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RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 2.13.09

57 attended

Justin Spade b Shawn Hoodrich

USWO Jr. Champion Jason Xavier b Bryan Casey (w/Ronnie Vegas)

Justin Spade b Convict Clown

Tim Renesto & Saint b Trakan Mathias & Jason Xavier when Renesto pinned Mathias after hitting him with an international object

LT Falk b Lee Cross by DQ when Saint & Renesto interfered

Josh Crowe & Damien Payne (w/Ronnie Vegas) b Shane Eden & Steven Green in a 2/3 falls match to win the USWO Tag Team Championship

USWO Champion Michael Jablonski vs Derrick Neal was a no-contest after Jablonski gigged Neal with a fork

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Looking For, Awards Banquet, Team Will Be Announced!!!

----I was told that LAW had a show last night somewhere in TN?? I am looking for results and attendance figure.

----I will have a full report posted sometime in the next few days, but I would like to thank everyone that came out for the 2008 Awards Banquet last night. I was actually overwhelmed at times when you could see how honored these guys were to win the awards. Thank you for making RRO Awards mean something guys!!!!

----The team we teased earlier this week as "A major Memphis legend is going to sign to tag with a RRO Top 10 performer and a RRO 2008 Award Winner. The team will be featured as a package deal with a new moniker and managed by another 2008 Award Winner." will be announced here exclusively on RRO Monday!!!

A Piece of my Mind Feb 14th 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

The recent incident between the fans and Chris Jericho in Victoria, British Columbia, is a sad one on all levels. When I first started in the business fans were scared to death of the wrestlers. I can remember being in the Westchester County Center one night when Afa “The Wild Samoan #1” ran into the crowd after a fan, he wasn’t able to catch him because the people all scattered. In today’s society, and with fans being aware the Pro Wrestling is Sports Entertainment, I am not sure fans would run. Many of them are just looking to provoke an altercation. In this incident, the fans were certainly not acting respectfully and from what I saw from the videos available, the building security was pathetic at best.

In Chris Jericho’s case, it’s a tough call to make. It is easy for someone like me to sit here and say he should have handled it better. We have all been provoked at one time or another by fans inside the building and outside. Many of us will never know what real harassment is. Can we even imagine what someone like Jackie Robinson went through? How many punches could have been thrown? I assume that, as this incident runs through Jericho’s mind, he is considering how he could have handled it better. It’s a bad deal. Fans everywhere should be embarrassed for these people in Victoria. The building needs to think about getting better security people. If people are going to be allowed to congregate like that then real uniformed police should be on hand. In Jericho’s case, I am sure this is one of those moments that will alter his life in many ways. How he enters buildings, leaves buildings how he deals with fans as a whole. It truly is a shame that some people do not know how to conduct themselves.

The other thing that needs to be examined is insulting fans. As a manager I have been asked to do this ... basically been ordered to do it. I don’t believe in it and don’t like doing it but I am very good at it. I don’t believe I need it to “get over” and get my heat. I yell at the fans but insulting them just makes no sense and it shows me that a guy needs that kind of “cheap heat” because he really can’t work. In the case of Chris Jericho, the guy is a tremendous worker if it’s true that actions speak louder than words. Then if Chris Jericho is going to be one of your top heels let him work and get his heat. How hard is it to figure out why insult people that are paying you money to come and see you.

I was on my way to LA today as I boarded the plane in Atlanta.I looked behind me and there was WWE Producer/wrestler Jamie Noble. I introduced myself and we started chatting a little. He was familiar with WrestleReunion. We eventually started talking about our careers and realized that we were on the Yokozuna Memorial Show together. I remembered Shannon Moore being on the show but I didn’t remember Jamie being on it. It was a night that won’t easily be forgotten if I ever forget it. It was so hard realizing that someone I basically started with was gone. The Undertaker, Kane, Tim White (WWE Referee) The APA (Bradshaw and Farroq) along with Billy Kidman, and Kanyon were all there. I got a chance to see all the wrestling members of the Anoai and Fatu family as well The Great Samu, Afa “The Wild Samoan”, Rikishi (JR Fatu), Ecki Fatu (Umaga), The Tonga Kid (Sam Fatu). As far as I know everyone there that night donated their services and got them to the event for free. I am always busy traveling as was everyone else, but paying tribute to someone who broke into the business with you was a must. I have been in this business now since nineteen eighty one. That’s an awful long time. It always strikes me funny when I run into a guy and find out we worked on one or numerous events together and I don’t remember it. I used to think that I would remember every match every guy every city. It just doesn’t happen that way. But it’s always fun to revisit the past and remember the good old days. These blogs give me a chance to do just that.

The photo with this article was taken at WrestleReunion 1 in Tampa. It is of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. It is probably the first and last time many people saw these two guys on the same side of a tag team match.

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N.E.W. Show time update and More!!!

Just wanted to update an earlier post about tonight's New Experience Wrestling event in West Memphis, AR that will feature an RRO Awards 2008 Banquet at the beginning. The event will begin at 8 p.m. ... NOT 7 p.m. The earlier time had been discussed, however, due to the travel schedules of both NEW and additional award-winning talents, the 8 p.m. time will work best.

Also, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton and yours truly will make a guest appearance tomorrow night at the Valiant Arena in Tuckerman, AR for the All-Star Wrestling Federation. This will be the first time since August 2004 that Bobby has appeared at an ASWF event. We are both looking forward to seeing all of the fans in attendance tomorrow night.

SAW Sends in TV Show Links!!

----Jon Michael [working as Jon Michael Worrrrthington (w/Rachel Worrrrthington – his “sister”)] has some good stuff on here. Michael should be considered in the top 10 in this area. Great worker. A real good match with Kid Kash vs Flash Flanagan. Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas on these shows feuding. This is as close to the old school Memphis Wrestling you are going to get. There is a cage match and a bootcamp match on these shows. That would have been two matches I wouldn’t have aired on TV. Tease them!! Sell them on DVDs!! Does anyone know how good this show does ratings wise?? Help me out here TVD?!? Check it out!!

For immediate release:

Several new episodes of Showtime All-Star Wrestling (SAW) are available now online, free of charge. They are available at the following links...

Show 75

Show 76

Show 77

or online at

Flashback: Mark James Interviews Nick Bockwinkel!!

----I am going to cheat this week with a "Flashback" borrowed from Mark James over at
CLICK HERE to read it. It is a pretty good read - wished there was more on Memphis. I always remembered Bockwinkel being such a good worker. His matches with Lawler were always classics. Funny how Nick reveals he doesn't remember winning the Southern Title. LOL It is really surprising how many guys in the business will tell you they don't remember things like that - which was a big deal to me when I was a kid. I also had that magazine in my collection. Probably still got it somewhere. I remember about 10 years ago trying to sell a bunch of those magazines at a "yard sale". I couldn't get people to buy them for $10 for a full milk crate of them, so I just shove them up in the attic.

Show Tonight in Kingsport!!!

----Southern States Wrestling celebrating their 18th Anniversary!! Is this the oldest running indy show in the states?? I guess Memphis Wrestling could be considered the oldest, but this might the promotion in second place??

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Shows for The Weekend 2.13 and 2.14.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular shows for the weekend. One special show Friday night in West Memphis, AR for the 2008 RRO Awards Banquet. The Banquet will start around 7:00 PM hosted by myself and Brian Thompson. If you are an award winner and do not attend the event, then I will making arrangements with you to attend one of the upcoming Book Tour 2009 events. Hope to see everyone out in full force.

Memphis Wrestling Ratings Report - Last Three Weeks of TV!!

----Memphis Wrestling continues to do better numbers than 2008. They tanked pretty bad for the 1.31.09 show with only an average of 7292 viewers watching the show. 1.24.09 did about a 32% increase from last year. Then this past weekend’s show – 1.07.09 – scored the third highest rating [best rating since 9.13.08] since moving to Channel 50 with an overall increase of 43% over last year numbers. So, is 2009 look to be a better year on Channel 50?? The show still is averaging fewer than 15,000 viewers, but it has had an overall increase of 16% from 2008. So, if we add in the weeks and this upward trend we still are looking at them being lucky to draw 20,000 average viewers [more like 16,000 to 18,000] by the end of the year. It will be interesting to see if them doing more live spot shows will help increase the TV audience. In the past, TV ratings have not equal great gates; but some of their biggest ratings have been AFTER big shows. We will see if they draw more after the upcoming 2.28.09 show in Memphis. Join me here next week as I will start doing a weekly feature on the ratings, which will include what airs in the quarter hours and the increases/decreases.

1.24.09 1.0 [16,691 viewers]
.6 [9723 viewers]
.7 [11,344 viewers]
1.5 [24,308 viewers]
1.3 [21,067 viewers]

1.31.09 .5 [7292 viewers]
.3 [4862 viewers]
.5 [8103 viewers]
.5 [8103 viewers]
.5 [8103 viewers]

2.07.09 1.3 [21,067 viewers]
.5 [8103 viewers]
1.4 [22,687 viewers]
1.4 [22.687 viewers]
1.8 [29,169 viewers]


----Sometime in the last few weeks, the site has reach a grand total of over 2.2 Million Hits, since May of 2006. Thanks to everyone!!! I hope you continue to make RRO a stop as a part of your daily internet surfing.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 2.07.09 - RWA CONTINUES TO PACK THEM IN!!

Match 1. Leprechauns vs POB(Buzz kill and Ron Rage) Tag team tournament match Leprechauns winners.

Match 2. Nikki Lane vs Precious. Winner Nikki Lane.

Match 3. Soul Train vs The Tejano Kid. Winner Soul Train.

Match 4. Pokerface vs Blalok The Blazer. Winner Blalok.

Match 5. Austin Lane and Gary Diamond vs The Natural Born Playaz. Tag team tournament match. Winner The Natural Born Playaz.

Main Event. Fans Bring The Weapons Match. J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan vs The Irish Dragons(Scott Fury and Acid) Winners Kerry and Titan

The Show started by POB coming out and telling everyone that they had jumped Rodney Mack in town earlier in the week and made him pay for burning Ron Rages hands on the wood stove in the building a week prior to that. Rage was running the Dog Pound down when Mack and the Pound hit the ring. Mack is in fact hurt and upset about it. The beat down happened at one of the sponsors business and was in fact aired on the TV show this Tuesday night. Martin followed to the ring with security and was very upset. Martin told both groups that when they take the fight out of the building and put the RWA name on it then it has the potential to get Martin in a law suit. Martin also told them it takes the program away from the fans and money out of his pocket. If they did it again he would let both parties go. He made The Dog Pound leave the ring and then told POB they had a tag match next and it would be for the tournament. That's when the Leprechauns came out and POB started laughing at them. Cujo came in the front door while Rik Ruby distracted the ref and Cujo pulled Rage off the apron and on to the floor. Buzz kill turned to see what was going on and the Leprechauns rolled him up for the pin. The Dog Pound came back out to celebrate with the Leprechauns. Rage was not happy at all and came back at intermission to challenge Cujo. That match will happen this week.

Precious challenged any woman to a match since he now believes he is a woman. Nikki held her own with him and the match was a good match. Austin Lane came out and distracted Precious and Nikki hit the crucifix for the win.

Pokerface and Blalok match was what everyone expected. Hard hitting and fast moving. These two know each other well and put on a great match. Blalok had to pull brass knucks to win.

Austin Lane and Gary Diamond and The Playaz had a heated tag match. The Playaz came out and told Martin that they would beat everyone but he knows he should just give the belts to them because they are the best tag team. Lane and Diamond are not strangers to tag action. Diamond was an important person in the training of Lane. They teamed together a few years back as the Suicide Kings. They really worked great together but the Playaz pulled a chain and knocked out Diamond.

J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan and The Irish Dragons had the main event and it did not disappoint anyone. The Irish Dragons attacked Kerry and Titan as they came out of the curtain. Kerry and Fury matched up for most of the battle and Acid and Titan battled each other. They used everything they had, crutches, trash cans, sheet pans, pipes. At one point Kerry hit a coast to coast and then Kerry and Fury made their way up on the dressing rooms roof in the building. That is about 10 or more feet off the floor. Fury hit a DDT and left Kerry up on the dressing room. He made his way down and they double teamed Titan. While Fury was on the floor Kerry came off the roof on to Fury. After a few more minutes Titan had Acid out on the floor and picked up Fury and put him on Kerry's shoulders and Kerry power bombed Fury threw a table to get the win. This match was as close to the old ECW as one can get, both teams gave it their all.

There was 250+ in the building, standing room only crowd with the Arkansas Sports Show at the Convocation Center. This group has a loyal crowd.

Credit: RWAreporter

----Good to see this group continuing to have success. They are already front runner for 2009 Promotion of the Year.

Credit: RWAreporter

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RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN Results Wrapup 1.24.09, 1.31.09 and 2.07.09 - Knight, Barbwire & Justice Join NBW!!


Tank def. Sgt Savage in the Triple 5 Challenge in 2 minutes. Post match Tank had a falling out with a fan at ringside.

Syn/Stunner def. Redneck/The Kid

Jeremy Moore def. Weezy

"Dynamite" Seth Knight def. Lil' Tim and JR Manson

Suicide def. Phoenix X

Gaylon Ray/Biscuit def. Neil Taylor/Sarge OReilly... Post match XOW attacked Jon “biscuit” Roberts with Chad Hart making the save with a barbed wire bat, and Gaylon said next week He and Chad would tag against Sarge and a partner.

85-100 good show


Show opened w/ XOW in the ring running their mouths about the show tonight when out of nowhere Mark Justice’s music hit and he came out of the back. Sarge tried to welcome Mark back with open arms, Mark grabbed the mic from Sarge and said he isn't there for what Sarge thinks he is. He said when XOW left NBW the last time they left Mark high and dry, he said there was a lot of promises made and none kept. At the point Mark and Sarge got nose to nose and Mark pushed Sarge; then the rest of the group to jump Mark, as Mark tried to fight his way back Jeremy Moore came out of nowhere to lend a hand. After XOW bailed out Mark wondered why Moore had came out.

Phoenix X def. Suicide

Brandon Espinosa def. Saladin

The Kid def. Syn by DQ

Tommy Redneck def. DJ Stunner by DQ

Mark Justice def. Weezy

Lil Tim def. Seth Knight and Norrin Rad in a 3 way after pinning Rad

Sarge and Brandon Barbwire [pictured] vs. Chad Hart and Gaylon Ray was thrown out due to XOW coming in followed by The NBW locker room for a hot brawl.

100 + Really good show and the ppl were hot pretty much all night


XOW interview setting up matches for the night.

Norrin Rad def. Chad Hart

Suicide def. Phoenix X, during the match Suicide tried to pull the mask off Phoenix.

Gaylon/Biscuit vs. Redneck/Kid vs. Syn/Stunner 3 way elimanation match was thrown out after Syn and Stunner had been elimanted but came back in to lay the others out

The Scheduled Jeremy Moore vs. Billy Russ title match was made into a triple threat after Russ said Brandon Barbwire had signed on to the contract

Barbwire def. Moore and Russ after Jeremy Moore hit the Acecrusher on Brandon but was distracted by Jason The Brain and Weezy long enough for Russ to slide in and pull the knocked out Brandon over him giving Brandon the 3 and the title

Seth Knight was out saying last week he stated he wanted a shot at someone in XOW, this prompted Mark Justice to come out saying noone wanted Sarge more than him and that Seth would have to step aside, Seth said he had an idea and that they would wrestle with the winner getting their hands on Sarge the following week.

The match was thrown out after XOW Jumped both men leaving them down

Crazytrain def. Sarge by DQ when XOW Jumped in again and attacked the Champion. By this point NBW Owner Jeff McDonald ( Bigg Money Gripp ) got on the mic and said enough was enough, he said they couldn't even have a match without XOW interfering, he said he was tired of it as well as the crowd was tired of it. He said that he was going to suspend some of the members of XOW which got a big reaction from the crowd and that next week Syn, Stunner, Suicide, Jason the Brain, and Billy Russ were gone and that Sarge had a match as well as Brandon Barbwire, He also noted that he would suspend Weezy but he is a wannabe and not worth the effort. At this point the NBW Locker room cleared and a Brawl ensued, the crowd was really into this. NBW was left standing strong

85-100 good show. The last segment was really over. Next week Jeremy Moore vs. Brandon Barbwire for the High Risk title.

Credit: NBWnewsguy

----Good to see this group is still surviving almost drawing what they did in Dyersburg. I figured they would see smaller crowds in Newbern…It has almost turned into the old NBW with Seth Knight [who was let go from EWE a few weeks back] and Mark Justice joining the crew…Chad Hart is the trainee talked about in the DCW report from this week…Barbwire is a good addition to this group. He is raw talent with a very unique look. He needs to be “seasoned” a bit, but could be pushed as a big time babyface.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


----Two major stories we are covering and look for confirmation sometime later in the week. A major Memphis legend is going to sign to tag with a RRO Top 10 performer and a RRO 2008 Award Winner. The team will be featured as a package deal with a new moniker and managed by another 2008 Award Winner. Negotiations have already started with two area companies.

----Also, it looks like two local stars our in negotiations to tour with a major international company!!

----As soon as we get the confirmation on both, you will hear it here at RRO!!!

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 2.07.09 - PLACE IS PACKED AS EPW SETS ATTENDANCE RECORD!!!

EPW set a new attendance record Saturday night with a crowd of around 140 in the building, and they were treated to a great show!

The opening match was a battle royal to crown the first ever EPW Internet Champion. Participants were "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris, Chazz, Tysin Starr, Barney, "Big Daddy" Nino, & David Andrews. Winner and new Internet Champion is Tysin Starr.

In an inter-gender match between two wrestlers making their EPW debut, Diabla defeated Drew Dice.

In a fan's lumberjack strap match, Robert Rose defeated Jay Webster. Rose was thrown out of the ring several times and the lumberjacks did not touch him. Jay Webster, however, was out of the ring numerous times and the 12 fans who were selected to be lumberjacks really worked him over. He'll be feeling that for a few days. One of them was using a strap that was 8 feet long, lol....

Mason defeated EPW newcomer Drew Haskins.

Buzz Harley cheated his way to victory over his former partner, Blade, by using brass knucks.

"Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant (W/Ms. Boogie) & Bitty Little defeated PHAT Foundation in a wild match. Great match!

EPW Tag Team Champions Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) w. Nathan Lee cheated their way to victory over Sons of the South ("The Future" Chris Styles & Josh Matthews) to retain the belts.

EPW Champion Cassanova Kid defeated Tojo Yamamoto, Jr. w/Diabla. Very good match.

Main event was a falls count anywhere match between Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) & Kross. The match started out as a two on one handicap match, PD vs. Kross, since Kross' partner, JR Mauler, was not there. PD absolutely demolished Kross, until Bonecrusher finally came to the ring to be Kross' partner. The match ended with controversy. Cody & Bonecrusher were fighting in the ring. Brody & Kross were fighting outside the ring. Referee KC was outside the ring and made the 3-count when Kross pinned Brody. In the mean time, referee Chris P. Fries had come to the ring, and made the 3-count when Cody pinned Bonecrusher. So we had a double pin situation. One referee declared Kross & Bonecrusher the winners. The other referee declared PD the winners.

Like I said, this was one great show! The 140 fans who jammed the building got their money's worth plus a lot more.

EPW will return to action this Saturday night in Booneville at the EPW Arena on Hwy. 145. Bell time is 7:00 p.m. Always expect the unexpected at EPW!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----Good to see this group drawing better than average. Gary Valiant is probably bringing in some of the crowd - especially if they are advertising. Some other names such as PD, Rotten, Bitty and "Sons of the South" are not going to hurt either...Internet champion?? Are they going to put the matches online so people can see them??

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN 2.07.09

The show starts with Commissioner Dustin Baker in the ring with a folder and says that he has some announcements to make. He reminds everyone about Valentines Vengeance coming up next week. The matches named so far include the street fight between Genocide and Picture Perfect, a grudge match between Dustin Starr and Jon Michael and the “I Quit” match between “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and Stan Lee. The ticket prices will remain the same for Valentines Vengeance. He also tells everyone to listen to WTRB in Ripley for your chance to win tickets to the show. He also announced two meet and greet sessions that will be held on Wednesday, February 11th from 1 to 3 and on Saturday the 14th from 10 to 3 at E.W James in Ripley , TN. He then introduces the new owner of EWE, Mark Tipton. Mark says that it’s a pleasure to be back and that he’ll do anything and everything to ensure EWE is ran smooth, then says that if there’s anything Commissioner Baker needs, to just ask. Baker asks about a commentator for the show, and Mark volunteers to commentate tonight’s event.

Brad Badd was defeated by Cody Melton by a pinfall.

The tag team of Greg King Jr. and Michael Gilbert was defeated by Premiere Brutality by pinfall.

“The Cosmic Cowboy” Brian Steele defeated Chad Badd by pinfall.

Commissioner Baker makes his way back out to the ring and talks about how “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony ruthlessly beat Stan Lee last week. Stan comes to the ring as a video of the Golden Boy plays on the projector. Greg tells Stan that he’s willing to kill for the title, and asks if Stan is willing to die for it. Commissioner Baker gives Stan the mic to allow him to express how he feels. He says that his actions usually speak for him in the ring, but he says that lately he’s been feeling unusual. He said that he took a shower last week after the match, and watched the blood pour from his head filling the shower red. He asked himself, “Why not give up Stan?” He thought and thought, and then he thought of something else. Even though the economy is bad, everyone still shows up to see him every week. Everyone could easily use their admission money for something else, but they come to see him, so he’ll never quit on them. He says that next week, he’s begging Greg Anthony to bring everything he has, because everything that Greg has done to him will be given back ten times worse. Stan says that there are two options for Greg. He can get beat down in the middle of the ring, or he can live to fight another day and just say “I Quit” next week at Valentines Vengeance. J.R Manson’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring. He begs Stan for another chance against him. He says he’s sorry for what happened the previous week and he’s been taking his medication so he’s ready to compete again. After a minute of thinking, Stan agrees to have his match. As soon as the match starts, J.R extends a hand out to Stan, and they shake. As Stan returns to the corner of the ring, J.R attacks Stan in the back. After J.R backs Stan in the corner and doesn’t answer a 5 count, he is disqualified. Stan Lee wins the match by a disqualification. Stan leaves as J.R is in the ring taunting Stan about his match with The Golden Boy next week. After a little more taunting, Stan comes back out and beats J.R out of the ring.

Idol Bane makes his way to the ring, saying that he made a challenge to Cody Melton to have a tables match next week. After a bit of talking, Phoenix X jumps off the ring post and hits a dropkick to Idol as their match starts, This match doesn’t last long, as Idol quickly gains control of the match and defeats Phoenix X.

The main event of the night was the 5 Starr Showcase featuring Dustin Starr, Maxx Corbin and the Albino Rhino, against Picture Perfect featuring Christian Jacobs, Chris O’Neal and Jon Michael. Chris O’Neal is still in bandages after his run-in with Genocide a couple of weeks back. He tags himself in, only to have Genocide go to work once again on his ribcage. After a while, the match gets out of control with all 6 men in corners of the ring. Genocide then gathers themselves together and throw themselves at an unsuspecting Chris O’Neal, but Christian Jacobs pushes Chris O’Neal out of the way and takes the hit, then gets pinned. A chair is brought into the ring and Chris O’Neal and C.J beat Genocide out of the ring with it as the night ends.

There were around 100 fans in the crowd.

Dustin Williams @

----Even though we did not get results from the 1.31.09 show, I was told they had 180-200 in the building last week. All shows did real well last weekend; what's up with that??...Love the Lee interview!! If it comes off anything like it was written in the report. It reminded me of the interviews that hardcore Japanese legend Onita [well what people said he was saying..LOL]use to do. He would thank everyone for coming and such. Then after the shows he would cry and tell everyone how much he loved them and wrestling. I wonder if Lee is going to do that??

Monday, February 09, 2009

RassleNotes: Yearbook 2008, "Coach's Corner", Ratings, Flashbacks, "Shooting The Shizit" and Looking For!!

----Yearbook 2008 is again uploaded to the publisher. I have been working on getting that task done for almost 3 weeks. Take in account I went 7 days without electricity, then I guess it is going ok. I have found out by an author friend Tony Loton that the publisher has been having a glitch with one of their programs, so what I have been uploading is not actual what they are seeing. I think I have that corrected and hopefully we will go full steam ahead with BOOK TOUR 2009 on 2.19 or 2.26.09 with our first stop being a “pre-tour” stop at NEW in West Memphis, AR. I will have details ASAP on ordering advance copies as soon as I have them available.

----“Coach’s Corner” returns 2.18.09 as a bi-weekly feature on Wednesdays. My work on side projects sometimes makes the site suffer, so even though I might be working on something else, I have tried to make a commitment to the site to do this column every other week. Also if there is anyone out there that would like had their “2 cents worth” every week - join us here at RRO!!

----“Ratings Man” Ron Guidry is missing in action, so I will put together the ratings from this point forth again. I will have the last three weeks worth posted by Friday and then it will return as a regular Friday morning feature.

----Mark James has left his position here at doing the “Flashbacks” to spend his time offering his column on other local Memphis sites and working on books. James will still be one of our favorite people here with his site and he has promised to return next year to help out with the RRO Memphis Hall of Fame. If anyone would be interested in doing a weekly “Flashback” feature, then drop me an e-mail. If we don’t get any takers, then I will take over those duties also for a regular Thursday feature.

----Tuesday, 2.24.09 is the return of “Shooting the Shiznit” @ @ 10:00 AM. This will be the new 30 minute “fast forward” format. Guests will be in “rapid fire” mode as we will waste no time in getting the points across. Each segment will have the last 5 minutes answering calls from others or I will be giving them some quick questions to fill out the show. I will be hosting this solo as Brian Thompson will be at his shoot job, but we might have him call in from time to time. Our first guest on the return show has not been finalized yet, but I will soon be adding a schedule for March. If you are interested in appearing on STS and have something to talk about, then drop me a line.

----I am also looking for full time reporters for NBW and TIWF. I am looking for match results, major angles and attendance for both groups. My sources have been slow lately with these two groups, so I need to try to get them quicker.

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 2.07.09 - DK TURNS ON KILO!!

“Five Starr Showcase” starts the show off. Dustin Starr, Angelina and Jimmy Tidwell comes out. They are talking about not being afraid of vampires and if the “Baron” Malkavain shows up this week they will destroy him.

First match: “the Future” Dell Tucker beat Shannon Lee with the “wave of the future” ddt.

Second match: Rockin Randy beat the “Baron Malkavan by count out when Dustin and Angelina distracted him.

Third match: Chris rocker beat Tatt2 to advance in the DCW Title Tourny.

The “Real Deal” Tim Edwards is out now talking about how the last few weeks him and friends have been slowly beating Kilo down to where he just about can’t wrestle anymore. Edwards then makes a statement about how Motley Cruz is looking for a new partner and that might just be him.

4th match: Derrick King beat the “Real Deal” Tim Edwards when after a superkick Bishop and Rashard Devon came out to the ring. The plan backfired when Kilo came off the top with a pretty frog splash to assure Derrick the victory.

Main event: Bishop beat Kilo when Derrick King superkicked Kilo to help bishop win. This match went back and forth for several minutes until the ref got caught up in the corner when Bishop ran Kilo into him trying to get out of a sleeperhold. Then out came Tim Edwards to do what damage he could do to end Kilo’s career, but right behind him was none other than Derrick King. When Edwards turned around to attack King, Edwards went flying out over the top rope when DK ducked. Then when all looked like Kilo was going to win and advance in the tourny out of no where DK hit the superkick.

So next now we have Motley Cruz, Chris Rocker and Bishop has the finale three in the tourny. Will we see a tag team of Motley and Edwards, and if so who will be able to stop them? And the big question of the night from the fans is, why Derrick why?...140 in attendance - crowd into show all night. Some other things going on in town so crowd was down a little this week.

Credit: Spirtof1990

----Starr is there and the crowd goes down..LOL..I couldn’t resist, since Dustin keeps putting over his drawing power at World of Wrestling…Mark Justice is gone due to some disagreements with DK sans Cruz looking for a partner. Justice was upset at some kind of chop contest that they did to a trainee. It came down to Justice saying something to DK that DK could not tell him where to work, which is not really a rule. The rule is that you can’t work NBW and work here – plain & simple. Justice is working for NBW again now. I am really surprised these two guys worked together as long as they did…Tatt2/Rocker match should have been real good. Speaking of Tatt2, apparently Tatt2 got some major praise from Downtown Bruno and Bobby Eaton for his match with Dustin Ring [Malkavain] at NEW Friday night. Give Ring his props also...The DK turn was really a surprise to me. It would also put him position to bring in some top babyfaces such as Jerry Lawler and others to fight the top heel.

RassleResults: EWP Bean Station, TN 2.07.09

Ericules Wrestling Promotions
Sat. Feb. 7th, 2009
Bean Station,TN @ Elementary School

*Robbie Cassidy beat Sigmon w. Johnny Williams in an action packed opener

*Ericules came out and thanked every one for supporting EWP and The Bean Station Vol. Fire Dept. He said that they were working together to bring regular events back to Bean Station. Beau James cam e out and ran down Ericules and Bean Station. He told the people not to donate any more money or buy any concessions to help the BSVF. He went on to say best thing that could happen to Bean Station was for a big fire to come threw town it would do millions of dollars of improvements. Ericules told James to leave the ring and to stop talking bad about his home town which lead to James attacking Ericules and lashing him several times with "baby" (his bullwhip) Cody Ices came to the aid of Ericules and told every one that he thought that Bean Station was a great town and that he has family who live in the area and there would be no better place to whip James than right here in Bean Station.

*Edward Idol beat Shawn Street using his feet on the ropes

*Shane Williams beat the 7 ft Mr. Ward good big man vs small man match

* Kole Layton King beat Rock N Roll Express Ricky Morton after Beau James tripped Morton

* The EWP Tag Champions The Party Boys (Wayne Adkins and Keith Knox) beat The Varsity Shooters Society (Chase Owns and Alyx Winter) in the match of the night. These to teams have great matches and this may have been the best one East Tennessee fans have seen from them yet.

* SSW Champion Cody Ices retained his Title by pinning Beau James w/ Johnny Williams and Kole Layton King in a very heated match. James used the wood handle of the whip to open up Ices and he was a bloody mess.

notes: This was the first wrestling event at the School in over 15 years. Bean Station was at one time one of the hottest town in the area with monthly events at the school from late 80's to 93. The stopped having matches in the school when a new gym floor was put in. Last nights event was in the school cafeteria.

This was a fund raiser for the fire dept who promoted the town well. Its also Ericules home town and he owns a business in town. Over $700 was raised. 141 paid near 200 in the building.

Several regular fans from Kingsport area made the hour trip to the event due to SSW and Championship Wrestling plugging the event. EWP plugged this Fridays SSW event in Kingsport several times and Ricky Morton did a promo after his match vowing revenge on King this Friday.


RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 2.07.09

104 attended

"Wild Boys" Ben Jordan & Steve Neely vs "Bomb Squad" Chris Bomb & TJ Weatherby went to a double countout due to brawling outside the ring

Saint (w/Ronnie Vegas) b Anthony Wayne

Lightning Bolt Kid & Harold Knight b Stevie King & Chris Norte (w/Ronnie Vegas) when Kid pinned King

First round of tournament to crown initial NWA Cyberslam Champion:

Rudy Switchblade b Derrick Neal

LT Falk b Damien Payne

Raul Loco b 9 Finger Dewey

Kliff Hanger b JD Fluffy


Falk b Switchblade

Hanger b Loco


Hanger b Falk to win title

Steven Green & Cody Weatherby & Derrick Neal b Damien Payne & Josh Crowe & Kevin James when Neal pinned James

NOTES: Aaron (SAW ring announcer) and Sly Ole Dog did commentary for the first three matches and the main event, while Jason James joined Aaron for the seven tournament matches. Mike Sircy announced the next taping for 2/28 with a finals rematch plus Ali Stevens & Big Bully Douglas defending the Southern tag titles. Switchblade, Loco, and Dewey are all from OVW.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 2.07.09 - New TIWF Champion!!

Russian Assassin beat Wild Bill
Sgt Pain beat Hardknocks Hooligan by DQ
Royale Executioner beat PK Ripper
AC Styles vs WayCool –no contest with TV Title held up
Lawman Williams/Dazzlin Dixie beat Johnny Superstar/American Hero to win TIWF Tag Team Titles

Devon Day beat Chico Mendoza to win TIWF Title


----Good to see Day with a belt. He is one of the most underrated guys in this area...Alot of new names here...Anyone attend the show?? Site does not give attendance??

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 2.07.09

What a show we had tonight! An action packed adrenaline fueled thrill ride of a show! We had four special guests from Oklahoma that were on their way to Poplar Bluff , MO and saw us on the internet before they made their trip. They took the time out of their busy schedule to stop by Tuckerman and watch us live. ASWF extends its thanks to those fans for their support.

1st Match: X-Division #1 Contenders Match
X-Kaliber would take on the returning Kid Krazzy in a number one contenders match. This match was action packed and very fast. The match itself was not a long match but due to the action involved it made it worth wild. Towards the end of the match X-Kaliber would decide to leave the match and would be counted out making Kid Krazzy the winner. However, in order to be declared #1 you had to win via pin fall.

2nd Match: One Fall
ASWF would gain a new superstar from Florida Extreme Wrestling. Cason McClain “The Walking Miracle” would take on one of the biggest men in the ASWF, Dre. Cason would prove to be a formidable opponent. Dre’s size was no match for the agility of McClain. Unfortunately Dre would loose via pin fall.

3rd Match: One Fall
Veteran Hot Rod John Ellison would fight Kaliki in a one fall match. Hot Rod stayed in control for most of the match. However, to Ellison’s surprise Kaliki would start building up momentum. When Kaliki went for the pin he got a surprise he would not soon forget. David Cox, Hot Rod’s longtime friend, would come to his aid and attack Kaliki. Kaliki would win by DQ.

4th Match: European Title Match
“Big Rig” Cody Murdoch would take on the Champ Demon X for the title in a long grueling match. To Demon X’s surprise Cody Murdoch would land the Flatbed on Demon X and win the title. Demon X would state after the match that he wanted Murdoch in a cage match next week for the title.

5th Match: Tag Team Match
Ray Ray and Morgan Williams would go head to head with Christopher Lee and Regulator. This match was fueled by hate and revenge. Even with the help of Athena Eclipse and X-Kaliber, Regulator and Christopher Lee would take home the victory. After the match was a different story. Ray, Morgan, Athena, and X-Kaliber would start attacking the two winners leaving them lying in the ring.

6th Match: Free for All Heavyweight Title Match
Tommy Wayne would take on Chuck Fears for the Title. Tommy Wayne put on a valiant effort against Fears. Towards the end of the match the referee was knocked out and Wayne had Fears rolled up in a pin, but the referee didn’t get up in time to count to three. Chuck would plant the Coupe De Gras and get the win by pin fall. Just when you thought the match was over Chuck wanted Commissioner Ward to find him a new opponent. But Chuck might have bit off more than he could chew. Cody Only would take to the ring and challenge him to a match for the title.

7th Match: Tag Team Title Match
Casino Kid and Tim Hanson would go mano y mano with Mexicanos for the titles. This would be an all out fight with no love loss between the two teams. Mexicanos would use dirty tactics to get the upper hand and win the match. Hanson would challenge Mexicanos to a rematch next week where the fans would choose the match.

160 Paid Fans.

Next Week:
Christopher Lee and Morgan Williams in a Last Man Standing Match.

Ray Ray vs Regulator in a first ever ASWF Ladder/Cage Match for the X-Division Title.

Demon X vs Cody Murdoch in a Steel Cage Match for the European Title.

Credit: ASWFace

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Jerkin' The Curtain goes "Old school" with Karl Stern, plus George Weingeroff talks the "Sugar hold" Monday Feb 9th @ 10 PM CST‏

Ring the bell! Old school will be in session with Karl Stern! This is going to be a great and fun show for any fans of old school pro wrestling, as a noted authority on the subject, Karl Stern, will be the special guest on this show. If you don't know, Mr. Stern does podcasts on a regular basis on the Wrestling Obsever site, as well as running his own website, That's not all though, also on this show George Weingeroff will be calling in to discuss what he knows about the "Sugar Hold". Will be interersting to get George to shed some light on this "mysterious" hold, as this subject has been talked about by Karl Stern on his shows a few times now, but questions about it remain. My co-host Tommy Stewart will be on as well, so this is shaping up to be a good show. Check it out live, or check out the archive, which will be up shortly after the live show concludes. Trent Van Drisse