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Memphis Wrestling TV Report by Brian Thompson 01.24.09

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler are in the studio to open this week's edition of Memphis Wrestling on MyNetwork TV affiliate My50 Memphis.

They discuss the upcoming Memphis Wrestling house show on Saturday, Feb. 28 in West Memphis, AR. That event will feature a main event of Jerry Lawler vs. Sid Vicious. Lawler and Maclin also put over an afternoon appearance today for Maclin and King Cobra at Mo Money Taxes in Olive Branch, MS. They will also speak, by phone, to someone affiliated with the legendary Moondogs.

After a break, Lawler and Maclin again put in a plug for the Feb. 28 West Memphis card at the Holiday Inn Convention Complex. Lawler says the venue can seat approximately 1,000 fans. It is mentioned that King Cobra will be on the show and Maclin brings up Cobra's business Mo Money Taxes and the Maclin/Cobra appearance at the business later today. Lawler and Maclin joke around about tax refunds and then mention some of the names on the West Memphis card including "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher, Sid Vicious, Doug Gilbert and Kevin White.

Lawler says that he grew up idolizing Jackie Fargo and the Blue Infernos. He then talks about how Kevin White grew up as a fan of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and now Kevin White is referred to as the "New Nature Boy." Lawler and Maclin discuss White's ego and attitude. They mention that he is usually accompanied by Su Young and Garry White. Maclin then pitches to a match featuring White.

Match: The Gladiator & Kevin White vs. Tatt2 & Chris Lexx
This match was from a CW30 studio bout, which I believe occurred sometime in mid to late 2007 right before Memphis Wrestling left its live studio format. Reggie B. Fine joined Corey Maclin on commentary for the match. Tatt2 and Gladiator started out. Tatt2 used a lot of kicks and high risk manuevers to get an edge. Tatt2 tags out to Lexx while holding Gladiator's arm, but Gladiator was able to get away. Lexx gets the advantage and does the same spot to success with Tatt2 tagging in and hitting a double team move on the arm. White ends up tagged in and takes control for a little while until a hot tag to Lexx. All four wrestlers end up in the ring. White ends up hitting a Russian leg sweep move for the win.

Maclin and Lawler are back in the studio. Lawler again mentions that White will be in action at the upcoming West Memphis show. He says he doesn't know White's opponent yet, but that White has been quoted as saying he doesn't care who it is. Maclin mentions that when they return from a commercial break, they'll talk to King Cobra.

After the break, Maclin and Lawler are joined in the studio by King Cobra. They all put over the afternoon appearance that Maclin and Cobra have at Mo Money Taxes in Olive Branch, MS. Lawler and Cobra talk old times and Lawler says that Cobra will be on the card in West Memphis on Feb. 28. Lawler also says that Cobra's opponent will be revealed on next week's Memphis Wrestling TV show. They go to another commercial break.

Maclin and Lawler are back in the studio following the break and they discuss how great it was to see King Cobra again. They put over the facility, Holiday Inn Convention Complex, that will host the West Memphis event. Lawler says that if the event goes well, it could be the start of monthly or even weekly events at the venue. Maclin and Lawler then end up in a discussion about the Mid South Coliseum. They say that fans have approached them about the arena and the memories they have of it and Monday night wrestling there. They both talk about how they feel its a shame that it is closed today. Lawler brings up an offer he received to buy the arena for $1. The catch was that it costs $63,000 per month to pay the utility bills of the coliseum.

Maclin then brings up Moondog Cujo's recent death and the show they produced last week in honor of him and the Moondogs. Then, Lawler and Maclin get on the phone with Richard Lee, who managed the Moondogs for many years. Lawler and Lee discuss the feud that the Moondogs had in the early 1990's against Lawler and Jeff Jarrett. Lee also says that some of Maclin's information last week regarding the end of the Moondogs was incorrect and that Moondog Spike is still alive and active. Lee mentions that he was scheduled on a series of events in Mississippi and Indiana to manage Moondog Cujo and Moondog Spike, but of course Cujo died before those events could become a reality. Lee talks about hearing the news of Cujo's death and then calling Maclin to get the details.

Lawler and Lee then discuss more about the Lawler/Jarrett/Moondogs feud from the early 1990's. Lawler remembers cutting a promo on Saturday morning TV where he said that the Moondogs would use everything in a match except the kitchen sink. The next week, the Moondogs had a kitchen sink as one of their weapons. Lee brings up a match where the Moondogs faced Lawler and Jarrett at the Mid South Coliseum with Jackie Fargo as a special referee. Lee and the Moondogs came to the ring with a shopping cart full of weapons. One of the weapons was an ironing board. During the match, Fargo ended up in the fight too and hit Lee with the ironing board.

After the conversation, Maclin pitches to a match from the USWA featuring Richard Lee and The Moondogs.

Match: The Moondogs vs. Dan Shannon and Chris Frazier
Dave Brown and Corey Maclin are the announcers for this match from the USWA in the early 1990's. Brown says that USWA promoters have decreed that if the Moondogs use a steel chair, they will be banned from TV. Brown puts over that he thinks that is a good decision.

As for the match, the Moondogs dominate with Spot eventually using a chair on one of the opponents. Dave rings the bell and puts over the stipulation set forth by USWA officials. Lee tries to attack Dave with a chair, but Maclin makes a save. Maclin and Lee play tug of war with the chair until Spot attacks Maclin from behind. Then Lee takes over by pounding on Maclin. Jeff Jarrett and Billy Joe Travis hit the studio to make a save for Maclin, Shannon and Frazier. Brown tells Maclin to stay down while the pandemonium happens. Jarrett and Travis brawl for several minutes with the Moondogs. Travis bleeds and the Moondogs eventually double team Jarrett. Travis tries to make a save with a guitar, but is stopped. Finally, Jarrett is able to get a chair and clean house. He then hits Moondog Spot with Travis' guitar and then depants Lee, who he had hit minutes earlier with the chair.

After a break, Maclin and Lawler are back in the studio discussing the USWA clip that just aired and the Moondogs' feud with Lawler and Jarrett. Lawler brings up his participation in two concession stand brawls - Tupelo, MS (Lawler & Bill Dundee vs. Wayne Ferris & Larry Latham) and Kennett, MO (Moondogs vs. Lawler & Jarrett). He says that he and Larry "Moondog Spot" Latham ended up battling in both. Lawler mentions that the brawls got heat with promoters, building owners and concession stand operators. He says that he hopes Moondog Spike and Richard Lee end up participating in the upcoming West Memphis show on Feb. 28.

Maclin then pitches to a tag team match from recent Memphis Wrestling history.

Match: Derrick King and Johnny Dotson vs. Charlie Laird and Crime
Before entering the ring, King and Dotson stop by the desk to be interviewed by Maclin. Reggie B. Fine says he wants to do the interview. This was your typical comedy laced Memphis "I'm gonna beat you in no time" interview.
Match goes back and forth a little with King and Dotson getting the win with a nice tag team combo of a slingshot by Dotson into King's superkick.

King, Dotson and their manager Rashard Devon end up attacking the opposition with belts. Chris Lexx, Tatt2 and another babyface hit the ring for the save, but are unsuccessful. Too Cool 2 finally shows up to run them off.

After a break, Maclin and Lawler discuss Lawler's past with Sid Vicious. Lawler puts over Sid's accomplishments in WWE and WCW, noting his tenure as World Champion in both major organizations. However, Lawler says that he and Sid never see eye-to-eye whether its in the wrestling business or even on the softball field, where they have opposed each other on competing teams in the past. He says that "everytime we are within arms reach of each other, something bad happens."

Maclin then pitches to a more recent Sid/Lawler bout.

Match: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Sid Vicious
This is a match from Northeast Wrestling. It was shown on Memphis Wrestling at least once before during the last year or so. Lawler hammers Sid early with punches, but they aren't working. Lawler hits three in a row and then decides to try a dropkick which does work out. Sid misses a roundhouse right near the corner and Lawler is able to take advantage with fast punches and kicks in the corner.

Sid gets on the house mic and says that "you people and Lawler have now pissed me off." Out of a lockup, Sid chokes Lawler and takes the edge. The announcer from Northeast Wrestling puts over how Sid wants to make THIS Lawler's last match. After a choke and trip combo, Sid attempts a pin on Lawler, but the "King" kicks out. Sid applies a rear chinlock and uses ropes for leverage. He then hits two legdrops, tries two pins unsuccessfully and goes back to the chinlock. Lawler makes a comeback and ends up trading punches with Sid. Sid knocks Lawler down, but the "King" bounces back up, blocks a punch and hits some of his own, and then pulls the strap down. He follows up with a bodyslam. The referee gets in the way and, as Lawler moves his away, Sid pulls an object from his jean shorts. He clocks Lawler with it and gets the win.

Back in the studio, Lawler says that a lot of wrestlers get nicknames that may or may not suit them but that the nickname "Psycho" definitely fits Sid Vicious. He talks about facing Sid on Feb. 28 in West Memphis. Lawler also says that Sid apparently cut some outrageous promos about him that will air on Memphis TV next week. Maclin says that Sid is "not playing with a full deck." Lawler warns that Maclin should watch what he says about Sid in case he hears him. Maclin and Lawler wrap up with one last plug for today's Maclin/Cobra appearance at Mo Money Taxes in Olive Branch, MS.

RassleNotes: It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd will turn out for the show in West Memphis. The facility is nice as I once attended an Arkansas State Sheriffs Association event there. It will provide a "classy" look for the show...The USWA clip was fun and it was nice to see some local guys featured again in the old CW30 matches.

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RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 1.23.09

75 attended

Derrick Neal b Convict Clown

Antonio Cathey & Cody Whitehead b Travis Starr & Trakan Mathias and Psycho Medic & Shawn Hoodrich in a 3-way when whitehead pinned Mathias

USWO Jr. Champion Lee Cross b Jason Xavier

Tim Renesto & Saint b Cathey & Whitehead when Saint pinned Whitehead after Renesto hit him with an international object

USWO Tag Team Champions Shane Eden & Steven Green b Josh Crowe & Lee Cross (w/Ronnie Vegas) when Eden pinned Crowe

USWO Champion Mitch Ryder b JD Fluffy

LT Falk b Damien Payne in a 2/3 falls match. Payne won the first fall in a fan lumberjack match, Falk won the second fall in a submission match, and Falk won the third fall in a table match.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

A Piece of my Mind Jan 23rd 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

It’s about time for the WWE Hall of Fame indication ceremonies again. The only announced inductee so far is Stone Cold Steve Austin. It is rumored that he wants Ric Flair to induct him. I don’t understand the choice myself but if that’s what Austin wants that’s what he should get. It has nothing to do with Flair per say. He is an excellent choice and would do a fantastic job. I just don’t understand the nature of the relationship. I would think someone who had a very profound impact on the inductee’s life should be selected. In this case I certainly would have expected that Jim Ross would have been asked.
It has been suggested that WWE doesn’t want Flair to induct Austin since he isn’t with the company. If this Hall of Fame is ever going to get some credibility the WWE is going to have to start letting the inductees call their own shots. I am no fan of Jerry Lawler but when he was inducted he wanted Lance Russell to induct him. I am a huge fan of Lance Russell he did me the honor of calling our matches at WrestleReunion 1 and 2. He had been a major part of the career of Jerry “The King” Lawler and should have been allowed to induct him.
The Hall of Fame is clearly a popularity contest heaven forbid if someone speaks blasphemy against WWE they will never get in. It should be merit based but since it isn’t can’t they at least let the inductees accept the honor in their own way.

Well Vince McMahon is back on television so at the very least RAW will be more interesting. The timing is interesting with football also over on Monday nights.
I wonder what Vince McMahon’s mode of transportation is to WWE events. Is he still flying a private plane? I wonder how many positions could be paid for if that private plane wasn’t being used. Is flying first class really that bad? Hmmm maybe being out in public would get Vince back in touch with the public. I believe that could be a huge help to him right now.

The picture for this article is taken just before the start of the main event in Tampa at WrestleReunion 1. Mick Foley was the special guest referee and Abdullah was ready to spread mayhem as always.

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results Wrapup 1.10 TO 1.17.09


Suicide def. Phoenix X

Jerry Weezy def. The Kid- Post match it was revealed Weezy was trying to get XOW to let him join.

Jeremy Moore's special opponent was none other than Billy Russ, the match was set up under the rules that Moore could lose the belt by DQ, count out, pinfall, or submission. This was because Russ wasn't a wrestler.

Billy Russ def. Jeremy Moore to capture the High Risk title after Sarge O’Reilly slid Russ a chair but Moore got it first and slapped it on the ground signaling he would hit Billy, this caused Russ to faint from being scared and the ref heard the thud and turned around to see Russ down and the chair in Moore's hands, causing a DQ

Biscuits and Gravy def. Syn and DJ Stunner to capture the XOW Tag Belts and they revealed who they were after the match – Jon Roberts and Gaylon Ray.

Big Red def. Tommy Redneck to capture the XOW Hardcore title. The title is now under 24/7 rules

XOW attacked Jason Reed causing him not to be able to tag with Crazy Train in the main event, Jeremy Moore was the substitute

Neil Taylor and Sarge def. Moore and Crazy Train after Billy Russ got Moore to chase him and Taylor used a chain on Crazy Train

Crowd was probably 85 to 90


Show opened with XOW in the ring, along with Weezy begging for a job. Sarge told Weezy he had an idea and for him to leave the ring. XOW was talking about their matches for the evening, Sarge stated that Reed probably didn't have a partner and would have to wrestle alone. Reed came out and introduced “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. TGB cut a promo on being back at NBW and got straight to business, he said unlike Sarge and Mickey Ray, He and Reed would lay down and die for each other, and tonight they would team against the “Family of Pain” [Sarge O’Reilly/Mickey Ray].

Kid vs. Tommy Redneck was stopped due to Syn, DJ Stunner and Suicide coming out and demanding they get a tag title rematch, this brought out Jon Roberts and Gaylon Ray. They said they will get a rematch but they have an idea for tonight, they have a friend in the back so why don’t they make it a 6 man.

Gaylon/Biscuit/Phoenix X def. Syn/Stunner/Suicide in the match of the night.

XOW Hardcore Champion Big Red def. Weezy after he jumped out of the crowd and tried to regain the belt from Red.

Billy Russ def. Jeremy Moore in a re-match after Russ ran from Moore most of the match, Moore finally got his hands on him and Syn/Stunner/and Suicide came out by the announce table and started arguing, this caught the ref's attention long enough for Weezy to blast Moore with the belt and Russ covered for the 3. After the match they all celebrated and Russ told Weezy he may have a spot.

F.O.P. def. TGB/Jason Reed

Crazy Train def. Neil Taylor to retain the Title. Post match Neil DDT'd Crazy on a chair and kept beating him until Crazy had to be carried out.

Really Good show here, Crowd was up and looked to be over 100 there. Should be a couple of returns this week along with Tank bringing back an old gimmick.

Credit: NBWnewsguy

----Did Biscuit and Gaylon lose a “Loser Leave Town” and that is why they were wearing masks?? I am confused…Hate the idea of a non-wrestler winning a belt. Another reason that belts mean nothing…I am not sure why WeezY, Gaylon or Biscuit are getting spots. They usually walk out right in the middle of angles…Good stuff with Taylor – baby goes over with the heel staying hot…Tank with an old gimmick?? I am confused again!!

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Shows for The Weekend 1.23 and 1.24.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular schedule shows. Below and above are a couple of "special" shows sent in featuring East Tennessee talent.

Apex Wrestling
Friday, January 23, 2009
Hinton, WV @ Memorial Building
8:00 pm Bell Time
Apex Tag Team Title Match
Champions, Beau James & Chase Owens
Wayne Adkins & Elijah O'Malley
Bull Rope Match for the
Apex Heavyweight Title
Champion, Death Falcon Zero
"Young Gun" Cody Ices
Special Challenge- Legend Returns
The Mighty Hojo
"Gypsy Joe" Jean Madrid
Scotty McKeever
Jake Dalton
Shane Storm
Brad Thomas
plus more

*Card Subject to Change*

Ticket on sale at the door

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 1.17.09

Rockin randy beat Shannon Lee and Dewey Mac the 3rd.This match was going to determine who was going to get a buy in the heavyweight title tournament.

Chris Rocker beat Chad Heart with a frog splash. Second match in the Title tourney.

Interview with “Pain n Justice” [Motley Cruz/Mark Justice], the”Real Deal” Tim Edwards and Mad Money Mike. These guys were out talking about their opponents later that night. it was a six man tag team match putting them against Derrick King,Kilo and Justin Smart. Motley sees Derrick King’s trainee at ringside doing security. he calls Justin the security guard up into the ring and shortly after that Pain and Justice with Tim Edwards start beating down Justin. When out comes DK, Kilo and Justin smart. DK and Justin Smart are thrown to the outside while Motley places a plastic bag over Kilos head to smother him. After a minute or 2 DK hits the ring again with a sledge hammer he found while he was on the ground. Kilo is carried out and doesn’t look like he will be able to wrestle.

Lucha Libra wrestling: El Rock Ero beat El Super Catastrophe

Bishop beat Chris Williams in the third match in the tournament.

Pain n Justice and Tim Edwards beat Derrick King Justin “the juice” Smart and Chris Rocker when Kilo returned to the ring for a little measure of revenge, but only to get hurt even more and know is in question to if he can even wrestle next week.

Dustin 5 Starr w/Angelina beat Eugene w/ Su Yung. This match was great, at one point it even came down to the girls getting into a fight n the ring. After the match Dustin goes to the mic and tells the crowd how he is the best DCW has to offer. He has beaten everyone that they have put in his way. Right in the middle of this his spill the lights go out, church bells hit and who appears? “The Baron” Malkavain, he shows Dustin he is not scared of him and will stand toe to toe with him.

Bishop, Rocker and Randy all advanced in the DCW title tournament. Looks like it will be the Baron taking on Dustin Starr soon. …Is kilo going to be able to wrestle next week?... Who else will show up? There was alot of new faces there this past Saturday night….170 in the building. Good hot crowd. They really hate Starr and Angelina…Crowd was really concerned over Kilo’s health…Luchadors was a great crowd pleaser…Good solid show.
Credit: Spirtof1980

-----This is the group’s biggest crowd to date. Eugene helped bring up the crowd…Love the angle with Kilo…Also the booking of the main event was perfect!! Starr over Eugene and then Malkavain comes out. Starr beats the big star and then Malkavain is instantly over by challenging him. I look for him to get a major push…It will be interesting on who they will put the title on. I don’t look for DK or Starr to get the belt due to the fact that neither need it to get over. In the past, DK’s booking has put the belt on a really strong worker. Rocker vs Bishop would be a good feud for the belt with Rocker chasing it. Those two had a real good match at the last show I attended…Two area groups drawing over 150 this week. Good sign.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR .01.17.09

1. Chris Steel and The Loose Cannon VS Lucky and Precious.
Steel and Cannon winners.

2. Mike Anthony and Retro VS Irish Dragons. Scott Fury and Acid.
Scott Fury and Acid winners.

3. J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan VS John and Roger Allen with Da Pimp.
Kerry and Titan winners.

4. “Naughty By Nature” [Rude/Pokerface] VS “I.D.S” [Nick Grymes/David Andrews] with the Shei. I.D.S. winners.

5. Mike and Kurt - “The Irish Saints_ VS The Natural Born Playa'z [Pimptacular/Southside Brawler]. Playa'z winners.

6. P.O.B. Ron Rage and Midnight Cowboy VS The Dawg Pound. Rodney Mack and Rick Ruby. P.O.B. winners

7. Tejano Kid and Dominique VS Austin and Nikki Lane.

The RWA tag team tournament started on this show and so did the taping for TV. The crowd was loud and hot for all the matches. Especially for the last two matches, of course the I.D.S. has heat in the building because of the Sheik and the crowd again this week gave the Sheik the USA chant the whole time they were out.

The POB and The Dawg Pound gave the crowd all they wanted the match was stiff and was in the ring as well as on the floor. Ron Rage and Cowboy managed to bust Ruby open as Silas and Buzz Kill put their two cents in every time Ruby or Mack was on the outside. As Mack fought Cowboy and Silas and Buzz Kill, Rage hit the redemption on Ruby to get the win. Neither team was happy and all four of POB jumped on Mack and Ruby after the match. Mack's Dogs came from the back and cleared the ring.

The match between Tejano and Dominique and Austin and Nikki Lane was as good as they get. Nikki got caught in the ring with Tejano and took most of the heat in the match. But in the end it was Austin and Tejano hooking up and putting on the show with the Lanes getting the win.

This was the one year anniversary show for the RWA. Most of the critics gave them 6 months but it seems that this promotion has made its stand and has even gotten stronger. The crowd was 200+ and it seems to be gaining popularity in the community. Congratulations to the workers who have made the show what it is now and those who are making it better for the future.

Credit: RWAreporter

----Great to see this group doing good. The addition of guys like Rude, Lane, Acid and Fury can only improve your roster. The Sheik seems to be getting heat also...I think this might have been their first TV tapings. They plan to do 30 minutes shows and get two per house show...This group is also looking into doing some house shows in other towns next month.

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RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 1.17.09

Here’s the report from last week’s final TLCW set…

All of the TLCW superstars gather at ringside to begin this night of TLCW action. Wrestlers such as Chris O’Neal, Christian Jacobs, Stan Lee, Ike Tucker and Cody Melton gather at the rear of the ring while others, including Dustin Starr, The Bad Boys, Genocide and Dell Tucker, gather at the front. Commissioner Dustin Baker arrives and informs the wrestlers, as well as the crowd, that this will be a very important meeting and if there were any fights at ringside, that he would suspend them on the spot.

He then goes into the situation with Stan Lee and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. A couple of weeks ago, Commissioner Baker granted Stan Lee a match against The Golden Boy for the TLCW heavyweight championship, on the condition that it was made an unsanctioned match. Stan Lee won the bout, and celebrated with his fans inside the ring. The next week, after a discussion with K.C Gold and other officials, it was determined that since the match was unsanctioned, the belt couldn’t change hands. Commissioner Baker apologizes to the wrestlers, and to the fans for his mistake.

He then makes the statement that everyone’s job, including his own, could be at risk. Then, the announcement is made. This would be the final night for TLCW Wrestling, and that next week, the organization would be known as Elite Wrestling Entertainment. Apparently, there is a new owner in town and everyone’s position is at risk.

The commissioner then opens the floor to any questions, and Jon Michael enters the ring. He said that since this was the last night for TLCW and there might not be another chance, he wants Jon Michael against Dustin Starr. Dustin jumps on the ring and asks “You want a match tonight?” as the crowd chants Jon Michael’s name. Dustin stares down Jon and says that if he wants a match tonight, he has a match tonight.
Half of the superstars start to exit the arena, but Commissioner Baker says he isn’t done yet. As the wrestlers turn around, the Commissioner says that this might be the last night of TLCW, but he won’t hesitate ending someone’s career early, and they promptly return.

Commissioner Baker then announces the next major event, which will be “Valentine’s Vengeance” on February 14th, as Stan Lee enters the ring with a piece of paper in his hand. The paper Stan has is a physical which clears him to wrestle again, and he demands a rematch with the Golden Boy tonight. Just as Commissioner Baker starts to make his decision, K.C Gold interrupts him and asks why he wasn’t told about this meeting, and to let Stan and Commissioner Baker know that Greg Anthony wasn’t in the building tonight. He says that since the Golden Boy wasn’t able to make it, he has a proposition for Stan. If Stan wants a title shot for the TLCW championship, he would have to wrestle a handpicked opponent of his choosing. If Stan wins, he will gain a title shot next week. If Stan loses, then KC Gold becomes commissioner next week. After much deliberation, Commissioner Baker says he trusts Stan, and gives him the chance to compete tonight, but barred everyone from ringside during the match. He then received an important phone call from the new owners and quickly exited the arena, followed by the remaining superstars.

The Matches:

Jon Michael enters the ring eager to get his hands on Dustin Starr. Dustin’s music hits and he comes out like he’s preparing for the fight, but grabs a mic to talk some smack. He says that he told John Michael that he had a match, but he never said that it was with 5 Star. Dustin goes on to say that he’ll have a match with Jon Michael during “Valentines Vengeance” on February 14th, but his opponent tonight is Maxx Corbin of Genocide. The two battle it out, but Dustin Starr jumps up on the ropes long enough to allow Jon Michael to throw him into the ring. Jon Michael prepares his finisher, but the Albino Rhino, the other member of Genocide, jumps in and causes Maxx Corbin to be disqualified. Christian Jacobs comes out to help Jon Michael with a chair as Genocide and Dustin Starr flee the ring. He then challenges Genocide to a tag team match later that night with the tag team of Christian Jacobs and Chris O’Neal, better known as “Picture Perfect”. The match is made and genocide leaves the arena.

Winner: Jon Michaels by DQ

“Identical brothers” the “Bad Boys” [Chad and Brad Badd] faced off with Ike Tucker of “Rhythm and Blues”. After a few clever substitutions and some bad acting, the Bad Boys pull off the win. As they leave the arena, Ike regains his composure and demands for them to come back to the ring, but never show. Ike runs to the back after them.

Winner: The Bad Boys

Former tag team partners Dell Tucker and Cody Melton face off next. The match starts off fast and furious with Cody Melton exploding off the entrance ramp going after Tucker with authority. After a long, see-saw like match, Cody finally goes out of the ring and grabs a table to put in the ring. He sets up and gets ready to throw Tucker through the table, but Dell regains enough strength to lift Melton up. Melton quickly escapes and turns the tables on Dell, but also escapes and runs to the back.

Winner: Dell Tucker by DQ

“Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino] faces “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Chris O’Neal] next in a tag team battle. The team of Picture Perfect was crippled midway through the match and tried to rally back, but their efforts didn’t pay off, as Genocide delivered a massive hit to Chris O’Neal and went down for the 3 count. Genocide made sure the job was done by going high off the top rope before exiting the arena.

Winner: Genocide

Stan Lee is now geared up to face his mystery opponent. The Bad Boys music plays and out comes the two so-called twins. They come to the ring and inform Stan that they are his “opponent” tonight, and the match begins as a 2 on 1 handicap match. Stan manages to survive the not-so-dynamic duo to win the match, but out comes K.C Gold once again. He says that The Bad Boys were not The Golden Boy’s chosen opponent tonight. He points to the entrance and says “This is your opponent tonight” as J.R Manson’s music starts to play. J.R comes to the ring with this medicine bottle in hand and puts it in his corner and they begin the match. As soon as J.R sees that he is down in this match, he grabs his medicine bottle and takes out what appears to be a powdery substance. He patiently waits until Stan stands back up, and attempts to throw the white powder in his face, but Stan quickly counteracts and hits J.R’s hands causing the powder to go in his own face. Stan hits his finisher and pins J.R for the win. This means that Stan Lee will have a match next week against “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony. The fans come by the ring and congratulate Stan on his victory as the night comes to a close.

Winner: Stan Lee

Credit: Dustin Williams @

----The final match of this promotion as TLCW is the video...Not sure the crowd number, but from the video I am thinking 70 to 80 people...I hate the idea of a tag team against a single wrestler. He does nothing to get the tag team over. I know they are a comedy act, but no one can take them serious...I found it weird that Baker said something about no one knowing if they had their job or not, but then he started talking about the next big card...It seems the "new owner" is part of a storyline and will not be revealed as Stan Lee...I have heard tons of criticism about Slim Pickens' new gimmick - JR Manson. I like it. He needs to add something to his gear though - maybe go goth or something. A crazy person doesn't dress in wrestling gear. LOL I mean if you are a psycho, then you got to dress like a psycho - just ask Psycho about it. LOL We have to remember we are talking about professional wrestling here and if you are doing a gimmick, then it has to be over the top to get over...RRO Gimmick of the Year: "The Baron" Malkavain is gone with this group unhappy with his direction.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 1.17.09

Kilo Green defeated referee turned wrestler Barney for the third week in a row.

Jay Webster defeated Robert Rose.

Slammer won a three-way match over "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris and Mason.

The Executioners (Axe & Dagger) won a three-way tag team match over PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) & The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade). PHAT Foundation walked out on the match, saying that since no belts were on the line, they were not going to participate. Blade accidentally hit Buzz with a chain. This is the second week in a row that Blade has hit Buzz, having accidentally hit him with a chair the previous week.

Bonecrusher/Soultaker & 24/7 (Kross/JR Mauler) vs. Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) & The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) quickly turned into a wild brawl that ended up with all 8 men brawling outside the ring. The referee finally threw the match out. I never thought I would see Soul Taker fly over the top rope to the floor, but that's just what he did, flattening several big men. Great action, if you like out and out brawls, which I do. After it was all over, Kross/JR Mauler/Bonecrusher/Soul Taker said they wanted to do it one more time, only next time without a referee.

Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten/Brett Michaels) defeated Sons of the South ("The Future" Chris Styles/Josh Matthews w/"Big Daddy" Nino) to retain the EPW Tag Team Championship. Pain, Inc. was without the services of their manager, Nathan Lee, but that did not stop them from cheating throughout the match and eventually getting the win.

The 80 or so people in the crowd saw a great show!

This Saturday night at EPW, the card will include a re-match, Bonecrusher/Soul Taker/Kross/JR Mauler vs. Cody & Brody Hawk/Psycho/Pappy - WITHOUT a referee! This is sure to be a wild and crazy brawl! Don't miss this event! You never know what's going to happen at EPW! Bell time is 8:00 this Saturday night at the EPW Arena on Highway 145 in Booneville.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @


----It was announced in Ripley,TN that the name TLCW was retired. This promotion has been running shows since early 2006 under the TLCW banner. Due to the fact that Stan Lee is now the official business owner of wrestling in that building, the building owner had ask them to change their name. The building owner did not want anything to do with the name TLCW or Tim Cummins due to some bad blood between them. The promotion will from this point be known as Elite Wrestling Entertainment.

----I would also like to point everyone to the official EWE blog by Dustin Williams. CLICK HERE!! He has posted some matches from the past few weeks. It looks like it will be a good place to see some of the local talent featured. EWE has a real good core of guys featuring Christian Jacobs, Chris O'Neal, Jon Michael, Greg Anthony and Stan Lee. This group is on the path of becoming one of the better groups in the area.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Remembering The Dream!!

----Tomorrow the United States is making history. I know I am not one to give my political views on here. It is a wrestling site and that is what we talk about here. But, for all those people that say things like, "If we are going to celebrate Martin Luther King day, then why don't we celebrate Elvis Presley's birthday?", remember when you walk into that convenience store they can't refused you business because you are fat, wear glasses, handicap, wear a white sheet or Anarchy sign on your shirt. Why can they not?? Say "thank you" to MLK for that one - not Elive Presley.

----And on my final note of being political..only in America can a black man with an Islamic sounding name become President. We do live in a great country. And just think, RRO has always been politically correct - Derrick King is celebrating his 3rd year as Wrestler of the Year. LOL

Moondog Controversy...Again!

----I read the post that Brian Thompson made a few days back and wanted to put my two cents in also. I have not been a fan of any of the other Moondogs after the death of Larry Booker. One can argue what they want about Cujo's place in Moondog history, but since he was a Moondog with Larry, then I can see how people would not consider it "against the rules". From all accounts, Lanny was a good guy and had friends in this area. All of this reminded me of a Moondog controversy we had here at the site. I am not sure how many of the readers have seen this stuff, because we add new readers every week. There are also two posts by Chris Booker where he makes his feelings felt about Cujo and other Moondogs.

-CLICK HERE to read "You Don't Spit In The Wind, You Don't Pull On Superman's Cape and You Don't Mess with The Moondog Legend!!!"

-CLICK HERE to read "Son of Spot - Chris Hollywood"

-CLICK HERE to read and HERE to read Chris Hollywood's thoughts on Cujo Moondog.

RassleResults: SEW Memphis, TN 1.16.09

Southern Extreme Wrestling presents "Redemption"
Friday, January 16th

Big Country and Akeem Hudson fought to a No Contest in a Weapons Match after The Dynasty attacked both men and the ref.Reno Diamond stated that they were taking over the show since the General Manager was not available, and that Carnage Antwane would challenge Danny B. Good for the Heavyweight Title.

Soultaker and Samoan Rajah w/Pimpin' Antoin Smooth def. Kross and his mystery partner Psycho w/Kayte. After the match, Kross and Psycho beat down Rajah and Soultaker before taking turns beating Smooth.

Malik the Great def. Johnny Dotson after outside interference from The Dynasty

"Big CA" Carnage Antwane def. Danny B. Good for the SEW Championship Antwane pinned Danny after Dynasty member Blalok the Blazer held his feet during a suplex.

After the match, The Dynasty attempted to beat down Danny B. but Johnny Dotson made the save. He made an open challenge to any Dynasty member for the Jan. 31st TV taping, before dragging Blalok back out and held him down to be beaten by a fan.

Approximate attendence: 98

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 1.17.09 - Over 400 Fans!!

The Fan Appreciation Show was a show that even promotions in the whole state of Arkansas wish they could have had.

Three people would be inducted in the ASWF Hall-Of-Fame. Our first inductee would be none other than Idol Bane. Idol Bane was at the first ASWF show which took place in a backyard. For showing his outstanding performance and dedication to the ASWF he would be place among the legends in ASWF Wrestling. Our two next inductees would be 30 year veterans of the squared circle, that’s right, Johnny Hawk and Johnny Harper. Both men have been dedicated to the ASWF for quite some time and were both very professional in and out of the ring.

1st Match: One Fall

Our first match of the evening was a not stop action filled match. Two of the biggest wrestlers in the ASWF would go head to head. Oasis vs. Dre. This would be Dre’s returning match in the ASWF. However, even with the size of Dre equaling that of Oasis but Dre would lose to Oasis by pin fall.

2nd Match: Tag Team Match

Our second match of the evening would be two veterans taking on two rookies. Hot Rod John Ellison and Wild Bill would take on Kaliki and Mark Wolfe. This was a match that you could not miss. John and Bill would be up to no good in this match making “tags” that the referee didn’t see and well, just up to no good. They would cost Kaliki and Mark the match.

3rd Match: European Title Finals

This would be the final round in this tournament. Cody Murdoch and Demon X would take on each other for the gold. Cody would stay in control for most of the match, but to Murdoch’s surprise Demon X would start to comeback. He would finish off Cody and get the 1, 2, and 3.

4th Match: Tag Team Title Championship

LSD vs. Mexicanos for the titles. Idol was attacked at the beginning of the show by Mexicanos injuring the knee of Idol Bane. Mexicanos would take advantage of Idol’s injury and continue to inflict pain on Bane. But LSD would lose the belts to Mexicanos. Even after the match was over Johnny Hawk and Harper would continue their assault on the former tag team champions until it was stopped by some wrestlers from the back.

5th Match: Handicap Match

This match was supposed to be a tag team match but Commissioner Ward would receive a phone call from Coach Gould stating that his car had been sabotaged and could not make it tonight. So Ray and Tyler would take on Casino two on one. Casino would seem to be at a disadvantage but would put on a hack of a match winning against the odds with a pin.

6th Match: Six Man Tag Match

This match was set up at the beginning of the show when X-Kaliber, Morgan Williams, and Chuck Fears would start bad mouthing Regulator, Christopher Lee, and Tommy Wayne. The Commissioner would make the match and it was a match that you would not forget. This was an action packed, adrenaline fueled, thrill ride of a match. You could not literally keep of with who was the legal man in this match. X-Kaliber would get the submission on Regulator and he would tap out giving X-Kaliber’s team the win. However, Gravedigger would come to ring and start cleaning house taking out everyone even the referee and Commissioner Ward.

418 in crowd

Credit: ASWFace

----I was told this was a solid show and I should be getting a DVD of it...This was a free show, but over 400 fans for anything is good in this area. I am not sure if they could have fit many more in that building??

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Interesting wrestling article in Commercial Appeal newspaper

On a Sunday afternoon update at Dave Meltzer and Brian Alvarez's and, there is a brief mention and link to an article in a recent Commercial Appeal newspaper about pro wrestler Sheik Mohmmad Abdul looking for a valet.

The article talks about Abdul's search and his upcoming appearances at All Pro Productions' Feb. 7th legends event in Batesville, MS and at a Jonesboro, AR Royal Wrestling Alliance (RWA) event.

Austin Lane is one of the names put over in the article.

It's good to see local promotions getting some decent publicity in a publication with the circulation of the Commercial Appeal.

To read the article visit:

Jerkin' The Curtain returns Monday, Jan. 19th @ 10 PM CST w/ Hudson & Prazak!

Well, I know the public has been waiting for bated breath for the much anticipated return of Jerkin' The Curtain, and the time is finally near! We'll be back this coming Monday, Jan. 19th at our regular time, 10 PM central. This will be our 1 year anniversary show, and in honor of that, I'm having the same guests who joined me on the debut show last year, none other than Scott Hudson & Steven Prazak. Tommy Stewart will co-host with me, and we'll just have fun and discuss whatever topics come up. We'll of course welcome calls and/or e-mail questions and comments during the show. Check it out live, or check out the archive later. Cya Monday night! Trent


----I would like to thank everyone that participated in the Awards Race 2008. It was an interesting ride all the way to the end. Below are the winners!! The full rundown of how everyone won and such will be presented in Yearbook 2008. I should have full details on ordering the book sometime in the next few days. I do know the book will be around 325 pages!! That is double Yearbook 2007. Speaking of Yearbook 2007, I have made arrangements with the publisher of that book to offer it at almost half price. CLICK HERE to order it for only $10.99 or download it for only $6.99!! I have no plans to ever offer Yearbook 2007 at arenas again, so this will be your only way to buy it.

----CLICK HERE for the Award Badges!! Just right-click in the center of your award and save. This year seem a touch of history, since this is the first class of the Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame. These are to be used on your web site, your myspace or Facebook sites. I encourage you to post them as it promotes the site and the awards..well..and you.

----CLICK HERE to visit and see the Class of 2008 RRO Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame. I have posted the inductees. Full rundown of the Hall of Fame is included in Yearbook 2008. I plan to start posting some of the profiles at the end of February.

----Without any further BS….let the controversy begin!!! Your 2008 RRO Award Winners are………..

-Wrestler of the Year: Derrick King
-MVP Performer of the Year: Stan Lee
-Tag Team of the Year: BLS [Void/Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley]
-MVP Tag Teams: “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee]
-Rookie of the Year: Greg King Jr
-Promotion of the Year: ASWF
-Booker of the Year: Greg Anthony
-Announcer of the Year: Brian Thompson
-Gimmick of the Year: “The Baron” Malkavain
-Manager of the Year: “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock
-Horizon Award: Eric Wayne
-Most Improved: Idol Bane
-Most Underrated: AJ Bradley
-Site of the Year:
-Columnist of the Year: Brian Thompson
-Female Performer of the Year: Su Yung
-Referee of the Year: Downtown Bruno
-Memphis Wrestling TV Match of the Year: Koko Ware/Eugene vs Kid Kash/Kevin White with Garry White/Su Yung
-Arena Report Match of the Year: Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne [****1/4] West Memphis, AR 2.10.08


----Derrick King becomes the only three time winner in the same category – Wrestler of the Year…Lee, Blaylock and DK were the only nominees to repeat from 2007…DK takes home only two awards along with Eric Wayne, Su Yung, Lee and Brian Thompson doing the same thing…Even though ASWF did win Promotion of the Year, NEW is well represented here with regular roster members DK, Lee, Greg Anthony, Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Brian Thompson, “The Baron” as Dustin Ring, Downtown Bruno and Greg King Jr all winning awards…First time in RRO Award history that the Wrestler/MVP also won as MVP Tag Team.


RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 1.16.09

Royale Executioner def. F. Boogieman Scream

Wildside & Hardknocks Hooligan wrestled Lawman Williams & Dazzlin’ Dixie to a no contest

Bloodbath def. Sgt. Swat

AC Styles def. American Hero

Oz def. Johnny Superstar

Chico Mendoza def. Jawbreaker Jesse Dee to win the Regional Heavyweight Title

The Outlaw wrestled Pecos to a time limit draw

Frankie Tucker def. Chris Lexxus In a Submission Only Match

“ Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant def. Devon Day

Attendance 225
• Lawman Williams suspended two weeks for striking announcer Drew Magruder
• Lexxus passed out from ankle injury and didn’t actually submit.
• Chico regains the AIWF Midsouth Regional Heavyweight Title
• Mark Southern attacks Gary Valiant after his match. Match next week booked.

Credit: Steven Hunter

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 1.17.09

41 attended

Otis Bass b Dominator (w/Ronnie Vegas) by DQ when Dominator used Vegas' cane on Bass

Anthony Wayne & Psycho Medic & Travis Starr b Kid Dynamite & Saint & Stevie King (w/Ronnie Vegas) when Medic pinned King

Derrick Neal b Damien Payne by countout when Payne left the ring area

Chris Norte b Travis Starr

LA Player & D'Angelo b ATL Tag Team Champions Derrick Neal & Psycho Medic by DQ when Medic hit Player with a bat.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 1.16.

59 attended

Psycho Medic & Shawn Hoodrich b Trakan Mathias & Dominator when Medic pinned Dominator

Derrick Neal b Chris Norte

USWO Jr. Champion Lee Cross b Travis Starr

Shane Eden & Steven Green b Saint & Tim Renesto to win the USWO Tag Team Championship when Green pinned Saint

Chuck Taylor b LT Falk and Damien Payne in a 3-way when Taylor pinned Falk

USWO Champion Mitch Ryder b Michael Jablonski

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 1.16.09

59 attended

Psycho Medic & Shawn Hoodrich b Trakan Mathias & Dominator when Medic pinned Dominator

Derrick Neal b Chris Norte

USWO Jr. Champion Lee Cross b Travis Starr

Shane Eden & Steven Green b Saint & Tim Renesto to win the USWO Tag Team Championship when Green pinned Saint

Chuck Taylor b LT Falk and Damien Payne in a 3-way when Taylor pinned Falk

USWO Champion Mitch Ryder b Michael Jablonski