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A Piece of my Mind Jan 31st 2009 by "The Big Cheese Sal Corrente

It appears that my long time friend Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat will now be going into the WWE Hall of Fame. The word is out that his induction will be done by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. The only other person that should have been considered is his son who is currently training in Japan. With that being said, Flair is an excellent choice. It will be a speech filled with a lot of emotion and memories. The only thing that would or could make it better is one more time those two guys step inside the squared circle. Alas, I am sure it is not to be, but I can dream cant I.

It’s a long way to come from selling vacuums door to door in Tampa, Fl to being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Although the majority of the Steamboat legend was built in the NWA, he certainly contributed to the WWF and WCW as well. He participated in a match some would argue is the greatest Wrestlemania match of all time vs. Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 3. I think if you want to be a wrestler today, and you haven’t seen that match on video, it would be like wanting to become an American Citizen and not recognizing the first president was George Washington.

I have had many good times with Ricky over the year and a lot of laughs. I can remember one story from his gym on W.T.Harris Blvd, Ricky Steamboats Mid Atlantic Gym, that he shared with me. It was about the great Lou Thesz. It seems that Lou was in the gym and he wanted to do seated rows. The exercise machine was already being used by a couple of strong kids who were using the maximum allowed on the machine which was three hundred lbs. They saw Lou waiting and having no idea who he was said something to the effect of we will be done in a minute “old man". When they were done they wanted to reset the machine for the old man but Lou told them to leave it where it was and with one hand took the bar and proceeded to sit down never letting the weight crash. He then proceeded to do numerous repetitions as those young strong kids stood in stunned silence. If you ever had the opportunity to be exposed to Lou I am sure you can appreciate this story even more.

One other story that I love to tell about Steamboat comes from my old tag team partner and lifelong friend Carolina’s Own David Isley. Before I knew David he was an employee over at Steamboat’s gym so he has known Rick a very long time. David knew that I was very close friend with long time wrestler Charley Fulton who was very respected and liked by all that knew him. Fulton truly was a guy that could wrestle a broom stick and make it work out. I remember back in the old days Charley telling me that it didn’t matter if a referee was good or bad to him. He said, " if he is lousy I will just work around him". Well David brought up his name to Rick one day and Rick said, "Charley Fulton ... now there’s a guy who will 'blow you up', exhaust you and then let you beat him". Well I told Charley that story one day and he got real embarrassed and said, "did Steamboat really say that?" I confirmed that he sure did. It was then that Charley told me, "Sal I hadn’t done that to anyone in years". If you knew Charley Fulton the whole thing is just a classic story.

I had the chance to work a couple of matches with Rick when I was a referee. One was for George Scott when he opened up a small territory in Charlotte. At the time, George's son Byron was the other referee and his work was totally fine but being George's son he got all the guys he wanted to work with. Well everyone always wanted to work with Steamboat. I had to go to George’s assistant Paul Jones, who was a very good friend of mine, and plead my case and ask for a favor to be able to work the TV match that Steamboat was in. We had no idea how long Steamboat was going to hang around and help his old buddy George Scott out. It was George that gave Rick his initial break in the business and Rick never forgot it. So Paul worked it out for me and I got the chance to work with the Mid-Atlantic legend Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

The next time was when George Scott ran a one night tournament at the Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum. We were to crown a new champion that night. Well, I did get assigned the next to the last match before the finals which was Steamboat against Brian Knobbs of the Nasty Boys. The next match was going to be Ricky Steamboat vs. Robert Fuller for the title. I wasn’t scheduled to do that match but, luckily, I knew what the finish was supposed to be. I don’t know where Byron was but we went from one match into the other. In the previous match Knobbs had hurt Steamboats leg but Steamboat still won the match. The thought was that with his injured leg Fuller would get right on him. I had left the ring and when I saw what was happening I asked George Scott what to do. He screamed "get in the ring" so I did. In the end, Steamboat put over Robert Fuller in an attempt to help his friend George Scott. It was all put together very well and it was my pleasure to be a part of it.

I can remember being a young fan and going to Madison Square Garden every month. One month we had the pleasure of seeing the young team or Steamboat and Youngblood face off against Tor Kamata and Dick “The Bulldog” Brower. It was the first time I had seen the pre-"Dragon" Ricky Steamboat and his partner Jay Youngblood. I really enjoyed the match not knowing what part Rick would play in my life years later.

It was several years later that I would personally meet Jay Youngblood at the New Haven Memorial Coliseum. He was set to be in a tag team match against two more rugged individuals my trainers Afa and Sika “The Wild Samoans”. It wouldn’t be Ricky Steamboat that was his partner on this night it was his brother Mark that would be by his side. The team of Steamboat and Youngblood had broken up long before and Steamboat had moved on to a singles career. I worked the match that night. Sadly, it would be the last time I would ever see Jay Youngblood. He passed away not long after.

I hope Jay Youngblood will be looking down when his partner is inducted into the Hall of Fame by “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. He played a part in what became a great career and should be smiling when it all happens.

The WCW didn’t do anything special for Rick’s retirement from active wrestling. His last match was against “Stunning” Steve Austin and all he did was retire his last championship and walk away from the business. We did have a retirement ceremony for him on an indy show run by Willie Clay in Concord, NC. I presented him with a plaque along with Danny Paris. It was certainly a lot less than this man deserved. It is a long time coming, but Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat will finally be honored properly and go through the rest of his life with the title of Hall of Famer

The picture for this article is of Ricky Steamboat Jr. with the Missouri State Title before he left to go train in Japan. I am sure he will be very proud of his father and from what I have seen so far I am sure his father is very proud of him

This has been a piece of my mind

Memphis Wrestling TV Report by Brian Thompson 01.31.09

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler open this week's broadcast by welcoming everyone to the show. They mention the upcoming Memphis Wrestling live in West Memphis, AR, on Feb. 28.

Back from a break, Lawler and Maclin again discuss the Feb. 28 show and one of the stars on the card - "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher. They pitch to a match between Christopher and the "Masterpiece" Chris Masters from last year's Delta Fair in Memphis.

Match: "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher vs. "Masterpiece" Chris Masters
Both wrestlers stall early on, playing to the solid crowd at the 2008 Delta Fair. Masters shows his power advantage early by tossing Christopher around. Maclin is alone on commentary and mentions that Masters has a "Million Dollar Body and a Pea Brain," at least according to "what I've heard said about Masters."

Back and forth show of power with Masters eventually getting an edge with an unclean break in the corner out of a collar and elbow tie-up. Masters whips Christopher into the corner and rushes in only to be hit by a "superkick" from Christopher. Then "Grandmaster" hits a dropkick from the top rope. Masters goes to the floor.

Christopher does a baseball slide dropkick on Masters. Masters acts like he is about to leave and then asks for a "time out." After Masters is back in the ring, Christopher takes control and works on his left arm. A big punch from the "Masterpiece" floors Christopher. Maclin suggests that Masters had "something" in his hand when he hit the punch. Masters controls the next little bit of the match before Christopher tries a comeback only to be stopped by a closeline from Masters.

Masters works on Christopher's neck as fans start to rally with "Brian! Brian!" chants. After a vertical suplex, Masters calls for his "MasterLock." He tries to apply the move, but Christopher stops him with a jaw breaker. Christopher takes control, blocking three of Masters' punches and then hitting him with three of his own. After an Irish whip reversal by Masters, Christopher hits a DDT. Christopher gets a two-count out of the exchange. He then hits a cross body off the ropes, tries a pin and only gets a "2."

Christopher backs Masters into the corner and does the 10-punch spot. Masters hits him with a lowblow in plain view of the referee and is disqualified at the 14:22 mark. Christopher sells and then, as Masters is distracted, hits the "Masterpiece" with a retaliation low blow.

Following the match, Lawler and Maclin are in the studio putting over Christopher and his pending appearance at the Feb. 28 Memphis Wrestling show in West Memphis. Lawler talks about Christopher being a great star and that the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree." He then says that he "doesn't know who his (Christopher's) father is."

After a commercial break, Lawler and Maclin are back in the studio talking about today's show featuring past matches of many of the participants in the upcoming West Memphis card. They go to a pair of matches from the UPN/CW30 studios.

Match: Kevin White vs. Cameron Valentine
Garry White is at the desk to join Corey Maclin on commentary for this bout that aired sometime in mid to late 2007. Garry says he'll add "class" to the show.

Kevin eventually gets the win with an elbow onto Valentine who was dangling on the ropes.

Match: Doug Gilbert vs. Mr. Compulsive
This was a bout from likely 2003, featuring Maclin and the late UPN/CW 30 weather forecaster Brian Tegland on commentary. They were pushing a "Texas Death Match," set for later that evening between Gilbert and Christopher at the Mid South Coliseum in Memphis.

Gilbert dominates the match. The only noticeable offense Compulsive had was a reverse Irish whip that Gilbert countered with a superkick.

Gilbert hits a piledriver to pick up the win. After the match, Gilbert hits referee Bill Rush and attacks Compulsive with another piledriver.

After a commercial break, Lawler and Maclin are back in the studio discussing Lawler's pending Feb. 28 match against Sid Vicious. Lawler says that Sid is claiming that the "King" always does something underhanded to beat him. They pitch to footage of an interview with Sid at a gym in West Memphis. Sid talks about Maclin having a restraining order on him, keeping him from the studio. Sid says it is obviously Lawler's dirty work. He adds that he is tired of watching old footage of Lawler beating him. He also claims that if he doesn't beat Lawler on Feb. 28, he will refund the ticket purchase for fans in attendance.

Back in the studio, Lawler says that Sid better bring his wallet to West Memphis on Feb. 28, and his American Express card, because he will need it to pay the fans back for their ticket purchase. Maclin says that the famous Guy Coffee will be there to make sure that Sid pays if that ends up being the case. They then pitch to a video featuring "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock.

Blaylock is at the West Memphis home of David Burcham. He shows photos that Burcham has drawn. Blaylock knocks on the door. Burcham shows up drinking a bottle of liquor. Blaylock tells Burcham that he wants to talk about "Jerry Lawler." Burcham shuts the door in his face. Blaylock knocks again and Burcham opens the door and lets him inside the house.

Burcham says that Lawler has stolen all of HIS artwork and taken the credit for it from artwork for the King Lawler Fireworks stands and even the Mick Foley Christmas novel from a few years ago. Burcham says that "Lawler is artistically as great as my dog and my dog's dead!" Blaylock says that Lawler is a "thief and scumbag" and that he has "great news!" Burcham asks if Lawler is dead? Blaylock says no but that Lawler will face Sid Vicious on Feb. 28.

Burcham continues on how Lawler has ruined his life. Blaylock says that Vicious will "tear Lawler apart." Burcham starts to cry, saying that Vicious has a kind heart and that Lawler wishes he had half the heart that Sid does.

Lawler and Maclin are back in the studio following another break. They send out a hello to all of the Memphis Wrestling fans watching in Canada and the United Kingdom. They pitch to a match from September 2007 between Lawler and Vicious.

Match: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Sid Vicious
This match took place at the 2007 Delta Fair in Memphis. Lawler tried a bodyslam on Sid early, but was stopped with a forearm to the back. They lock back up and Sid backs Lawler into the corner. No clean break as Vicious tries to hit the "King," but misses. Lawler connects with a big right hand.

They go back and forth with clean break situations. Sid takes control in a test of strength, working the left wrist and forearm of Lawler. Lawler breaks it up with kicks to the midsection.

Sid gets the microphone and taunts the people. He then lures Lawler into a test of strength again, but the "King" comes out ahead this time with three straight punches to Sid. Lawler tries a bodyslam again, but is stopped.

Vicious takes over and applies a camel clutch. Lawler tries a comeback, but is tripped up by Vicious. Sid hits a legdrop and gets a two-count. He tries two more covers, unsuccessfully. Vicious stomps Lawler and then points at the "King's" girlfriend Queen Renee, who is at ringside.

Vicious has Lawler cornered and ends up pushing referee Bill Rush out of the way. Renee attacks Sid from behind. He grabs her and acts like he will punch her. Lawler spins him around, hits two punches and then a boot to the stomach. He follows up by finally bodyslamming Vicious and getting the pin.

Back in the studio, Lawler and Maclin wrap things up, recapping the stars that will be a part of the event in West Memphis on Feb. 28.

RassleNotes: Interesting mix of clips to push many of the stars that will work the Feb. 28 West Memphis card...Odd to see "Mr. Compulsive," who of course is better known as Tim of Too Cool II or Tim Grind from his earlier days as "Bump & Grind" with partner Brian Bump...Lawler/Vicious match had a fair story with the bodyslam set up. Crowd popped when Lawler hit it after the third and final try...Not a big fan of Maclin's line about Masters having a "Million Dollar Body and a Pea Brain." Takes away from Christopher's win. He should beat a guy with a "pea brain." ... As always any thoughts on this report may be sent to

RassleResults: N.E.W. West Memphis, AR 01.30.09

New Experience Wrestling (NEW) held another set of TV tapings for future distribution last night at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling in West Memphis, AR. Here are the results.

- "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony defeated Dustin Ring
- Kid Nikels defeated Greg King
- Eric Wayne defeated Greg King

RassleNotes: Crowd was around 30 this week...Downtown Bruno & Chuck Poe served as referees...For the second straight week, Greg King had to wrestle two singles matches, back to back, because Matt Justyce (for shoot) again did not come to the school to train. After the second match, King was interviewed at ringside about the situation. He asked Ken Wayne "why?" he was being punished. Ken said not to look at it that way. He also chewed out Matt Justyce and told Greg that he is "ready" for his future graduation match. Greg said that if Matt doesn't train this week and hold up his end, then he will wrestle him in a match, one on one. Matt made several excuses...It was announced to the crowd that the RasslinRiot awards show will be moved due to the recent ice storms that have slowed down the production of "Yearbook 2008." A tentative date of Friday, Feb. 13 was mentioned...NEW returns to West Memphis next Friday at 8 p.m.

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Get Well John Steele!!!

----Steele had an eye surgery earlier this morning. We are hoping a speedy recovery from the whole RRO staff and friends. Steele is a big time tropper as he will be at NEW with Brian Thompson announcing tomorrow night!!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 1.24.09

At the beginning of the show “Mr. Muscle” Morgan Williams came to the ring and announced that tonight would be his last night at ASWF he stated that due to his injury he would no longer be able to wrestle and would take his doctors advice to retire. He would call out Christopher Lee and state that he would be honored if Lee would fight him one last time. To which, Lee agreed.

1st Match: One Fall
Our first match of the night would be Cody Murdoch vs Dre in match of the Titans. Cody Murdoch was in control of the match for most of the match but Dre would come back later in the match and get a very close 3 count. However Cody would take advantage of Dre’s frustration and pin him for the win.

2nd Match: One Fall
Our second match could not even get off to a good start. Kid J and Lil’ Devil would go mano y mano. Just when the match started getting hot, Ray Ray would interrupt and start attacking Kid J. Casino would finally have enough and come to the rescue of Kid J and would challenge Lil’ Devil and Ray to a match later in the show.

3rd Match: One Fall
Hot Rod John Ellison would take on Casino Kid in a one fall match. Both veterans of the ring would pull out all stops until, Ray Ray came to the ring and attacked Hot Rod to cheat Casino out of a victory.

4th Match: Retirement Match
This would be the final match of Morgan’s career when he would face long time rival Christopher Lee. Morgan and Christopher would change the lead of the match numerous times, Lee would knee Morgan in the head and cause him to black out. Referees, Security, and the Commissioner would all go to check on the welfare of Morgan. When he was brought to his feet he surprisingly used the Muscle Cutter on Lee and gets the pin.

5th Match: Tag Team Title Match
Our tag team match tonight would be for the gold. Mexicanos would take on the newly formed tag team the Beach Bums, Silent Mark and Kaliki. Mexicanos would use a hammer to attack Mark and Kaliki and cripple the young tag team. Mexicanos would lose the match but retain their titles for the DQ.

6th Match: Tag Team Match
Ray and Lil’ Devil would take on Casino and Kid J. Ray and Lil’ Devil would use unfair tactics in this match. But to everyone’s surprise Kid J would come of the top turnbuckle with a frog splash and roll up Ray for the pin.

7th Match: #1 Contender Match for ASWF Title
This match would be interrupted before it even started. Chuck Fears would interrupt this match and state that he would be the special guest referee. Gravedigger and Tommy Wayne would fight for the #1 Contender’s spot. Gravedigger would choke slam Tommy from the top turnbuckle and go for the pin. Just as Chuck was counting to 3 he would slide a chain under Gravedigger and DQ him for using a chain. Just as Chuck was going to the locker room, Commissioner Ward would tell him that since he has been on a cheating streak he would face Tommy and Gravedigger in a Triple Threat Match for the title next week.

Cody Murdoch would return after this match to state that he had Demon X’s European Title and that the only way that he would get it back would be to face him next week. Demon X would head to the ring to try and get it back but Cody would leave to quick for Demon X.

8th Match: Tuckerman Street Fight
This match was the match of the night. After numerous tries at getting the X-Division Title Regulator would take on X-Kaliber. X-Kaliber was the one to maintain control for a good part of the match, but Regulator would do a Swanton Bomb of the top turnbuckle and get the pin.

Crowd Was 248

Credit: ASWFace

----RRO Promotion of the Year - ASWF continues being the front runner in crowds in 2009.

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Shows for The Weekend 1.30 to 1.31.09

----The first month of the 2009 will be winding down this weekend with the regular scheduled shows - CLICK HERE!! Below are two special shows you might want to check out.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bad Winter Storm - Delays!!

----As you can read by CLICKING HERE, the Bootheel of Missouri, the home offices of RRO, was hit hard in the last 48 hours by a winter storm. There is no power at my house or water. I am lucky because I work in the hotel business and have somewhere to stay. I had a chance to visit the area for about a hour today and it is the worst damage I have seen caused by a winter storm or a storm of any kind in my town. I am lucky my house did not suffer any damage. I have a tree down in the front of the house, but other than that - I think I will be ok when I get water and power. As of right now, I have heard estimates from tomorrow by 6:00 PM to five days to 30 days.

----In the middle of all of this I am in the final stages of Yearbook 2008 with the first official Book Tour stop being a pre-book tour stop of NEW on 2.06.09. As of right now that is a date I can not promise, because all the book is on the hard drive at the house.

----Other updates and such should flow just fine as I have internet access at work and do lot of site updates from there anyway.

RassleResults: ICW Henry, TN 1.24.09

First off ICW would like to thank all the great fans that came out to the show. Every month the crowd gets bigger and louder. This time there were even more fans having to stand due to the size of the crowd.

1st match Eric Ego defeated Chic Canyon after hitting the Ego Trip

2nd match White Lighting & Bad Boy Phillips defeated Brain Michaels & Kafabian Gimmikko by pinned Michaels

3rd match Ladies Title on a Pole
Jennifer Justice defeated Mistress of Madness by claiming the pole to become the ICW Women's Champion

4th match Heavyweight Title
Frank Da Tank defeated Weasel by DQ (title does not change hands) when Ray Leigh runs in on the match

5th match Brimstone & Xtreme Neal Dream defeated The Young 1's by DQ when Slingshot threw Neal Dream threw a big Screen TV. (Side note we still have not got word on how bad Neal Dream is hurt or how long he might be out of action if he is able to return at all)

6th match Hardcore Title Elimination match
Exodus VS Bull VS Iron Horse VS Rod Dent VS Knockout Kidd Winner and New ICW Hardcore Champion Knockout Kidd

Check out for videos, bios, results, and upcoming shows which the next ICW Show will be on February 28th, 2009 in Henry TN.

Credit: ICWwebmaster

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 1.24.09 - 192 Pack the Arena!!

First Match
Chris Williams beat Shannon Lee after Shannon hit a german suplex at the last second Williams got a shoulder off the mat for the win.
Out came Flash Flanagan from the back. When he got in the ring and then called out Su Yung. He asked her what the hell has she been doing. Flash told the crowd that he owned Sue’s contract and she had to do what she was told.

Second Match
Tim Edwards beat “the Future” Dell Tucker with a “Redrum” out of nowhere. This was another match in the DCW Title tourney.

Third Match
Tatt2 beat Rockin Randy

Forth Match
Bishop beat Justin “The Juice” Smart

5th Match
Chris Rocker beat Flash Flanagan after distraction from Su Yung.
Derrick King and Kilo are out talking about last week’s 6 man tag and how Motley was trying to end not just his career, but his life by putting a plastic bag over his head. “Pain and Justice” [Mark Justice/Motley Cruz] came out to inform them they had a tag team main event for tonight.

Jimmy Tidwell and Angelina came out to talk to tell everyone that Dustin Starr could not be there this week, but that they had not forgot that “the Baron” Malkavain had stuck his nose in their business last week. The lights went out and Malkavain and tried to get them. Tidwell pulled out a garlic necklace and a wooden cross to weaken The Baron. Su Yung chased Angelina out of the ring.

Main Event
Derrick King/Kilo beat “Pain & Justice” by DQ when Tim Edwards hit the ring. Edwards got rid of DK and the three continue to beat up on Kilo. Motley put the plastic bag on Kilo’s head again until he passed out. Show ended with Kilo trying to speak, but barely being able to talk. He was helped to the back.


192 in attendance…Crowd really concerned with Kilo’s health…Flash owns Su Yung and she is not too happy about it…Crowd really wants to see Baron vs Starr…Edwards, Rocker, Bishop and Randy all in the next branch of DCW Title Tournament.

Credit: DCWspiritof1990

----Is this Flash thing from the TLCW angle??...Standing room only because they did not have any more chairs, not because it would not hold anymore. NBW drew 316 for a big show [Rikishi CLICK HERE] and that is about all this building could fit. But…this is the biggest crowd in Dyersburg for a “regular” show since the start of this site. What are they doing?? Advertising – they are putting posters out EVERY week. They are also presenting a product with DK, Starr, Malkavain, Bishop, Su Yung and Smart that people want to see. They also have turned Kilo a big time babyface and Justice/Motley are actually HEELS now. Weird how these things work…Flanagan is also going to be a good addition to the roster playing a heel with a babyface manager.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MLW Press Release!!

If you are a true fan of Ladies Wrestling, you will be excited to know on February 28th, we will be doing customs and tapings with some of the most talented ladies in wrestling.

We have available:
Pandora, English lady that is awesome in the ring.
Angelina (Pink) from LLF fame in Mexico.
Simply Luscious(the Texas Crazy Lady) who was trained by Shawn Michaels.
Su Yung (MLW 2008 Rookie of the Year).
Mary Kelly (Prettiest Tomboy in Pro Wrestling).
Rock N Roll Rock C (5' 11" Gorgeous beauty from Chattanooga).
Kassie Rains (Knoxville's Tennessee Number one lady wrestling star).
Misty James, Queen of East Tennessee (Wife of champion star, Beau James).

All of these ladies will be available for custom matches. Please check our web site for pricing and details. Also check out the downloads and dvds we have available on our website.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR .01.24.09 - BLOODY Dog Collar Main Event!!

1. Lucky VS John Allen Winner John Allen

2. Gary Diamond VS Roger Allen Winner Roger Allen

3. J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan VS The Irish Dragons Scott Fury and Acid

4. Chris Steel and Loose Cannon VS "The Natural Born Playa'z" [Pimptacular/Southside Brawler] Winner Playa'z

5. Mike Anthony VS The Tejano Kid. Winner Mike Anthony.

6. Austin Lane VS Precious Winner Precious

7. The Dawg Pound VS P.O.B Winner Dawg Pound.

The show started by POB interrupting Frank Martin as Frank was running down the card to the fans. Martin had just told the fans that the RWA TV show would debut this Tuesday night on cable channel 22. Martin also told them that the main events at the RWA shows would never be shown on TV. He let them know that the show would be 2 weeks behind on TV so if you want to keep up on what is going on in the RWA you need to be there live each week. This is when POB came out and told Martin that they had beat the Dawg pound in every match and did it not by cheating but by wrestling. Then they told Martin they were there to rid the RWA of the Dawg Pound for good. Martin took exception to these remarks and reminded Ron Rage [photo below] that he had already bought one of the members of POB. In fact he told Rage it was Silas and he paid him to take out Chazz Wesson back in the summer. POB then started to eye Silas however Martin then dropped the first bomb shell and told Rage that he has bought another member and when the time was right he would turn him loose on the POB. Rage now does not know who to trust. Martin went on to tell the POB that he would give them their shot at the Dawg Pound. That is when the Dawg Pound came out. Rodney Mack [photo above], Soul Train Jones, Rick Ruby. They all had dog collars on connected to chains. Martin made the match a 6 man dog collar match. POB was shocked cause Martin did not tell them that was going to be the match before the show(Shoot) The reaction was priceless.

The Kerry, Titan VS The Irish Dragons was a great match with Acid hitting a full 360 front flip leg drop off the top rope on Mike Titan for the win. The Big Man can fly!

Mike Anthony and The Tejano Kid had a bloody match with Tejano putting Anthony out for 8 weeks with a bad concussion.

The Dog Collar Match was as bloody a match as I have ever seen and all the shots were stiff. Ron Rage, Rodney Mack, Cowboy and Rick Ruby were all bleeding badly. At the end Buzz Kill came out of no where and attacked Mack. Then the big man Cujo came out and made the save for the Dawg Pound.

No one has as strong a roster as the RWA and the workers are all showing the fans that they are the best in the indys in the mid south.

180+ in the building for a great show. TV taping next week.

Photos & Report: RWAreporter

----It is very smart for them to not show the Main Events on TV as they are using this TV to promote the weekly arena show. It also makes all the fans want to come out to see the matches. They can also plug spot shows with it...I was told the Main Event was REAL STIFF and the guys had a good time. Sick fucks!! LOL..."Irish Dragons" are getting a good push. I look for them to be the first RWA Tag Team champions...Precious beating Lane???

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just A Few Things for No Reason...

----I got the two photos above in my e-mail. I got them last Saturday night [1.17.09], but didn't see them until yesterday. I just thought I would post them. Four of my favorite guys in the business.

----And...I got this story this morning in the e-mail. I am sure the sender will want to be kayfabed, but I am sure everyone will get a laugh out of it.

I wanted to share this story from Hooters last night. We were there to watch the Royal Rumble PPV, and Derrick King was also there with some friends. The Downtown Hooters has several TVs, along with a big screen on the far wall. Derrick just happened to be in the middle of the floor walking past the big screen when Shelton Benjamin entered the Rumble. The entire place erupted and directed a "Let's Go Shelton" chant at Derrick.

The PPV was great, but that was the highlight of the night for us!

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 1.23.09

----I needed a break from working on Yearbook 2008, so my daughter Karly and I headed to West Memphis, AR to watch some NEW. The funny thing is that we rushed to get there by 7:00 PM and guess what?? It has ALWAYS started at 8:00 PM!! I guess lack of sleep will do crazy things like that to you.

----Before the cameras started filming, Ken Wayne and RRO Columnist and Announcer of the Year: Brian Thompson got in the middle of the ring to announce all the RRO winners from NEW to the crowd. Crowd popped for each one of them. I really didn’t notice this until it was all said and done, but a lot of the NEW regulars took home awards this year. You can say what you want about the guys only drawing 40 people or whatever, but this group has a solid crew that features the best in this area.

----Matt Justyce and Greg King JR were scheduled to wrestle Justin Smart and Dustin Ring. Before the match could start, NEW promoter and head trainer, Ken Wayne stepped into the ring to make an announcement. Wayne announced that as a rule of the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling that a wrestler that has not graduated from the school yet must attend training every week. If he does not come to training, then he does not wrestle for the weekend. [Total shoot] And since Justyce did not attend training this week [another shoot], then he would not be permitted to wrestle. Wayne said he could stand outside the ring, but no actual wrestling. He then said that since King did not have a partner, then he had to wrestle each of the guys in single matches.

----RRO Rookie of the Year: Greg King beat Justin Smart in a good solid match. Smart surprised me and really fit into this style. Good stiff work from both guys. Beautiful armdrags from Smart. After a little heat, Smart missed a flying elbow smash. King hit a great dropkick. It ended up with King beating Smart with a backslide. [**1/2]

----RRO Gimmick of the Year: Dustin Ring [pictured above] beat Greg King by DQ. Another good solid bout. Ring and King hold for hold. Ring is very talented. King took a bit of beating and then a comeback. Figure-four from King. King looked like he was going to tear Ring’s ankle off at one point. Another King dropkick. Stinger splash from King. Nice build for finish. Ring goes against ropes and Justyce catches his foot and Ring falls. RRO Referee of the Year: Downtown Bruno catches him and DQ’s King.

----“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Shawn Reed [picture below] by DQ. Another good solid bout – just a bit better than the previous two bouts. This bout had more old school psychology in it than any bout that I have seen at NEW. Both guys working real hard and Reed surprised me a tons here. Crowd was into this and Reed was over. TGB did take most of the bout with Reed making his comeback. Comeback was cut off when TGB slapped Reed real hard and then Reed started punching TGB with his fists for the DQ. [***]

----Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels – 20 minute time limit draw. Not a match of year, but a step above rest of the show, which is where you want your Main Event to be. They are selling the story of neither of these guys losing and also neither one of them being able to beat each other. The storyline is working as I don’t think anyone expected the match to have a winner. Back & forth stuff with both guys shining. Crowd loves both of them. Nikels went for the “Nikels Pickle II” quick, but couldn’t get it clamped on. Snapmare from Wayne into a stiff kick to the back of Nikels. Nikels hit his big boot followed by a big leg. Stiff clothesline from Wayne for a near fall. Wayne goes to the top, but Nikels cuts him off. Nikels climbs to the top after some stiff headbutts. Superplex that the whole crowd popped for. Double knockout. Nikels nose is bleeding at some point. Build for the finish was good as they brought you up – 3 of the first last 5 minutes were so fast it would have been hard to call. They then slowed it up a bit, then faster as they built for the end. Time was about to expire as Nikels clamped on the “Nikels Pickle II” and then it expired with Wayne looking as if he would have tapped. Crowd actually booed the finish a bit as I think they thought Kid had him. [***1/2]


----Fun to see them run angles like the opening one…Smart has the look of a wrestler and fits in this style…Dustin Ring as Malkavain is the best gimmick in this area in years. I love the gimmick. But, I would rather see him work as Ring, because he so damn good at this style. ..Ring/King finish was NOT typical of wrestling. I love the way they are booking this stuff. The ref actually sees everything!!...TGB and Reed both are the best here on the mic. TGB actually may be a step above most people in this area. Remember Reed actually helped turn the Posse heel last year, so yes he is good. Someone yelled, “Get Him Chicken Nugget” when Reed came out. I am not sure what that meant, but I laughed. Their finish was all not the norm…Main Event went 10 minutes over TV time, so I am assuming if you were watching the show, you would have to “tune in next week.”…There was only about 40 people in the crowd, but they were loud…The place has really got the feel of the old Channel 5 TV studio. This is not a wrestling arena – it is set up to tape TV and seat about 100 people. ..Eric Wayne has “rabbit ears” [you know he can hear everything that the crowd says] and I gave him hell about it last time. Someone was giving him hell about his ponytail and he yanked the rubber band out and said, “ I don’t have a ponytail dumbass!” It worked this time as the whole crowd popped and helped in the whole plan to have Wayne as a heel…It was also announced at the start of the show that an Awards ceremony will be taking place on 2.06.09. I will have full details sometime later this week, because I am hoping to have Yearbook 2008 done by that night…Since I was somewhat of an ass and brought up that Shawn Reed owed me money the last time I seen him, then I do want the world to know that we are now “even Steven”. You are over in my book brother. LOL…Fun time was had by all. Thanks to the cast and crew. Great dressing room of guys.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 1.24.09

Slammer defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris w/Dustin Burcham. After the match Slammer announced his retirement from wrestling due to his upcoming neck surgery.

Mason defeated Chazz.

Robert Rose defeated Jay Webster.

Referee turned wrestler Barney & Danny Morris w/Dustin Burcham defeated The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade). After the match Buzz Harley turned on Blade, hitting him with a chain. Former manager of the Ghost Riders, Robert Rose, came to the ring to try to make peace between the two, but Buzz beat him down with a chair & also attacked Blade with the chair. I think we have seen the end of the Ghost Riders tag team.

JR Mauler, Bone Crusher, & Soul Taker defeated Psycho, Pappy, & Cody Hawk. This was to have been an eight man match with no referee. However Brody Hawk was unable to make it due to the fact that someone "slashed all four tires on his truck." So it was going to be a four on three match without a referee, but EPW Promoter Edith Poole came to the ring and said there would have to be a referee or the match would not take place. Kross volunteered to be the referee, which would even the teams up at 3 on 3. Edith agreed to let him referee, and the fight was on. You can imagine what happened with Kross as referee. For all intents & purposes it was a 4 on 3 match, and Psycho, Pappy, & Cody lost the match by pin fall (very fast count). Kross & JR left with Miss Kayte and Trigger. But it's not over... they're gonna do it again!

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) defeated Revolution (Chazz & Tysin Starr). After the match PHAT Foundation demanded a match for the tag team belts.

Sons of the South ("The Future" Chris Styles & Josh Matthews) w/"Big Daddy" Nino vs. Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) ended in a no contest ruling when PHAT Foundation interfered. Pain, Inc. retains the belts.

Attendance was about 80.

This week's card will include a tag team match to determine the #1 contenders for the EPW tag team belts, Sons of the South vs. PHAT Foundation. Also, who knows what will happen between the teams of Kross/JR Mauler/Soul Taker/Bonecrusher & Brody Hawk/Cody Hawk/Psycho/Pappy. It all happens this Saturday night at the EPW Arena on hwy 145 in Booneville. Bell time is 7:00. That's right, bell time will be 7:00 p.m. at EPW from now on.

"Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant & Ms. Boogie return to EPW the following Saturday night, Feb. 7!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis

----I hate the angle - "slashed all four tires on his truck." Really guys!! Come up with some different. No one believes it - not even the marks.

Memphis Wrestling Ratings Report - First Three Weeks of 2009 - GOOD NEWS!!

----Below are the ratings for the first three weeks of 2009. I will have this past Saturday’s show posted sometime on Friday. These ratings are still at all time lows, but the first three weeks have been better than the last 12 weeks of 2008. This show finished 2008 with the last 12 weeks average .6 [9993 viewers], so this year has seen each show beat that. Do we have a possible up swing for Memphis Wrestling coming up?? Are more people hearing about it?? Can they keep these ratings without new stuff?? BTW, Sanford and Son and the Andy Griffin Power Hour that airs in the old Memphis Wrestling CW spot still getting an average of over 51,000 viewers.

Memphis Wrestling 1.03.09 1.1 [17,826 viewers]
.8 [12,964 viewers]
1.5 [24308 viewers]
1.1 [17,826 viewers]
1.1 [17,826 viewers]

Memphis Wrestling 1.10.09 .7 [11,344 viewers]
.4 [6482 viewers]
.5 [8103 viewers]
1.0 [16,205 viewers]
1.0 [16,205 viewers]

Memphis Wrestling 1.17.09 .7 [11,344 viewers]
.6 [9723 viewers]
.7 [11,344 viewers]
1.0 [16,205 viewers]
.3 [4862 viewers]

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 1.24.09

The first week of EWE starts off with Phoenix X2 facing off with Rhythm and Blues. Phoenix X bows to their opponent, but it doesn’t save them. After a couple of games of rock paper scissors, and a few tests of strength, Rhythm and Blues turned out to be too much for our ninja friends.
Winners: Rhythm and Blues

Commissioner Baker comes out to announce that everyone is witnessing history tonight. The commissioner assures everyone that everything in EWE will be taken care of and done right, and that we have a new President and a new direction. Just before he announces the main event of the evening, Stan Lee comes to the ring. Commissioner Baker announces that he was given Stan Lees release papers, and has won a title shot tonight, but Stan doesn’t want to wait until the main event. The Heavyweight Champion “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony comes out with K.C Gold right behind him. K.C says that this is indeed a historic night, as The Golden Boy is the first EWE Heavyweight champion. He then goes on to say that Stan Lee did in fact earn a title shot, but he never specified what title he would be going for. He then introduces the LAW Heavyweight Champion Idol Bane and he makes his way to the ring. Commissioner Baker tells The Golden Boy has a match tonight himself, then exits the ring as the match starts. There are a ton of fierce hits thrown in this matchup, but as Stan gains control in the match, The Golden Boy comes out to attack Stan, but gets a high flyer off the top rope. As Stan focuses on Greg Anthony, Idol Bane hits his finisher on an unsuspecting Stan Lee to win the match.
Winner and Still LAW Heavyweight Champion: Idol Bane

Chad Bad [aka Steve Rampage] of the Bad Boys comes out next, informing the crowd that he doesn’t know who this “Harry” guy is, but his name is Chad . The crowd has given Chad the nickname “Harry” because of the lawn of hair that grows on his back. As he taunts the crowd a bit more, and brags about the fact that he is undefeated, John Michaels music hits and he makes his way around the ring. He jumps in and gets to work on Chad , bringing him down in quick fashion. After the match, Jon Michael says that even though he has to wait until Valentines Vengeance to get a piece of Dustin Starr, that he will get his, and exits the arena.
Winner: Jon Michael

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony takes on a brand new superstar in EWE, Michael Gilbert next. Both men enter the arena, but Commissioner Baker comes out to make one final notation before they begin. If the Golden Boy loses, he must wear a dress next week. The match starts, and there is a burst of energy from this newcomer. Both men have their moments of control where anything could happen, but just as Greg Anthony goes up to the top rope, Stan Lee comes out and gets his attention. Greg comes out of the ring, but Stan throws him right back in, and while Greg talks some smack to Stan, Michael Gilbert grabs him and takes him down for the pin. So next Saturday night, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony will be wearing a dress as selected by the fans in the crowd.
Winner: Michael Gilbert

“The Future” Dell Tucker comes to the ring for the main event, but before his opponent comes out, Commissioner Baker comes back out and says that since the company was bought out, that everyone’s job could be on the line. Therefore, he has been informed that this match is a loser leaves town match. As soon as that’s said, Cody Melton races to the ring and starts to beat on Dell Tucker. The match goes back and forth just like a see saw until Dell Tucker brings a table into the ring. After a few attempts to put each other through the table set up in the corner of the arena, Cody Melton gains strength and plows Dell through the table. Cody wins the match, but is then stalked by Genocide.
Winner: Cody Melton. Dell Tucker must now leave town.

Just as Genocide is about to start on Cody, Picture Perfect race to the arena to his aid. Everyone starts to go at it until a devastating blow to Chris O’Neal stops everyone cold. Chris is taken to the back as Christian Jacobs goes to work on Genocide, but the tables quickly turn on C.J. After C.J regains his composure and hits a spear for the pin, the ref is dragged out of the ring and the mayhem continues against Christian Jacobs. The Albino Rhino pulls out a set of handcuffs and attaches C.J to the ringpost. Michael Gilbert runs to help C.J but is quickly smacked out of the ring. Ike Tucker also runs to his aid, but to no avail. Cody Melton comes back out only to get assaulted by Genocide. Jon Michael rushes out next and starts whaling on both Albino Rhino and Maxx Corbin only to be brought down by a massive blow. Genocide goes for anyone that can move, but Chris O’Neal runs back out holding his ribs while delivering punch after punch. He takes a swift kick directly to the ribcage and curls up in pain. The Albino Rhino hold Chris while Maxx splashes him, then Commissioner Baker comes to the arena and threatens to suspend Genocide if they keep going. They unleash a few more blows to Chris O’Neal and the commissioner suspends them indefinitely. Commissioner Baker runs up in front of Christian Jacobs just before they’re about to plow into him, and says that if either one touches him, they’re both fired. They have a standoff, then Stan Lee comes out with Michael Gilbert with chairs, making Genocide run out of the ring. They go to the back as the remaining wrestlers tend to Chris O’Neal, who is significantly injured. After he is taken to the back, Commissioner Baker then makes a match for Valentines Vengeance. It will be Picture Perfect vs. Genocide in a street fight. Be sure to make it to Ripley on February 14th for a great matchup.

Credit: Dustin Williams @

----60 to 70 in the crowd...As I have said, this group has got criticized for being "too much like Rector" and have not agreed in the past. But...angles like Lee getting a shot at the title, but it was the LAW Title and TGB has to wear a dress - right out of the LAW booking playbook. Not the good plays either. Why put your top heel in a dress?? Jon Michael did this same angle in LAW, but he was working first match trying to get over other babyfaces. This would have been something funny for Rampage...Only my second time to see Michael Gilbert. He is from the Kevin White school and has some potential. He would probably be our first candidate for Rookie of the Year 2009...Thanks to Dustin Williams for results and if you hit the link above you can see all the action from this past week at EWE.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 1.24.09

Attendance 35

Travis Starr & Trakan Mathias b Dominator & Stevie King (w/Ronnie Vegas)

Mexican Dragon b LT Falk and Chris Norte and Saint in a 4-way by pinning Saint

Anthony Wayne b Kid Dynamite (w/Ronnie Vegas)

Damien Payne b Otis Bass

Steven Green b Josh Crowe by DQ when Payne attacked Green

ATL Tag Team Champions Derrick Neal & Psycho Medic vs LA Player & D'Angelo (w/YT) ended in a double pin with Neal pinning D'Angelo and Player pinning Medic and the tag titles held up.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Standing Room Only at DCW!!

----I got word earlier this morning that DCW in Dyersburg, TN last night ran out of chairs for the fans. The arena was packed!! I should have full results posted sometime tomorrow.