's be realistic here. Paying your dues in professional wrestling is not what it used to be. Neither is professional wrestling for that matter. At one time, it was next to impossible to get a break without having the right connection. Watch any shoot interview or even WWE documentary with stars from the past and you will find that their in-roads to wrestling were much different and much more brutal in a lot of cases. Under the old guard NONE of us paid dues.

Even Hulk Hogan had his leg broken by Hiro Matsuda to see if he had the "heart" to make it. Today, that kind of thing would be grounds for lawsuits.

I've even wondered if I truly "deserved" to get the break I got. The promoter who broke me into the business in the St. Louis, MO area more or less just opened the door for me.

We all have different stories of breaking into the business. Some guys have the added bonus of being brought into the business by members of our family who preceded us. But just as easy as it is to label an "Eric Wayne" because of his family ties, I don't think we all realize the ADDED pressure that being a second or third generation wrestler can put onto a person. No matter what you do, it is because of your "dad" or "brother." Look at the Von Erichs, Erik Watts, Jeff Jarrett, Brian Christopher. They all had to endure that sort of thing.

I've been around Eric Wayne for the better part of five years. He's always been respectful to me. Does he have an "attitude?" Of course. I don't think it primarily has to do with being in the wrestling business. A lot of it has to do with being a male in his early 20's. Those of us who are in our late 20's or older have probably mellowed somewhat. He'll change to a degree as he ages.

Being a member of a wrestling family will pay certain dividends for him. No doubt. But he has worked hard. In the summer of 2003, I went to workout with Eric and Ken at a gym in Memphis. Needless to say, I couldn't move my arms for a couple of weeks. Now I'm exaggerating, but not be too much. Eric, even five years ago, was working to get his body into shape. Look back at my report detailing yesterday's Memphis Wrestling TV show. Phil Hickerson, Joe Leduc, Fire and Flame didn't have bodybuilder physiques. That was okay .... then. Eric realizes that now it takes the added value of the look of an athlete to make it and he's worked hard on his body well before he started training in the ring.

So, just because a guy doesn't pay the same dues as someone else doesn't make him any less worthy of a shot. This is a day and age where wrestlers have come from "Tough Enough" and "Diva" competitions. Two of the top stars in the WWE today, The Miz and John Morrison, are products of "Tough Enough." They had the "easy" break, but have made the most of it. No reason to hate on them for that.

Getting paid or not
A point in all the dialogue was made about Eric ALWAYS working for money. What a prick! Seriously, I can see how some might get a little hot that he has never not worked for money and many of us have worked for free. That's our fault.

When I started in St. Louis, the very first night I got paid. Every time I announced up there, I was paid a guarantee. It wasn't making me rich by any means, but I was always appreciative. It wasn't until I came to this area that I was in the position of not getting paid. Sad huh?

I think if more people in the business would take the stance of, if you don't pay we don't play, things might be a little better in that regard. There are always exceptions to the rule if you are working for someone you trust who will pay off in the long run, but bottom line is this...would you work a 9 to 5 job for nothing? "Hey man, I can't pay you because we didn't sell enough merchandise this week." Do you know how many employers would LOVE that scenario?

Memphis TV and WWE gigs
So far, this column will look like I'm pro Eric 100 percent. That is not the case. As a matter of fact, based on the blogs at Dustin Starr's World of Wrestling, I would say I fall somewhere in the middle. I can see the points made on both sides.

Eric and Dustin made a few comments regarding working Memphis TV. Dustin said something to the effect that working the show was credibility to the boys in WWE and Eric countered that it hasn't been credible in years.

Well, let me fall again somewhere in between here. Is working Memphis TV as credible today as it was in 1988? Of course not. It's not even nearly as credible as it was in 1998, but it is still exposure or at least was when they did original shows. You can back this argument up by looking at the gates featuring Memphis TV stars such as Dustin, Derrick King, Kevin White, etc. before they entered the re-run phase. Now, it's not going to cause instant sellout, but it certainly doesn't hurt to promote your show as featuring "Channel X TV Stars." Plus, it would always produce a much better promotional tape to send to the WWEs, TNAs, etc. than a bunch of matches filmed in dark buildings with an old camera on a tripod.

As for working gigs such as a security spot for WWE, I see this in two ways. It is certainly a neat experience. You get to see how things are done backstage and that alone can be valuable for future reference. But, it doesn't make you any better or worse than anyone else. Also, it's a payday. I've heard varying amounts of what it pays and I must say, it might not be a bad gig to be a "WWE fake security guy" every day. Hey! Maybe I'm on to something (lol).

When it comes to putting over someone, that doesn't matter. You did what you were told to do. If Vince McMahon was paying me, I would lose to Hobo Jim if that is what he asked. He's the boss. He's paying. Do the gig. Will that win or loss, make you or break you? Nah. Now if we are back in the days of USWA or even Power Pro, I wouldn't advise doing the security gig or meaningless match because then it would kill your worth on those shows. But, going back to those days, you were typically paid a weekly check by those companies. Again, different time and situation totally.

Using Dustin Starr
I've said it many times. I'd use Dustin Starr in a heartbeat if I ran a company. He has that "it" factor. I won't rehash what I've said before.

Anyway, I was reading one of the local message boards and saw comments about how Dustin has ticked off all promoters and they won't use him. They even brought up N.E.W. I'm pretty sure we'll see Dustin back in the future despite the dialogue with Eric. Unlike some, Ken Wayne is ALL about business at the end of the day. Some have dogged the unbeaten streaks of Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels. I know we live in a national wrestling world where an angle starts in one segment and ends five minutes later. Remember the good, old days when angles were built over time? Could something like that be happening here? It just may be. But of course, it's not. It's just putting "trainees" over at the expense of others. Couldn't be any kind of long range booking could it?

Back to my business point prior to my brief tirade. I think Dustin will be back. Ken thinks highly of him. Despite disagreements he may have with Eric, Ken knows Dustin brings a lot to the table. That is why he will use him. That is true business. We can agree to disagree and co-exist. Do you LOVE all of your co-workers? I bet not. But you know people who do a good job and deserve to have that job regardless of any personal differences you may have.

I'm done. Hope you've enjoyed! Take care and keep voting in the RRO Awards balloting.

(Brian Thompson may be reached at

Memphis Wrestling TV Clarification 1.3.09

Special thanks goes to Chuck Morris for sending me a note to clarify a couple of the questions I had in my Memphis Wrestling TV report from yesterday....

The six man tag team legends match was from a 2001 "Clash of the Legends" event, held at the Mid South Coliseum. And it was actually Mad Dog (not Novell Austin) who teamed with Tracy Smothers and Porkchop Cash in a losing effort against "Wildcat" Chris Harris, Tommy Rogers and King Cobra.

Also, the Southern Tag Team Title clip featuring Fire & Flame was likely from 1986.

Again, a big "thank you" to Chuck for the clarification!

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 1.03.09

Robert Rose defeated Jay Webster by DQ.

Kilo Green defeated Barney the referee.

The Ghost Riders (Buzz harley & Blade) vs. The Executioners (Axe & Dagger) ended in a time limit draw.

Danny Morris w/Dustin Burcham defeated Cassanova Kid to become the new EPW Extreme Champion.

"The Future" Chris Styles w/Big Daddy Nino defeated Slammer.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes/Chris Fontaine) w/Chris Styles & Tysin Starr w/Dustin Burcham defeated Down To Party (Nick Grimes/David Andrews) & Cassanova Kid. Match stipulations were that if PHAT foundation lost, they would leave the state of Mississippi, and if DTP lost, they would leave Mississippi. Down to Party (Grimes & Andrews) are gone.

Main event was Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & "Extreme" Brett Michaels) w/Nathan Lee vs. Bone Crusher & Soul Taker in a street fight, with the EPW Tag Team belts on the line. It was a wild & bloody battle, eventually won by Pain, Inc., who retain the belts.

Paid attendance was 100.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 1.03.09 - Tim Edwards pins Derrick King!!

Show open with Jimmy Tidwell talking on the mic. He called out Derrick King who was not supposed to wrestle tonight due to an injury to his neck caused by Dustin Starr last week. Jimmy informed Derrick that if Derrick did not wrestle tonight he would sue the company for false advertising. So with no choice derrick agreed to wrestle.

First match: “The Enforcer” Mark Justice beat Shannon Lee with the “Hard Justice”.

Second match: Derrick King beat Rockin Randy with a uperkick.

After the match Jimmy Tidwell comes out and tells Derrick that he has a surprise for him. Dustin Starr and Angelina walk out. Dustin then proceeds to inform Derrick that his is not over and he has one more match.

Third match: “the Real Deal” Tim Edwards beat Derrick King after a massive piledriver from Dustin Starr.

Forth match: Bishop w/ Rashard Devon beat “the Baron” Malkanvain with a sit out power bomb

Fifth match: a returning Flash Flanagan beat Chris Rocker

Main Event: Dustin Starr w/Angelina beat Kilo

myspace. com/dcwwrestling

About 110, Good solid show.

Credit: DCWspiritof1990

RassleResults: SWF Tullahoma, TN 1.02.09

The Tullahoma Bad Man Grease Lightning was victorious in the "Road for the Gold" match and this week will take on NWA star Playboy Scot Hayes.

Martial Law remains the tag team champions and will take on NWA star Jeff "the crippler" Daniels and All Business Scot Burt.

In the Lumberjack match between Gypsy Joe and Beau James the times got wild with a brawl between all the guys. Gypsy showed them he still got it by picking up chairs and anything else he could get his hands on and ran all the bad guys to the back. Also, before he tucked tail and ran away Beau James was bad mouthing George Gulas on the mic. And due to their actions Commish has suspended Gypsy and Beau until further notice.

Mr. ER Eric Robertson defeated Mikey Dunn and will be brought back for a Return Grudge Match this week.

Also, Swf had an add on due to the cancellation of a show featuring Nick Paradise when he defeated Troy Buchannon.

Petey St.Croix and Steve O battled it out with the out come being a time limit drawal. But don't worry they are coming back for round two.

Guess how the fans NON PRO BATTLE ROYAL turned out? It was a struggle when the last 3 in were Dj Arp age 12, Nathan Harmon 14, and Chris Baker 18. Chris got Dj out by a pin fall then had Nathan pinned when time ran out. The judges and the crowd voted winner Nathan Harmon. Congratulations Nathan winner of the 50 dollars cash!!!

In the main event the dog collar match between Doug Harrison and Yukon Jack was a bloody mess. Both opponents beat each other until they could not stand. This match ended with both guys choked out with the dog chain both blacked out and they even had to use smelling salt to bring Yukon Jack back to reality. They were both counted out no winner, however the Commish says Dangerously Sexy will collide one more time.

Thanks for all you SWF fans for showing your support and dedication. What a way to start 2009 with standing room only with over a 150 fans filling our arena for two weeks in a row.

RassleResults: EWP Louiisville, TN 1.01.09

Green Acres Flea Market, Aloca High Way ,Louisville (Knoxville) TN

New Years Knock Out

Attendance of 100+ for NYK

The 7 ft. Mr. Ward remains undefeated as he was victorious against newcomer Nick Paradise. Paradise did manage to get the upper hand on Ward on a few occasions but couldn't waer him down enough to finish him. Paradise went up top to try something and as he came off Mr. Ward caught him by the throat and then followed with the chokeslam for the pin.

Johnny Williams (more hungover than usual) and newcomer Troy Buchanan challenged the Pushkins Express for the EWP Tag Team Championhsip next. The challengers had a hard time in this match with a lack of normal teaming unlike the champions and just were outwrestled early on. Wayne Adkins did get caught however and the challengers did their best to keep him from tagging and keeping him on their side of the ring but the resilient Wayne tagged in Keith Knox as he cleared house and the champs gave Buchanan the Pushkins Driver (spinebuster/neckbreaker combination) for the pinfall.

The 2008 EWP Rookie of the Year, Shawn Streets battled against "The Real Deal" Chase Owens stemming from Owens' being jealous of not being voted EWP RotY. Really nice back-and-forth match with each man giving it their all with Streets' cathing a nearfall off a snap powerslam and Owens catching Shawn in a Gibson Driver for a another nearfall. Shawn was setting up for the 3-point stance to put Owens away but "Filthy" Rich Kavana came out and garbbed his leg which drew the disqualification. Kavana and Owens double-teamed Streets afterwards but he caught both of them with a double tackle that sent them outside.

The King of Kingsport "Handsome" Beau James returned to EWP. Beau said he was only there because he lost a bet on the playoffs and was apalled that he was facing the legendary Gypsy Joe stating that Gypsy was too crazy. Gypsy Joe came out with some metal gutters as a response to Beau's whip. The match started after several minutes of having both men putting away their weapons. Gypsy had his way with Beau outsmarting him and pleasing the crowd by poking Beau in the eyes. Beau had too mucha nd went outside the ring where Gypsy followed and smashed his head into the apron but Beau rammed Gypsy's head into the corner post outside and got back in the ring right before the referee's 10-count earning the victory.

Sigmon got his rematch next against Jason Maxx for the EWP Heavyweight Championship. Sigmon got on the mic proclaiming that he was gonna start 2009 the way it should with him having the belt and that he had invested some money in additional help to take care of problems like earlier and a braggart of being voted 2008 EWP Wrestler of the Year. Maxx had Sigmon reeling early but Sigmon resorted to cheaper tactics grabbing Maxx's hair and goatee to keep him from getting momentum. Rich Kavana made his way out shortly followed by Chase Owens who slid the championship to Sigmon when Kavana had the official distracted and blasted Maxx with it...for 2. As they were all in disbelief and trying the same setup again Devin Driscoll came towards ringsidse distracting them. As Sigmon tried to nail Maxx with the belt again Jason ducked and Sigmon turned around into the yakuza kick for the victory.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 1.03.09

Our show opened with the Commissioner welcoming everyone to the show and during his introduction to Valiant Arena the current ASWF Champion Chuck Fears interrupted T-Bone. Chuck told T-Bone that he was not going to defend his title tonight because T-Bone was no longer the Commissioner, and that since he wasn’t anymore he was going to find someone else to face him. When he was about to leave Tommy Wayne made his way to the ring to appoint T-Bone Commissioner since they won the 8-Man Tag Match two weeks ago. Tommy also stated that the Commissioner had already made the match and they were going to go through with it.

1st Match: One Fall
“Mr. Muscle” Morgan Williams would take on Christopher Lee mano y mano in this one fall match. Morgan and Christopher would exchange taking control. Towards the end of the match Athena Eclipse would again come to the aid of Morgan and hold up Christopher Lee so that Morgan could throw powder in the face of his opponent. Lee would duck and hit Athena with the powder, but with Athena blinded she would accidently choke slam Morgan. Giving Lee the win.

2nd Match: One Fall
Our next match would be one that would be exciting none the less. Cody Murdoch would take on Wild Bill. Wild Bill would try his best in this match but would do no good. Cody Murdoch would hit his finisher the “Flatbed” on Wild Bill giving him the win.

3rd Match: One Fall
This match would be a short lived match with Scott Fury going head to head with Demon X. Demon X would maintain control for most of the match. Demon X would get the one, two, and three.

4th Match: One Fall
This match you would expect it to be quick and painful. However the returning Hot Rod John Ellison would give Oasis a run for his money. Ellison would use his veteran ring experience to try to get the upper hand against the big man. However, Hot Rod would lose to Oasis’s finisher the “Drought”, giving Oasis the victory.

5th Match: Loser Leaves Town Match
Mexicanos would make an unexpected return to Valiant Arena but they would be challenged by Sancho Libre. This match would be short lived but to everybody’s surprise Mexicanos would win the match and Sancho Libre would be escorted out of the building.

6th Match: Non-Title Match
The X-Division Champion X-Kaliber would take on Regulator in a grudge match that would be an action filled match. Regulator put on an incredible fight that would lead him to victory. However, since the title was not on the line X-Kaliber would still retain the title.

7th Match: Tag Team Championship
LSD would take on Kaliki and Mark Wolfe in an action packed, adrenaline fueled, thrill ride of a match. But due to the overwhelming force of power from LSD they would retain their titles.

8th Match: One Fall
Our semi-main event was more of an all out fight between Ray and Casino. This fight would be a non-stop match. Casino would hit Ray in the head with the Cowbell and be disqualified. Even thought the referee would DQ Casino, which would not stop either one of these superstars. Workers and Security would have to be called to separate the two.

9th Match: ASWF Championship
This match would be a match that Tommy Wayne and Chuck Fear would long for. The title was on the line but Chuck Would Get Lucky as this battle went back and forth out of no where tommy hits a tko for the pin 1.2.3 ref rings bell but then see's chuck foot on rope restarts the match tommy turns into a belt shot and chuck gets the Pin Fall

139 in crowd